How to use BatchLeads to get more deals!

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to use BatchLeads 3.0. We’ll breakdown the best ways to use these features to get more leads, more business and more deals!

Hey guys, so Bachelard 3.0 is finally out. And you might be saying to yourself, Okay, great, I have all these new tools, but how do I use them in real life? Well, today I’m here with Nathan Payne from investor thrive, who’s going to break down the best way to use these features to get more leads, more business and close more deals.

So let’s kick off with lead scoring now lead scoring sort of like a hidden gem, because it’s kind of like list stacking on steroids. Right, right. Tell me about how you would use lead scoring for your business.

Yeah, so lead scoring seems extremely helpful, because that meant you can’t physically like you, yourself, can’t just go and hit everybody on the list, right? So you have to target the most, the highest scores are the most important people, the people are most likely to sell, right? So that’s how lead scoring can helps me in my business and can help people it’s like, okay, let’s, let’s score out what’s going to be the most effective people to reach out to and then reach out to him like whether you call text mail, whatever you do, but lead scoring that’s that’s what I would say,

what are some of the filters that you would use? I know here we’ve got, we’re looking right here at like your built? Is there a specific year build that you typically go after? Property Type? I’m guessing single family residential, right, you can do multifamily, if you want to, we’ve got cash purchase Pre Foreclosure status. Yeah, those kinds of things. What would be your like go to?

That’s a good question. So the way I work, I do what’s called I call it Payneless Wholesaling, because my last name is Nathan Payne. But it’s pretty much reverse wholesaling. So depending on the buyer that I’m looking for deals for, I would filter it for what they look for, right? So if I have someone that specifically buys in Salt Lake City, single families that are, you know, newer than 1950, then I would do that scoring for exactly what they want. And then I would be able to go to the part and batch where you can find that. And then I would find those leads and calm. So that’s exactly how I would use it, I would just specifically go to what my buyers want in that area. And then, you know, that’s how I’d proceed.

And we were talking earlier about, you know, lead score, I can type in here, I want scores from 50 to 100. Right, right. So right here, I’ve got this has all of my leads, and this, this is only the leads from 50 to 100. So if I select this button right here, I can go to Actions and just skip trace them all immediately. And then I can push them to dialer, I can send it to an SMS campaign, I can push it to a direct mail campaign. Speaking up a dialer situation that let’s talk click to dial I understand that you use today.

Yeah, I clicked it out sweet ever since I came out, I think that’s been awesome. Because you know it before that, you’d have to type it in your phone or copy and paste it into Google Voice or whatever your dialer is. Now you can just click it and go. And that saves you so much time, you know, because it’s all about time in this business. You know, you don’t have all day to, you know, be copying and pasting or, you know, typing phone numbers, and you want to be quick, because speed is the key, right?

Somebody else could be dialing that number as you’re thinking about dialing Right, right, getting in touch with them. And the first five seconds is going to be absolutely key. So it’s really great. You’re just going to want to go in here into your details. After you skip traced, obviously, you’re just going to click this button right here and call obviously, this isn’t a real number, but it’s built into the system. There you go. So it’s super, super easy to use. Let’s talk about driving for dollars and virtual driving for dollars. What do you typically like? What’s your go to strategy for that?

No, I love the drive for dollars aspect that you guys put in there because it’s so it’s such an effective way to get deals and motivated, you know, find motivated sellers, right? Because if you can physically see that their house is distressed, whether you do it virtually, and you see the picture, or you go see that, you know, maybe some broken windows tall grass, you know, some sort of issue that’s visible, that’s that’s a good indicator that that person might, you know, be motivated to sell their home not always right. Some people might not just care about mowing the lawn, but you know, it’s a good indicator. So what I do in my business is with the reverse wholesaling the Payneless wholesaling method. Like I asked my buyers, they say specifically, like, where do you want to buy? And they say, Hey, I really liked the neighborhood Indian Hills, for example. So I will, if I like live close to there, I can just get in my car and go drive it or go on a walk with my wife and just mark stuff while I do it. Or if it’s somewhere that’s like virtual right? I’m not in Texas right now, for example, and I have a buyer that wants to buy in a specific area, I can virtually drive for dollars there. So I think the fact that you can do virtual or in person is like incredibly helpful. And I’ve done several deals. I think when I first started one of my biggest deals yet was like $56,000 just from driving dollars and is so easy. Just mark the person texted them. They said yeah, they want to sell, bam, it could be so simple.

It’s like your next deal could be next door. Yeah, another feature of driving for dollars in virtual driving for dollars is route tracking. So you don’t have to drive the same route over and over and over again. So hopefully it’s done. You’re not,

oh gosh, I can’t remember where I’ve driven or you know, any of that stuff. So the route tracking oh my gosh, so helpful. And I used to do door to door sales, right? So we would sometimes go, this would have been super helpful for that we had an app called sales rabbit. And we would mark specific areas and go knock those neighborhoods. But we would forget if we knock those neighborhoods, right. So it’s almost the same thing with this, like, you know, we drive up an area and we’d be like, oh, shoot, did we already drive that I don’t want to drive it again, it took like an hour or two. And that’s just extremely helpful to have that.

Well, and if you have agents, right, the basic plan for for batch leads comes with two users, you and one other person. So if you hire another agent under you to to drive for dollars, for instance, or even virtually drive for dollars, you can view their routes as it’s happening, which is also kind of a nice, a nice thing for our wholesalers. She’s super helpful being able to just look at everything at a glance, see who did what track the miles track the property saved. It’s a really, really cool feature.

I have some funny stories. Is that okay? Yes, please. So when I first started wholesaling a couple years ago, I would actually pay people to go and flyer houses, right. And there was just one guy who was paid to go flyer, and we paid him six cents a flyer, which is, you know, is not a lot, right. And we thought he could maybe do like 200 flyers in an hour. But he was really able to do like, at 200. So he’s really not making any money. But he kept doing it because he’s like, I love walking. So we had, we had him wear a Garmin watch, right, and the Garmin watch would determine like, where he was going. And he was going, we saw that like after a while after he worked for us, like two weeks he like wasn’t he was just walking in a straight line. And he wasn’t actually going to the houses. So then we were able to determine like, hey, this guy’s not even doing his route he’s not even doing he’s just throwing the flyers away and just walking. So anyway, having something like this would be really helpful. Because then you can say, hey, this person is actually not even driving, you can’t even manipulate the route, right? So you can say, hey, I hired this person, but they literally not even going anywhere. So anyway, the funny story that about that, how I tie that in, and it’s just he didn’t, you know, we were able to catch that he wasn’t doing the work. So instead of trusting,

right, yeah, trust but verify. And to that point, right? If you have them doing driving for dollars live on their on their mobile phone, you can tell the difference between which are live and which are virtual. So if you have somebody doing something sketchy like that, maybe they’re Oh, yeah, I’ll just virtually drive for dollars, and then just pretend like I drove for dollars. No, you can tell this one is live, this one is virtual, so you’re able to keep

Yeah, cuz you, you definitely want to keep track of you know, virtual, because if you if you’re gonna pay someone to virtually you can pay someone in the Philippines a VA to do it for like, $3 an hour, very simple. But if you’re gonna pay someone to go drive for dollars, that’s, you know, you’re you’re gonna probably pay them a little bit more than three bucks an hour or so, or give them a higher commission. So you’re definitely going to want to keep track of their, I guess, their success or what they’re even doing it.

Now, you said that you were using driving for dollars in the mobile app. Let’s switch over to talking about the mobile app, we’ve supercharged the mobile app, what’s your favorite thing about the new mobile app?

I mean, to be honest, I just I just mark a house. I mean, I’m sure there’s features that I’m not using, but my favorite thing is just super simple. You click on the home, and then you can save it and you know, and that’s and then that list goes in when I go on my computer, I can see exactly what I have. And so easy, just skip tracing calm.

Yep. And, you know, we’ve added, everything that you can find in batch leads is now available on the mobile app. So previously, you could not do any lead searching, you couldn’t, you know, say I want to filter by these properties and these properties. So now it’s so much easier to be able to find those properties. So what are some of the features on the new batch leads that you can find in the mobile app that you would use most often,

I mean, the the main things that I like to use batch for and for the mobile app, as you know, driving for dollars is huge. I love that. And then I can look at property details. You know, if I’m going to the sellers house, I kind of want to like refresh my mind. Instead of having my laptop on me I can just go and see like some information, you know, their their history, you know, the details that you guys provide on each of those leads. So that’s super helpful. I can just pull it up on my phone,

you can skip trace you can look up comps, there’s there’s nothing you can’t do on the bachelors mobile app. That’s awesome. So Nate, you have your own courses, you have your own students, what are some of the best practices that you communicate to your students what’s like some of the feedback that you that you hear so you can coach them through on how to use batch leads,

you know, I mean, a lot of them just need if they’re not new to like using software, they just need to go out and dive into it. So I’d make it a point to just show them walk them through how to do it and the way that I do wholesaling right now is I specifically target areas that my buyers want buyers that I’m really cool with like instead of just like blasting an area and just hoping I can find a deal i looking specifically for, you know, for example, three twos in this specific part of town, right or three twos with 50% equity. So now with batch it’s extremely easy with the border, the way you can just go through a border. The boundaries. Yeah, that’s yeah. So the boundaries, it’s so easy to just target exactly what they want pull that list and, and hit him up, hit up those leads. And as soon as I find something, I know I have a buyer for it. So teaching that to the people I work with, you know, showing the community I think that’s been really helpful to show them like hey, you don’t have to just guess at this game you can really target in batch leads is the best way to target to get deals.