How to follow up on wholesale leads

In this video, we’re going to talk about how following up with leads is key. You’ll also learn the difference between manual follow-up and automatic follow-up! Discover proven techniques and best practices for nurturing wholesale leads, converting potential sellers into lucrative deals. Learn about strategic communication, timing, and relationship-building that will help you maximize your chances of success in this competitive industry. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned wholesaler, this video offers valuable strategies to enhance your lead follow-up process and boost your profitability. Check this video to know more!

What is up everybody it’s real estate Nate and guys, I’m pumped to come to you today to talk to you about something that’s really important in sales in general but in real estate and that is follow up follow up is the key to getting deals. You guys don’t want to don’t want to know how many deals that I’ve gotten and probably lost because I didn’t do the right follow up. But I have gotten a lot from following up you know, from people basically just dropping the ball and me staying consistent with Alright guys. So today I’m going to show you how to follow up what’s the difference between automated follow up and manual follow up, okay, because you need to know both if you want to be successful, honestly, like the automated follow up, that’s probably something that like I didn’t understand, and not a lot of people understand in the beginning, but automated follow up through your CRM through workflows through texting, emails, super important. So I’m going to show you guys how we have our setup, and I’m going to show you how I do what’s called the four piece combo, I think it might I teeters between like a three piece of a four piece combo. And that’s all falling out.

Let’s dive into what is automated follow. Let’s kind of go into automation. So what is automation automatic follow up, this is how my business setup and I’m sure other people haven’t set up as well. But when a new lead comes into our business, it gets automatically starts getting hit up, right without anyone having to do anything, any like personal touch, it’s just automatic. So we have a new lead nurture, a lead comes in, we start nurturing it with emails and texts, and then there’s there should be some automation for when a lead goes into not interested, you know, didn’t answer the call, we can’t reach them. They there’s automatic follow up with that. But let’s check out the new lead nurture what this is basically saying, Guys, this is a workflow that when a someone comes into the business, it starts them on a workflow. So if they do not have a valid email, they get sent this side, I guess, of the workflow.

And if they do, they get sent a text. And then, you know, we create a task automatically for our leads manager to reach out to him it waits a little bit, they get a text. And over here, you can see that it’s sending emails, I’m sorry, this is no email, they get texts. And if they have a valid email, they start getting information that we’re sending them, we send them an Information Packet about our business, we send them an email about you know, pretty much anything just trying to warm them up, get them get them interested. We also send them text messages.

So I guess the way we have it set up is if they have a valid email, they get emails and they get text sent through pixie. And if they do not have a valid email, they get just text messages. So that is our automated follow up guys if you didn’t know what that is, and you can set this up and already simply in freedom soft. You can set it up in HubSpot, if you want to HubSpot account, we, I mean talk to us, we probably get it set up for you. But that is what automated follow up is okay. Basically, when you put it in a specific status, it starts triggering, you know, messages and emails to people right now that’s great, automatic follow up necessary.

If you have a lot of leads coming in your business. Now what is manual follow up, let’s frickin show you. So I call it the four piece combo or the three piece combo, it’s when you have a task that you set for yourself to follow up with someone. So I have this task. It’s a little old. I haven’t gotten gotten back to this in a while. But I’m just showing you guys. So I go into the lead and I the way that our CRM is set up as its leads are under tat, were contacts and then opportunities or deals. It’s just terminology. But basically what happens guys is you go to a task that you’ve set for yourself. So in a CRM, you’re going to set a task for yourself to follow up on something specific you talked about, that’s going to get them closer to you closing the deal. So I wanted to follow up on a video and what her husband wants to do.

So I had made her an offer and to do an option to purchase agreement where we basically just push it out to our buyers and we let her know that we could wholesale it and she said she talked to her husband, I think she told me she was going to end up listing it but I’m gonna follow up anyway. Now when I follow up, that’s an it’s a manual. It’s not automatic. It’s not automated. I do these things I call now if they do not answer I call again because sometimes people don’t answer the first call. So I call two to three times. So that’s one piece of the combo. Next thing is I text. So that’s two pieces of the combo, and I leave a voicemail, okay, so that’s the three piece combo. And sometimes if I have their email, I call it the four piece combo because I’ll send an email so I call multiple times, I’ll text all leave a voicemail, and I’ll send an email so three, four piece combo, whatever you feel is necessary for the follow up. So let’s give her a call right now.

Let’s see if she answers all right, you know 123 I’m gonna show you guys a follow Jennifer, how you doing? This is Nathan, I’m good. How are you? I just wanted to I didn’t want to take too much of your time. I know you’re probably busy but you have a couple minutes to chat. I just kind of want to know what you guys ended up deciding to do to the property. He wants to he wants to see me get a little bit more out of it. Yeah, so do you remember what I kind of proposed last time it was just kind of run it by some of the buyers in the area because I might know some people it’s called an option to purchase This agreement is just like a first right of refusal, where we send it out to some of the investors that we work with in the area and see if they’d be willing to pay a little bit more. Because for me, the way the market is right now, it’s kind of scary to take that on at like a little higher price. But there might be someone in the area that I know that might feel comfortable paying just a little bit more, you know, what were you thinking? Like?

What was he hoping for? At least 90,000? out of it? So

So 190 for the property? Yes. 190? Yeah. So I’m gonna look at the comps, again, just to see if anything sold recently just to kind of justify that, well, let’s do this. So he’s 190, I’ll have to look at some comps. But if I can run if we can sign an option to purchase agreement at 190. And I can pretty much put it out to the buyers that I work with in the area. And if they’re close to that, then I then we obviously have a deal, right? Because they pay me you don’t have to pay me, I basically get my cut out of what they’re able to pay. But if I go and do it, and they’re like, Nate, the best I can do is like 180, or like 175 or even 170. I’ll be honest with you, and I’ll just say, Hey, this is the best I was able to find.

And then at that point, you guys can decide if you feel like that’s worth it or not. Yeah. Does that make sense? Yeah. Okay, so do you think you and your husband would be cool signing, like something like that, that illegally allows me to send this out to my buyers? Yeah, I can talk to him. I think that should be fine. Okay, so I’ll text you after I looked at the comps, probably tomorrow. And you want to just make sure that if you do decide to work with me on this, that you wouldn’t want to sign an agreement with an agent, because as soon as you sign, you know, they’re going to want their commission whether they had anything to do with it or not. Yeah, we’re gonna sign with anything. We met with an agent, but we never signed anything. Cool. All right. Well, Jennifer, I appreciate it. And I will, I’ll reach back out. Okay. All right, everybody. So what I just did is I did what’s called an option to purchase agreement. So what I explained is you don’t want my cash offer, let me push it out to my cash buyers in the area and see if they’re willing to pay what you’re wanting, I don’t do this with everyone. And I definitely don’t do this, if the they want way, way too much.

I think if I can find someone around like 171 80 and I can get her to accept like 170 or even you know, around there, then that’s a $10,000 spread, right, you’re basically just being transparent. The fact that you’re going to wholesale it like you don’t even call wholesaling, you just say let me run it by my partners. And the reason why I like this strategy is because I gave her my low offer. I already tried seller financing, they’re not really interested but if they if I push this out and I say Hey, I checked with like 100 investors in the area and all of them are at weigh less than what you want then the options to do seller financing the options and my cash offer is going to look more appealing. So I want to help her I want her to win and hopefully you know I can find someone through doing the option to purchase but if I can’t then you know, at least I did my best we’re working together like as a team now and that’s the cool thing that I like when I talk to sellers is like I’m not trying to push anyone to take my cash offer if they don’t feel confident with it.

I have many tools that I can use if you don’t like my cash offer, I can list it for you. I’m not an agent but I can find an agent to list it feel like you don’t want to list it I can do seller finance I can do innovation I can do an option to purchase I have multiple tools so if again if someone doesn’t accept that low offer then you know we can still we can still get it done somehow Okay, that’s what you need the monetize all you know maximize all your leads. So this video call was about follow up right so what am I going to do I’m going to create another task for follow up Okay, so right here just a follow up with what I told her I would do look at comp the if I can do an option to purchase agreement at 190 K so we are going to do another one. All right, let’s call so Stacy’s a realtor let’s call her so this is my homie said bro watch and take calls. Appreciate it it tried to get a deal locked up right now on live on the batch call at the tone Please record your message. When you finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options. Hey, I’m just calling to chat with you about the property that you have listed one of my employees put a property your number on property listed in Ogden 424 nor 668.

Give me a call back I’d like to make an offer on the property chat with you about it. Thanks. Bye. Okay, so there you go. That was the the voicemail and the cool thing if you guys don’t have kick see the really cool thing is it has a button where you can press and it will just leave an automatic voicemail just Hey, call me back. I don’t I didn’t use that on this one. But it’s whatever. So then what else you can do guys is send an SMS from here. By the way guys, there is a automated text templates in here too, which is really cool. So you can just go you know no answer left with Hey, this isn’t a that just loves the voice. When would it be a good time chatter the property great, so I didn’t have to even text that out. So I’ll send that repeats so far. Call voicemail text. Okay, what am I missing? You guys know what I’m missing? I’m missing the email. Let’s send an email. I ready. So what did we do today? All right, let’s review.

First of all, this is brought to you by batch leads. So if you don’t have batch leads, get it. It’s in the description. It’s a great way to get deals, but we’re doing going Over automated and manual follow up what is automated follow up again you need it because you can’t I mean look I’ve been doing this for what 30 minutes I can’t follow it up like three four people manual will never get it done quick enough you need you need automation or be able to text blasts email blasts people so you can get a hold of more people so automate automated follow up is texts or emails workflows that go and hit people up as you go and that’s automated and manual is what I’ve just been doing it’s three piece the four piece combo call texts, voicemail and then email anyway guys this was a good call again brought to you by batch leads the leader in data, no data, no deals peace out real estate Nate is out crushing it everybody and let me tell you one last thing before I keep on saying that you want to make money make offers. That’s it. You’re not making offers you’re not making money.


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