How to do the wholesaling real estate sales process

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What’s going on everybody I’m about to show you guys how to negotiate with sellers right now because right now sellers are beating you up that’s what’s happened and you should be beating sellers okay guys because how do you negotiate in a seller’s market well guys, I’ll let you know that’s what we’re going to talk about. Let’s go right in. Oh, here’s AJ what do we do on Thursday?

Thursday is batch call day

right batch leads baby if you don’t have batch leads that’s okay try it out for seven days for free it’s where you like today this is what we’re gonna go over I’m getting a lot of messages AJ field from people on my network saying hey Nate talking to seller they want to sell but their price is too high. So I’m going to show you guys how to use batch leads to negotiate with sellers in a seller’s market or a buyers market they’re both different right now we’re moving towards more of a buyers market just because you can’t sell everything super quick

so we’re gonna go to this part of the Mind Map it says make offers to sellers to get contract we’re going to go over to the sales process, okay, because we need to know how to talk to sellers there’s an on market sales process that’s for making offer sellers that are on market now we’re gonna go to off market, we’re gonna assume most of you guys are trying to get sellers off market. So we’re going to look up, my boy, Tony, Tony green, going to look up his property. We’re gonna use baths. That’s all we do. Okay, 150k Okay, so this looks like it might be like some kind of townhome or something. Let’s see. So properties vacancy bachelors got everything. That’s so much information, I got to type in into search. Okay, so what I would do first of all, when I’m talking to the seller, this is the exact process I’m going to go through. I’m going to do with you, AJ, you’re going to roleplay with so I’m going to be going through this process pretty quickly, because this is a roleplay So AJ, you own this property. You are Devin and I’m just going to ask you some questions. Okay, and we’re going to get to the part where you want to lie a Devin, how’re you doing? Good, good, good. Hey, Devin. I’m calling because I was driving by your house the other day and I noticed that you know, watch that didn’t notices for sale, but I was calling to see if it was for sale.

Are you by chance selling the house but a vote of it once a mile?

Well, hey, real quick, I just want to say I know I called you out of blue is right now a good time to talk. Are you busy? It’s okay. So David right now, my purpose of this call is just to chat with you a little bit and see if I can make you an offer on the house. I buy a lot of homes in this area, want to see if this is something I could buy it by the end of this call. I’d like to hopefully be able to move forward and make you an offer.

Yeah, that’s okay.

So Devin, first thing I want to know, I know I called you and you said you’ve been thinking about selling what’s got you thinking about selling?

Yeah, my son passed away. So I’m sorry to hear that.

So you don’t live in the house, your son passed away? So you’re trying to sell it now? Is that right? Yeah. Well, you know, first of all, I like to find out why you’re selling, I could totally get it now. But I kind of want to review with you some of the options just to make sure to see what you’ve explored. So first of all, have you thought about just listing it?

Yeah, I thought of doing that. But my friend has been bugging me actually, to have this listing. It’s been a while. So just don’t think I don’t have the time to do whatever she wants me to do.

So listing is probably not something you want to do. So keeping it running it even flipping it. I’m sure you don’t have the time to flip it yourself. So it sounds like to me after kind of going through some of the options on where to sell your house, you don’t want to list it, you don’t want to rent it out. You don’t want to flip it. So it sounds like a cash offer is what you’re looking for, like someone that can just buy it right now and seven days and just be done. I think that would be an option. I’m assuming you have an idea of what you want for it.

I did see that. And I wouldn’t call that the online platform. Below. Yeah. But I probably would want to go higher than what I see there. And why is that just want as much money as you can get the properties in a pretty good condition. Okay, now that makes sense.

So let’s pause real quick in this roleplay. Everybody what I’m doing is I’m trying to find out if this is even a situation where a cash sale even makes sense for the seller. Now we understand okay, this is somebody that we can work with. And I get into negotiating later, I asked her what she wanted for the house. That’s it. That’s all I wanted to know, I’m not trying to say, well, this is my offer. I don’t even talk about you, because you can’t talk about this stuff until you know what’s going on. Because if you don’t have a motivated seller, it ain’t going nowhere. You can’t convince someone to take 50% value of their home if they don’t have a reason to sell to you like let’s go back into the roleplay. So tell me again, what do you want for the house again?

I was really hoping to get rid of about 300.


did you come up with that again?

Well, there were properties in the area from the neighborhood who actually got it sold for 300.

I’m actually looking at it right now. So you said you were looking at properties that sold around that in that area for 300,000. Did you check to see if those were like comparable to the one that you that you have like same bedroom, same bath townhome, did you check that or did you just see stuff for sale?

No, I just looked well. Look,

I’m looking at it right now. And underneath townhomes on bachelor leads the Bachelor is a service I use right it helps me calm properties, you know, you’re asking for 300,000 Right? I’d love to get you that but maybe they sold like that over the last two years. But the market has really shifted prices are going down. It’s harder to sell stuff.

Yeah, I’ve heard about it. You know,

I understand that you want that but you know I feel terrible. I’m definitely not gonna be able to get you close to there. So let me ask you about the condition of the house is in awesome shape. Have you updated everything? Yeah, sure. when his son updated that they will let me ask you this, you know, are there any issues with the property? I do think there are how soon do you need to sell this thing? I just want to get rid of it and maybe give me like 30 days to close. Yeah, I can do that. What would stop you from selling this?

No, nothing really,

I understand why you’re selling but you know, according to the comps that are in the area properties that are extremely rehabbed and really nice, you know, they go upwards of like, maybe like the 202 50 range and yours from what you’re telling me it’s got a little bit of updates, but I’d still probably have to go in and get the whole place update. I think according to the numbers here, I would probably have to be around according to what I’m looking at I around $100,000 So what’s the best deal you could give me I could probably go 450 This is what we’re going to do. I have to get my offers approved by my underwriter. So I’m gonna go to my underwriter McCall and I’m gonna see if we can get 150 approved if I can get this offer approved. Are you ready to sign today? Yeah, I mean, if you could go for it. Okay, so then I use this time I’ve looked at the data, I would actually comp this out a little bit more. I don’t know much about this property. I just have the address. So here’s our property. What I’m doing right now is the underwriting process. You said 150 I’m looking at this to see if it’s possible. So I put everything into my calculator. Let’s just say this house is worth 250 And you can get it at 75k here’s all your expenses for flipping it. It’s 1300 square feet Yeah, no, this is a deal 100% You got to deal brother and after we go to asking price and negotiate you get contract signed over the phone in person you don’t let them out of your sights. You don’t send the contract and just say hey, I hope you sign doesn’t work that community that’s watching hopefully that was helpful guys.

Let’s just quick recap. If you’re trying to negotiate a great deal on a property you have to go through the Payneless Wholesaling mind map and check out the script that’s here. Check out the sales process. It’s going to let you know how to talk to a seller you’re not negotiating a great price unless you find out why they’re selling once you find out they’re selling when you get to the price the part about you know anchoring, finding out what their property’s worth US batch leads, run the comps look at the properties you can use Zillow to just verify call an agent in the area just to verify price like we just did and for Tony that’s watching this if he hasn’t you know if you haven’t fallen asleep because you know maybe I’ve just talked too much you have a deal at this price it looks like unless it’s destroyed if it’s destroyed going to be tough, but if it’s a basic rehab you look like you got you got a good spread that somebody will buy this now I can help you find a buyer if you go to sell your on my website, you can submit deals hopefully this was helpful you guys sign up for batch if you want it’s free get my free wholesaling mindmap I don’t know why you wouldn’t it’s free if you want any of the stuff that I have and I give away a lot a lot a lot for free. All you have to do is go to Facebook and you just have to go to our Facebook group. It’s under Payneless Wholesaling group. Everything is featured. Alright guys, well have a great one. I don’t see any other comments coming through. He’s out Nate out