How to get free leads to work the Payneless Way- TRAINING

There’s a couple ways to find deals. Okay, obviously, you can pull a list. You can use batch leads. You can pull absentee owner, high equity. Those always have people that are selling. Okay, you gotta go through leads, you gotta call, you gotta text, you gotta, you know, mail. But those are going to have people that are selling because they’re tired of all the problems they have. That’s like, one of the best lists that I’ve used is just tired, tired landlords, right? Because they just tired of working with their tenants, and their tenants are destroying places. You can always find someone wants to sell them there. So that’s one way, right?

There’s pay per click. You could do that. There’s driving for dollars. There’s so many different ways. But what I like to do is, I like to reach out to wholesalers that have lots of deals that they’re working on. And I’d say, hey, out of all the deals that you have that you’re trying to dispo, which one is it juicy one? Which is a good one that’s not moving that I can help, you know, find a buyer for. That’s pretty much it. I reach out to wholesalers in the community, or the network, the market that I’m working. And I say, hey, what deals can I work right? And then what I do is I and by the way, I ask them, I just don’t work deals. I like to ask the dispo managers.

I like to ask those people, because they know which ones are good. They’ve looked at them. They know which ones they believe should be selling, but they’re not getting the movement on them. And so I work those, and then I add my fee on top. I either get a 5050, split with the the wholesaler I’m working with, or I just have the buyer pay me through an invoice, and it doesn’t impact at all the the HUD. It doesn’t impact the wholesaler. They can make whatever they want, and it’s as simple as just calling the buyers that I have directly, or texting directly. I don’t have a giant list that I call or email blasts.

I don’t do that. I actually call my buyers, my VIP Buyers, and if I don’t have buyers in the area, I’ll use batch leads to find a buyer in the area. Okay? It’s very simple. It’s very so you don’t have to be a super experienced wholesaler to do this strategy, and that’s why I said, Anyone on here can just put in the address, and I’ll help you find a buyer for your deal. Or I’ll tell you I’ll be able to determine whether you have a deal or not. I do a quick sniff test, to do a quick glance to be like, Okay, this is a good deal. This is not and then, you know, I can do the strategy I’m about to show you.

So let me give you guys an example of what I’m talking about. When you can reach out to a wholesaler and say, Hey, I noticed that you got a quite a few deals. Which one should I work? Let me show you. Okay, I’m not going to just talk the whole time. I like to show because there’s no point in just talking non stop if, if I can show you what I’m talking about. Okay, so let me pull up my, my CRM. Okay? And for all of you, if you don’t know what a CRM is, it just manages your leads, and you can communicate through it that with your leads, you can do tasks.

I use what’s called painless CRM, P, A, y, N, E, L, E, S, S, painless CRM, it’s a, it’s a go high level that I’ve white labeled that allows you to send out offers and manage your leads. I use it personally. So I was like, hey, might as well give it to people. They like my strategy. But let me, let me pull up this conversation right here. Going to show you guys how I did this. Very, very simple. I’m let’s see, before I share my screen, I gotta, gotta pull this up. So, all right, yeah, okay, all right. So before I show my screen, I’m explaining to you guys, if you’re just popping in, one of the strategies I like to do a lot is, I like to reach out to wholesaling companies, either Brent wholesaling companies or newer wholesalers, and I say, Hey, if you got a deal, let me run it by my buyers and see if I can get you a better offer than you already have. Or, yeah, add my fee on top. Or we can do 5050, split, whatever. I don’t really even discuss, like, how I get paid until I bring a buyer and an offer, because who cares about how you’re going to get paid? And there’s no point in talking about it until you actually bring some value and bring a buyer to the table.

So this is a wholesaling company that I found in my market of Orlando that I’m working and I reached out to the guy had a conversation, and this is the text that I sent him, and look at the response that I got, okay. And this is something I believe all you can do in your perspective markets, depending on where you’re marketing in, if you’re in the middle of nowhere, there’s not gonna be a lot of other wholesalers that you can help move their deals. And by the way, this is not daisy chain. This is not just like, hey, let me I saw a deal. Let me just blast it out for a higher price without talking to the wholesaler. I don’t blast out my deals. I just specifically call my VIP Buyers. I reached out to this wholesaling company. I got tight with your disposition guy, and this is what I said. Said, yeah, it makes sense. I was looking at some deals online in the Orlando area to send to some of my buyers. So I’m being very transparent. I’m looking to send some of the deals. You have online to some of my buyers, are there any that I should specifically focus on that you think are good deals but aren’t moving as fast as you would like? Happens all the time.

If you ran a if you had a big wholesaling company, you can have five or six deals out under contract, trying to sell them, and a lot of them aren’t moving as fast as you’d like. Sometimes you only have five days of due diligence. You only have, you know, even two days you’re worried. Sometimes you’re like, oh, man, I really got to move this deal. I I’ll take anything. That’s who we’re working with, like we’re trying to help. So anyway, so I said, uh, are there any that I should specifically focus on that you think are good deals but aren’t moving as fast as you would like. Good question to ask. I’m going to call some of my buyers about them, but want to spend my time on ones that are the best use of my time. Usually they try to go lower than than asking price. So if you got some good spreads and some room to negotiate, I could work on those first, hard first, and get back to you ASAP.

Okay, next thing, he says, Yes, I do. Okay, okay, great, great. He says, yes, the Dunlin property is excellent. They’re rare Metro West condos, also excellent. So he gives me the address, he gives me the other address, and then right here, all right, I’ll work on those ASAP. So now, out of all the ones that he has to work, I know exactly which ones I should focus on. There was like 10 on there. Now I can work on the three. He says, All right, I’ll work on those ASAP and see what feedback I get. I appreciate it. So I’m going to say, I’m going to work these. I’m going to go back to them and say, Hey, this is the offers I’ve been getting. Can we get a deal done? Or can we not? Okay, I can get paid today, if I, if, if I work these, right? I, by the way, I got these yesterday. I can get paid today. I can get paid tomorrow. If these close at the end of the week, I can get paid at the end of the week. This, guys, this is how you get paid, ASAP. All right, this isn’t like cold calling, and then you get a deal down the line. Now, the spreads might not always be as big, but they’re quick, and it didn’t cost me any money.

I found these deals through networking, okay? I said, I appreciate it. Let me know if anything else comes to mind, I’ll do the legwork and get some salt offers. He he says, this is a good one too. Yes, I already looked at this one. That one looked good too. Any additional info on that one so that I should know? He said, The rest are kind of mediocre. So he’s even said, hey, look, the rest of deals I got on there. There whatever work those. I think those ones will move great, great use of my time. Don’t have to work all four, like all 10 of them. So then I said, Hey, what do you think about this one? I looked at this one online. Is that a good one? He tells me more information about the flip in a popka. He says, Hey, this one’s got some violations. That’s why it’s probably given some problems, but it’ll get cleared up when you buy it. I’m like, Okay. He says, base, I also have room on one of the other flips in duneland, so there’s some room in there, so if you can move it.

And we talk a little bit about one of the Orlando deals, yeah, it looks like a rough neighborhood. Blah, blah, blah. And then he sends me some more information. He says, Hey, by the way, the one and Donilon, the Zillow estimate is 274 Okay, and it’s really and they have it under contract for like 129 Well, let’s see. I think actually, let’s see. Let’s go back here, see what he had it for good price. But, okay, 129 so Zillow says it’s worth 274 which is, you know, not correct. But he’s like, I think we might be able to go to 129 on the website, it’s listed at 136 Okay, so quickly, guys, hope you’re, following me. I was able to talk to a dispositions rep at a company. I said, Hey, out of all the deals, which one should I bring to my buyers? I don’t want to waste my time. He said, work these ones. So I’m going to bring these to my buyers, VIP Buyers, and I’m going to show you on batch leads, how quickly I can just call some buyers in the area, and say, Hey, I got a deal. I noticed that you’re buying. What do you think about this one? And now, by going back to him with that information, I provided value. And he’s like, oh, man, this guy’s good.

I need to hit him up more. When I got deals that I can’t move, I can’t tell you how many deals that wholesaling companies have to cancel because they don’t have enough time on their due diligence, their buyer doesn’t perform fast enough. There are more than enough deals that are on the MLS that are other wholesalers have that you can provide value to. Again, you’re not trying to just snipe deals and just like blast them out without earnings permission. You’re trying to develop relationships, and that’s the painless flipping way is networking, and again, doesn’t cost you a single dime. And I hope that was helpful for you guys to see that if you’re sitting there like, Man, I don’t know, I don’t know how to do deals. There’s not enough deals out there. There’s more than enough deals out there. Everybody to work if you’re in the right markets. And these right markets are major metros, those are the ones that are going to have tons and tons and tons. List of deals to work.