How to find real estate buyer leads

🏢 Looking to connect with eager real estate buyers? Look no further! In this video, we’re going to talk about how to find real estate buyer leads. We’ll reveal proven strategies and step-by-step techniques on how to find and attract high-quality real estate buyer leads. 🎯🔍 Whether you’re an agent, investor, or just starting in the industry, this guide will empower you with actionable tips to grow your client base. 💼 Check this video to know more.

What is going on everybody, today is the day that we are going live about How To Find Buyers using batch leads. I know you guys have deals out there, and you’re probably wondering, how do you find buyers? Well, I actually have a live deal that I need to find a buyer for. And I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it. We’re gonna make some calls received, we can get anybody on the hook, we’re going to try and do a walkthrough of the house tomorrow.

All right so today guys, what I’m going to do is show you exactly how to find a buyer, I got a deal from networking with someone because I’m doing a JV deal. And this deal is looking like it might be a 30 to $40,000 deal and then we’re going to split it 5050 I need to tell the girl to join my club Payneless Wholesaling Club so she can get 60% and I can get 40. But anyway, guys, I’m going to show you exactly how to use batch leads to find a buyer. And if you have a wholesale deal, you know what the next steps are showing you the mind map exactly the steps to take and what we’re doing. So if you’re interested or if you have deals or even if you don’t have buyers and you want to work with me or my program to help you find buyers hit me up join our JV partnership program.

Let’s go find a deal. Alright, so first thing I’m going to do for you guys is we are going to go through the mind map because the mind map is the lifeblood of everything I do I document every process every system in here so you guys can have the unlocked version. So let’s go to finding cash buyers because that’s where we’re at right now we have a deal doesn’t really follow the reverse wholesaling strategy, because this is a deal in the area that I’ve never worked in doesn’t matter, you can use this process. So we are in this process of finding we need to find a flipper or a rehabber that will buy this property. Now these are all the steps that you can take to find a buyer, let us find a buyer in Richmond, Virginia. So what we would do here is we go to filter, you’re going to go to residential, we only want residential cash buyers, single family, since it’s a single family house, we don’t care about if it’s vacant and your preferences there.

We want to know what buyers have purchased the property in the last year and they have sold it within the last year. So we go 12 months. Okay, so we go cash buyers, and we say yes, we only want cash buyers, we want all doesn’t matter if it’s company owned, and we want to know if they purchased in the last 12 months exclude if it is their address, because we don’t want the grantee that has the house that she bought for cash and just lives in. Okay. 273. Okay, great. So what I’m going to do here is I can skip trace the person that bought this, but I like calling the agent because the agents usually just can, you know, make a quick phone call and talk to buyers and I don’t mind paying them like 3k A couple grand to get it done.

This is another one pending it looks like they did a nice remodel on this. Guys. I’m going to show you how to get a buyer right now, for a deal I have right now or I’m trying to make 20k Jacqueline, hey, Jacqueline, how are you doing? My name is Nathan and I found your information because you online because you’re an agent in the Richmond area. Right? Yeah. Cool. Well, I have a quick question. I know this might be weird, but I’m just gonna just be super quick about it. So I am a wholesaler and I have a deal that’s right by the house that it looks like you represent you represent a couple flippers in the area occasionally. Yeah. So I was just wondering, I need to basically find a buyer for this deal, because I’m not going to actually flip it myself. So I just wonder if you’ve ever worked with wholesalers, where you bring a buyer and then I can pay your commission and then obviously represent them and make the commission when they sell it?

Um, no, I don’t actually try to steer clear that but I do appreciate it.

Yeah, that’s the one. That’s why I say quick, you know, because some people don’t do it. Absolutely. All right. You too. Thanks. Bye. All right, I was quick because I don’t want to waste time. She’s doesn’t work with wholesalers. And honestly, that’s so dumb that she doesn’t work with wholesalers because she just missed out on a commission. Okay, so who we’re going to find next? We’re going to find somebody else. Let’s check out this agent. All right, Alina. You know Alina works with wholesalers. You already know she does. Come on guys. She ain’t playing around. She don’t give a bomb. Let’s get it. Let’s get it Aleena don’t be afraid to work with me. We’re gonna make some money together and Lina. Hello. Hi. I’m looking for Alina. Yes. Hi, Alina. My name is Nathan. I’m calling because I noticed that you had represented it looks like a flipper on one Yancy Street in Richmond, Virginia. Is that right? Yes. Cool. Well, hey, do you have a couple of minutes? I just want to run something by you. Sure. So I I’m an investor I flip properties all over the United States depending on you know the area but I have a property right now that I’m looking I was looking to flip but right now with the way the market is I’m not feeling feeling very confident about it. But I want to assign it or wholesale it to someone. So I’m calling some agents in the area to see if they represent flippers that they can connect me with and then I’m willing to pay you your commission. To bring me you know, bring a buyer for the deal. Okay. Okay, have you ever have you worked with wholesalers before? Okay, great. Let me ask you what, what information would you need for me in order to send this to your buyer and make sure you know, see if he’s interested in property

details what we need to know if you can get access to the property. So do you have like a listing ready for this? Did you just purchase it.

Well, so no, I haven’t purchased the I have the contract to buy it, but I’m able to assign it. So my goal would basically be you bring a buyer and then I assign my contract your buyer for a fee, and then we’ll put your commission in the assignment.

Okay, so just send me the details. And I’ll see what I can do.

Well, I’ll send you that information. And I’m just kind of curious because I, you know, time is of the essence, and I know you’re busy. And you probably but I just want to know, when do you think you’d be able to get back to me if I can send you all that information Sunday, Sunday, okay. And I can schedule a walkthrough for you, you just kind of have to let me know. There it is. The property is occupied. So we would just have to say okay, so check with your buyers. And then if you get back to me, I’ll text you. This is my cell phone. Is this the best number to reach you? Yes, it is. And by the way, what kind of commission Do you usually like to take on a deal like this? 3% All right, sounds good. Well, I will send this over to you right now. And if you could check in I really appreciate it. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Do you prefer if I text you or email you the information X is better. Okay. All right, so I’ll probably just send it both just to be sure. Perfect. Thank you Alina. I appreciate your time have gone by but a bing bada boom she’s gonna bring this to her buyers and you know, honestly, she wants to wait till Sunday that’s a little too long for me. But I do it anyway. Just because let you know we ain’t got no juice. Okay, let’s see. Ooh, whoo that flip that’s beautiful. That is nice. Man Richmond they do their flips good over here guys. All right, cool Adkins long foster real estate. All right. All right, cool. Time to step up, bro. Cold look like he’d be rocking out. Man, this guy’s in a rock band do looking like he, you know, he might play the drums for you know, Allison chains or something? Say cool. You better answer that, Dan. Hey, Cole, how you doing? My name is Nathan, I just got your information from I think the brokerage, the front office. Yeah, I just got a quick question. Do you have a couple minutes? Sure. So I have a flip that I was planning on flipping right next to real close to the flip that you it looks like you represented the buyer, like flipper on 601 Arnold Avenue in Richmond, at least that’s what the information says. So I was planning on flipping this property. But you know, I’m stretched a little thin right now. And I’m looking instead of flipping it and just losing, I was looking to assign my contract and do a wholesale deal, just so I can, you know, make some money.

You’re welcome to send me the you know, the aspect of the deal itself. I mean, I have to look at the house to calculate their BMI, you know, for if you’re not super hyper fixated on north side, the values kind of change block by block. And a lot of people don’t know that no, pull pin if you’re because you have to present with it have to be within close with that within the past three months. I totally get that.

Yeah. Because the market shifting. Yeah. And by the way, cool. Like I You’re speaking my language I’m in I not only do I flip a lot, but I’ve done this for a very long time. And I coach people, so I tell them the exact same thing. I’m like, hey, look, don’t be sending out crappy deals to people. It’s a waste of time. So this deal I’ve ran the numbers and it’s not there’s a spread for you, you know, to make money or wouldn’t be worth it to

go out and actually look at it or do you aren’t you just apply one of those kinds of cost calculators per square foot to rehab,

We’ve actually walked through it, you know, we’ve had quite a few buyers come by. And we already had an offer at like, what it was like 160 Once 170 on it, but I’m actually working with someone to help them find a buyer because they’re kind of newer, the reason why they didn’t go through with the other person is because they were worried about them not using the same attorney, they wanted the attorney to be the same. And no, for me, it doesn’t. Yeah, they’re new. Right? And for me, it doesn’t matter.

Usually across the board. That’s actually you know, a lot of the time most law firms won’t do it.

I agree. So basically what I did is I came in I say look, you’ve lost on that deal. That’s fine. You know, I can help you get it done. But yeah, it sounds like you’re pretty experienced I’m pretty experienced too. So if it’s a deal to deal and let’s get it done, we haven’t tested on over to me cool man I really appreciate it sounds like a great contact and just kind of let you know a little bit more about me so I actually I’m from Salt Lake as you you see my numbers from Atlanta, but I’m from Salt Lake and I have like a large network of wholesalers that I work with so I mean there’s a lot in Virginia so if there’s a in the area that I work with, so if you know we can bring bring stuff to you that you want to buy or you can bring your buyers that’s pretty much we find and then we look for buyers, you know,

oh well do you know a guy named Jared Hitler?

Yeah, it sounds really familiar. Such a small world. So I know Jared because Jared he was in Jerry Norton’s or he worked with Jerry Norton’s like mentorship and I’m I work with Jerry Norton a lot. So that’s how I met him. And we’re friends on Facebook. So I meant dude. Yeah, I know exactly. I mean, we talk we talk a lot so it’s small world.

A buddy of mine I hoped I saved and quite a few times

so last question I want to ask you is you know we bring you this deal looks like some that some of your investors might want to see how soon do you think you’d be able to get back to me and my team and let let us know like when they would want to walk it or something well

Yeah, we’ll be sending an email and I you know, what I’ll do is I’ll fire it off to my guys run the numbers on it for myself. I’ll tell you I’ll go look at it that day. Okay, cool. But one of my guys wants to you know, my most of my guys own their own companies. One of them owns a building COMM A huge building firm here, they’re pretty well off guys and say, as you know, with being you know, having that far level of a business, they’re usually pretty damn busy. So it takes one or two days to get out there. But usually no more than two days to actually get out there and look at it and in terms of closing we have plenty of cash. That will be the last thing that we have 100 million in private money ready to go and we also a lot of my clients are just straight cash.

Well, I love it man. I’m and I was honestly going to start making a little bit more calls just to get some some more buyers in there. But it sounds like if you guys don’t want or you don’t want it’s probably not a deal. Is it? Okay, so you’re saying to text you is text to the listening and that will I guess information.

Like I said, I’m at work. I’m available all the time.

Awesome. Well, so I’m working with one of my students on this. I’m just He’s helped me just like do the communication. So you’re gonna get a text from Joe, and he’s just going to kind of send you the information. I’m just trying to help him out. So thanks for being willing to work with us. Thanks, buddy. All right. Thank you. Yeah, okay. All right. Hope that was helpful. Go find buyers super easy. Nothing crazy. took me less than an hour to find two solid people that can bring me buyers batch leads. Nathan Payne out


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