How to present multiple offers in real estate

Are you a real estate professional seeking to refine your negotiation skills? Look no further. This video is your ultimate guide to presenting multiple offers in the real estate arena.

What is up everybody we’re live right here with Hayes knows the ways and real estate Nate how you guys how you doing? Hey I’m doing well thank you brother another reason why we’re talking about where he’s at is because we’re on the batch leads call right now right? This is calling you every week we show people how to use batch leads, how it helps us in our business and my man is in a hospital and he’s still willing to do the calls

I mean that’s freaking dedication brother out here hanging out just so you can get it done anywhere any any type of way ladies and gentlemen so to find you, you know So you’re
telling me you’re doing deals and you you’re using batch leads from a hospital room?

I mean you can do it anywhere telling me you’re doing deals and you you’re using batch leads from a hospital room?

I mean you can do it anywhere you can do it anywhere I mean as long as your mind is right which occasionally sometimes it hasn’t been right this week but as long as your your your crystal here you know and you got the great data so I don’t have my Bachelor’s had today but you can still find the deals from your from your bottom in a hospital bed.

So I love it man. Well, prayers like I said go out to you and what we’re going to do today guys is we’re going to go over how to make how to present a creative finance offer. Again this call is sponsored by batch leads if you don’t have it, give it a shot seven day free trial in the description. Another thing guys is you know, I want to show you guys this if you have batch leads or you thought about getting batch leads, but you maybe you tried it and you didn’t know how to use it. Today we’re doing right after this we’re doing a batch leads masterclass, so we can show you exactly how to use batch leads to text call.I’ll give you guys the link right here. It’s on my Facebook group. It’s pretty much everywhere on my social media.

Amazing that. So All you have to do is register and you’ll get a link for the bachelorette masterclass. It’s in about 30 minutes, but we wanted to jump on here and do this bachelorette call really quick. So I’m gonna throw it in here in the description and the comment box. And if you guys are watching this live Yeah, register, please. Because like I said, we’re going to show you exactly how to use batch to to make money to get deals find motivated sellers, because I run a lot of polls, Sean. And you know, a lot of the polls that most wholesalers have facing most investors is they can’t they don’t know how to find leads, right they don’t know how to find good deals. So batch is basically a software that lets you pull lists and reach out to those people so thank you batch guys, if you don’t know how to make offers to sellers and you struggle knowing like the right way to do it, that’s why

I wanted to kind of do on this call. Usually we can’t properties and show you how to use batch but this one I’m going to show you how to execute making an offer Okay, and I was gonna use Shawn as a as we roleplay earlier this day, I’m in communication with the seller right now about their their eight Plex that we’re interested in buying. I’m interested in buying. And I made an offer earlier, I didn’t record it. And I didn’t really use I guess I didn’t record it so I can show you guys so I’m basically going to show you guys how I made the offer, what paperwork I use what you guys need to do to make finding seller financing offer subject to all this creative financing stuff.

So I’m going to give you everything you need. So first off, guys, you need a letter of intent, okay, you need to you don’t always want to write up your offer and a contract and send it over because they might not accept it and it might be a waste of your time at all. You need to present multiple options to seller sometimes, and then present it in a letter of intent, which you guys can find this letter of intent on my Facebook group wholesaling real estate mastermind if you type it in, if you just go to files, here’s the letter of intent template that I use. You guys can go grab it for absolutely free. I’m just giving it out so you guys can you know make offers the right way present offers look credible and look legit. So the first thing you need is a letter of intent. Okay, now, I took this information I knew I was going to offer I crunched the numbers and my calculators see what it was going to cashflow after I raised the rents and I ran the numbers on you know how much they would make if they took my financing offer.

So next thing you need on top of letter and intent guys is a calculator a way to break down the numbers. So this is a calculator that we exclusively built. We’ve you know added from other calculators and other people we’ve used we’ve made our own made some stuff in here. So you got the wholesale that’s going to teach you like how to run the numbers hard money when a flipper flips it you know you to calculate everything for a wholesale deal. A flip of valuation if you want to burn it if you want to keep it in but Novation retail buyer program wherever you want to call it. Shout out to Cory. But next thing is amortization that so you basically need to know you need an amortization schedule so you can know what they would make you know on interest if they finance you so you can make your offer more appealing. And I did a call I did a video yesterday of how to actually run through the numbers, but today is going to be on how To present the offer, that’s what I kind of wanted to do today, Shawn is just, I’ve already made the offer. I urge people through step by step on what they need to do to make a legit offer. Because, number one, do you think it’s a smart idea? Anyone watching? Or you, Shawn just to send the letter of intent and just hope they understand the terms and you know, the offer you’re making? Do you think that’s a smart idea?

No, wow, that’s a terrible idea. Missing out on a lot of opportunity to build the rapport. Make sure that there’s clarity, and really understand that, you know, hey, this is legitimate offer but legitimate potential for you to make more money.

Yeah, and and what are the things that can happen bad if you just send an offer without being an explain it? Or you don’t even like verify that they got it?

That That one right there that? Did they get it? Did they see it? You know, did of course, do they understand it? And you know, again, like those are the top two, you know?

Yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah, did they get it? Do they understand it? That’s pretty much it. I mean, you also don’t want them to get it. And then if they’re talking to multiple investors, just use your years as ammo. You want to explain it? Verify that, you know, you’re in the running, you know, you want to you want to make sure they understand. So Shawn, let’s do a freakin roleplay. You ready, brother? Sir? All right. So here goes step one, make the make the letter of intent, run the numbers, and you know, call the seller. This is Sean. Sean, how you doing? It’s Nathan. Hey,what can I help you with?

Hey, you know how we’ve been talking about your your a Plex back and forth? Do you have a couple minutes? Go over my offer with you? Yeah, absolutely. No, I could have just emailed it to you in hopes you understood it. But I wanted to kind of run through the offers, because it’s just not just one offer. I had a couple different options for you. So I wanted to call on running through with you. Do you have some we have about five or 10 minutes? We can do that right now? Yeah, actually, that’d be perfect. Cool. Cool. Are you by? Are you by your computer or your phone by chance? Where you can pull up an email? Actually, yes, I am. I have? Let me pull it up right now. Okay, great.

So what I’m going to do right now is, you know, pull up your email, I’m gonna send this off to you. So first off, I just want to let you know that, you know, I presented the first option is a cash offer, we’ve already discussed it, and you told me, you know, you’re probably not sure if you’re feeling 100%, comfortable or confident taking that offer. So I want to let you know, if we do decide to go with one of the options on seller financing, that we are going to take over all the taxes, insurance repairs, and utilities. So you don’t have to worry about any of that. Okay, here’s some options. Alright, option one is, you know, the purchase price of 1.1. For the eight Plex.

And we’ve talked about it before you it’s not a bad offer, but you’re hoping maybe you can get a little bit more. So that’s why I’m presenting different options to you. So first few, I know, it’s not a ton more more money than the 1.1. Up front, the purchase price that we’re offering on option two is just about $25,000 more, but you know, we’re asking where we’re willing to pay 4% interest, so you’re gonna make some interest over 12 months, it’s a 12 month period. So your monthly payments are gonna be about 4000, almost 5000 a month, and over the year, you’re gonna make about 60. And then once we pay you out in 12 months, that’s gonna be your payoff as you can, as you’re looking at it, you’re following along right on an option to source sort of, I’m looking at it. So the cool thing about this is, you know, when I make you my purchase price offer, you’re probably thinking I’m only getting $25,000, right? A more than a cash offer.

But you’re actually because you’re you’re willing to finance us and just wait a year to get paid out. I mean, you’re still getting money down. So there’s, we got some skin in the game, and you’re making $66,000 More, that’s just for 12 months, right? And the way this works, Shawn is, the more time you give us the more money we can pay, right? Because we’re able to cash flow a little bit more, we’re hoping interest, interest rates probably go lower. And, you know, property values go up option three is, you know, of course, you give us more time three instead of 12 months, we go three years same interest rate now, no 9% Yeah, it is a long time, but look how much extra you make. I mean, in three years, instead of you know, making 66 in one in 12 months, in three in 36 months, 12. Three years, you make almost $200,000 more on interest by financing us, right. So your total that you’re getting is for the duplex have been started eight Plex instead of 1.1. You know, for a cash offer, you’re getting close to 1.3 right option for the last one, which you know, I you know is best for us.

And you know, hopefully it’s best for you, we’re willing to pay 1.25 for the property all increase the down from 10% to 15%. And all increase the interest by you know, a quarter of a point a quarter percent or whatever you call that for 60 months and I know that’s a long time and you’re wanting short term, but if you give us this you’re gonna make close to $400,000 extra on top then if you would accept as a cash offer, and on top of that, you know, you’re getting close to 1.5 for the place instead of 1.1 for cash. The thing is, I mean it’s common Since this time we’re Treasury make more money and you know we’re willing to put down more we’re willing to do more and give you more because you know the longer is better for us to so trying to quit create a win win situation and I feel like you know the options that have been presented like allow you to get more money like you’ve been wanting alright man so that was it that’s how we make offers you present an offer you explain what you’re doing you kind of try to go over deal killers. And you go from there, but I gotta hop off man I got the batch leads masterclass. Are you going to be on there to Sean like might as well just being me in the ground or whatever?

Yeah, let’s go. Hi, Brian.

So you guys, actually it’s cool. I hope this helps you guys out to learn how to present offers, especially seller finance terms, offers and batch leads all the way let’s go