How to get real estate leads and talk to sellers who really need to sell

In this video, we’re going to you how to get real estate leads and talk to sellers who really need to sell. Check this video to know more.

Now I’m working on a lead right now that I already gave to Joe in my mentorship. And it’s been a little bit of a doozy. We thought we had a closing date set. And the seller right now is giving us a hard time. It’s not giving us a hard time and he’s in a hard situation when properties are occupied by sellers, it’s kind of hard to get them out. Sometimes, you know, because they need a place to move. That’s why a lot of people like dealing with vacant properties or properties that are not owner occupied. They’re absentee owners because sellers can give you a big problem they won’t leave on time they have excuses they can’t pack we have a seller right now who is in pre foreclosure is going to lose his home have a foreclosure, pretty much the house are selling for like what he owes. He’s not getting any money. We’re just trying to help them. We’re making a couple 1000 Simon that big of a deal. But the seller is not moving. He’s he’s got excuses after excuse after excuse. And this is the reason he’s a hoarder. He doesn’t want to move. That’s it, he’s potentially going to lose this property going through Pre Foreclosure with nothing and a ton of debt. And, you know, bad record, because he just doesn’t know what to do. So what do we do? Do we force them out of there? Do we just say, Hey, we’re gonna take legal action, you signed an agreement and you’re supposed to sell we have a buyer lined up, it’s a 10k wholesale fee, but he just doesn’t want to move, I need to call the guy find out if there’s anything we can do to help him because the guy just he doesn’t know what to do. Like, he doesn’t know where to go. It’s a sticky situation. He just doesn’t want to go he he knows he needs to sell but he’s like, got no idea what to do. So we’re going to call and I’m going to call a couple other leads that I’ve received, I get leads for free because I know how to network I’ve grown my brand and you guys can grow your brand to to get leads for free. I don’t like paying for leads and you don’t have to if you build your brand, but before you can get up to that point you you really have to you know, cut your teeth and pay for the leads. And that’s fine. I pay for some leads, I pay for some marketing, but majority I don’t and that’s because of my brand. And because I’m marketing now and you know having that been said, If you don’t have a brand and you’re paying for leads still, you need to check out the description right here. I work with a Gyptian company of cold callers. Amazing, amazing and it’s so inexpensive. My boy Daniel in Egypt is a baller he manages the cold calls for you, you got just got to give him the list and give him the dialer. And he’ll make sure everything happens. Hit him up, fill out the form and he’ll hit you he’ll call you from Egypt. And if you want leads from lead Xolo hit me up I can get you those. That’s who I’m going to be calling that dude, there’s tons and tons and tons of ways to get leads, guys. There’s abundant amount, you don’t have to just go spend and wastes all your time and your money. My goal is to do business real estate part time. I’m not trying to do this full time. If I can make as much money doing it part time, right? No one’s trying to work all the time. So that’s what I’m here to show you.

Let’s call the seller right now. And let’s see, let’s see if we can help the guy out. Because again, I understand the situation he does not moving not because he doesn’t want to go anywhere. He just doesn’t have anywhere to go. What can we do to help this guy? You’ve got to think win win. You got to love people and serve them. What can we do to help out this individual to succeed? Alright, so I’m not going to share my screen with like what I do that’s like for mentorship members, but I will I will talk you through it. I’m just going to be calling him on my dialer right now. I use Google voice in this situation. Because it’s free. If you guys don’t have Google Voice, you should get it free. Let’s call this all right now let’s just chat with them and and see how we can help. So again, it’s a sticky situation, the seller is gonna lose his home, but he keeps on putting it off because he doesn’t have a place to go. That’s the main reason I get I know I know is he’s not telling you and someone else. But anyway, what’s your call has been forwarded to an automated voice message. Okay, so he didn’t answer. So what do I do? I call twice. I send an email and I send a text that’s that’s what I do every time just because you know, getting a hold of people is half it’s like half the battle. You just got to get them on the phone. So let’s call again. He’s in bad reception. Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice. So we’re going to call his wife right now. 804 C

see if his wife answers.

Hi, Mr. shifflett How’s it going?

Oh, what do you want?

Oh, well, hey, I’ve been working with your husband, Mr. shifflett. And Jackie and I was wondering if you had a couple of minutes to talk I was just calling about the house.

I really feel bad right now. No, I do not yet. Call and call and call and you Who’s calling? I don’t know, people that says I want to the house. I don’t know who they are.

Yeah, that’s why I was calling just to see if there’s anything I could do to help. I understand you just got out of the hospital. And I heard I heard it’s pretty rough on you is that?

Can I just talk to you later?

Of course, Miss shifflett. When would it be a better time to call? I want to see if I can help out. That’s all. That’s pretty much it.

How about if I just tell Ron to call you?

Yeah, of course. I call them but his phone went right to voicemail. So I’m assuming he’s just at a reception.

Yeah, he takes naps in between his jobs right now. But yeah, I will have a call.

And I wish you the best, I hope, I hope a speedy recovery. Because I understand that it’s probably just hard for you guys to find a place to go. You know, I’m assuming that’s probably the problem.

Sure is. Yeah. And I just don’t understand how they can take all these metals that empty for months, and then give them to their foreign people. Yeah, yeah. It’s really frustrating. Job, a big ol black bind. And so the winners are so dark, it can’t even seal. Sometimes. I said, now watch them. And I say who gets out of those people that work those long garments and wears those things on their head? And? Yeah, I mean, that’s just not right.

Are you? Are you saying that they’re getting the homes for free? Is that what you’re saying?

Um, no, I don’t know. I don’t know what they get them for. I don’t know how to find that out. I just see that they’re the ones getting them. And my sister’s house. It’s sold, and it’s sold to Mexican label. And I think there was a maximum of two and I’m not sure. And then my my nephew’s house sold. And it’s so and there’s nobody as far as I know. Even living there steel. Yeah. So I can I can make out houses right down here on our road. Rip warehouses, then sitting empty.

Yeah. So you’re saying you’re, you’re saying you’re frustrated because you see all these empty houses and you can’t find a place to go?

That we can’t even find out who we can call about? Yeah, yeah. Well, that’s how it was last year.

We’ll miss you. So that’s why I was calling because I know how frustrating is like, you know, we’re trying to buy the house and I understand that probably moving is such a stress for you guys. And finding a place to go is so stressful and you just don’t want to go anywhere you want to find a home you know, yeah, well, I want to do my best to help out because I don’t want you guys to go into foreclosure and lose the house and have every your credit ruin. That’s my goal is to avoid that from happening and get you some money.

Once he gets back in. I’ll tell him he has to call you.

Yeah, I’m Malema name to attain attain. You know, I keep doing it.

Yeah, I understand. Tell him to call me at this number. My name is Nathan, I work with Jacqueline and I’m kind of taking over to help out because again, I understand this situation is rough. I wish you the best hope. Hope you’re okay with. You just left the hospital. So I hope everything’s okay.

Taking some medicine right now,

by the way, you mind if I ask you what happened? I I’m just curious. I’d rather you just talk to him. All right. All right, Miss shifflett. Will you rest up and I’ll look forward to talking to your husband. Right.

All right. Thank you have a good one. See? You too.

All right, so we know who the decision maker is. And that is not miss shifflett Is Mr. shifflett. I called him he did not answer. Now look, this is the problem. They don’t have a place to go. They’re going to lose their home, their pre foreclosure, and they’re gonna lose it. So it’s either they we help them get out and we move them even though they’re old. She’s just got the hospital, she can’t get out. She probably they probably can’t even pack a box. They probably encase like not capable. I mean, he looks like he’s working two jobs. This is a very difficult situation, what can we do to help? How can we get this deal across the finish line? Again, it’s not about money. Sometimes you just gotta help. We are going to make money on this. But we got to make sure we can help them reach their goal. Now, their credits terrible. I don’t honestly know what I’ll do to get them into a new place. But I know that if we don’t convince them and prove to them that if they don’t take action now there, it’s going to be a lot worse. We’re willing to pay them and move them like we’re willing to help out. So interesting situation. She said that Mexicans were moving in her neighborhood? I don’t know. I don’t think she’s racist. I hope not. And if she is, that’s okay. For me, I don’t I’m not saying it’s okay. She’s racist. I just don’t care. I’ll help out someone through race. I don’t care, whatever. It doesn’t matter, because she’s a nice lady. And she’s been raised probably in a different circumstance in what we have this younger generation, so who cares? Who cares if she, you know, is a, you know, thinks differently? That’s not that doesn’t impact the way we got to help her. So the next, the next step would to create a follow up task to call Mr. shifflett and reach out and talk to him as Miss chiplets out of it. She doesn’t care. She just got back from the hospital. She’s sick. What can we do with Mr. shifflett? That is the next Step, if we can get them to move, then the deal is done. That’s it. If we just forced them out, if we just say, hey, you know, play hardball, it’s probably not gonna work. The dude works nonstop. That’s what needs to be done. Okay? So that’s what you do with deals, you got to look at what’s happening and say, what’s the next step to get it done? Because if you just make an offer, and then hope you’re like, I hope it gets done. Not going to work. You got almost like hold people’s hand to the closing table occasionally. All right, and by the way, a lot of this what I’m telling you guys is stuff that I teach in my mind map. That’s why this little thing is going across if you want it’s absolutely free check on my mind map. I explained the steps to doing business doing this the Payneless way and we already have a buyer. So this is why it’s Payneless. It’s not like we’re just randomly you know, trying to do the deal.


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