Case Study: How I went from making $0 on a deal to $30k!

In this video, we’re going to show you a case study about how I went from making $0 on a deal to $30k! Doing reverse wholesaling, or what I call the Payneless Wholesaling Strategy. Check out this video to learn more about doing wholesaling the right way or the Payneless way.

Well, hey, I’m pumped to come to you guys today and share with you this case study about how I took a deal from being dead completely dead to making 30,000 a $30,000 fee. Now you guys might be like, come on, that’s crazy talk. How are you doing that on a deal like that? How are you gonna take something that’s completely dead and make money on it. And that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about today. But before before I get into this, this deal and explaining everything I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about my backstory a little bit how I got started and tell you a little bit about myself. So you can kind of relate to what I’m going through because I believe we all go through pretty much the same journey, okay.

So when I started, I originally started wholesaling, because I was doing door to door sales, I was making good money. But the problem with door to door sales was I had to move every summer to go like work every every summer, I’d be in like Texas, I’d be in Indiana, and I would knock door to door sell dish satellite, and it was good money. But I was tired of moving, like back and forth, back and forth. And I got married. So I said, Okay, what can I do to make a lot of money? That’s because that was originally what I wanted to do. I said, What can I do to provide for my family to make money and use the skills that I’ve acquired throughout my life of you know, I like talking to people. And I thought about real estate. I think most people probably think about real estate when they think about okay, what career path can I go into that will provide the financial freedom and the time that I want the time that I want with my family? Because the thing is Lucy you’re on here. I know you probably didn’t get into wholesaling or real estate because you love wholesaling. Right? Did you get into it because you just love the thrill of the wholesale deal.

Um, to be honest, not really. And I know that I guess the way I was approaching it was a bit stressful. And I knew that the barrier to entry I felt was higher because I initially wanted a rental. And I contacted AJ in my area about a listing and he went to do a showing on this really, really cheap townhouse and so doing an Airbnb, which might be you know, a pain in the neck. And he was here I know you’re young and and then you still want to do education and all that and save up for car. He was like, how about you do this and then he taught me about wholesaling. I was like it blew my mind also what I can build capital like,

you can make money with no money, right? Yes, exactly. So I was the same way. I was like, wow, I want to make money with no money. Yeah. So anyway, that was my story and how I got started, I was like, What can I do right now to make money with the skill set that I have to provide the freedom and the finite the financial freedom and the time that I want and I don’t want a boss I don’t want a boss because after I quit my job from door to door, I went out and started interviewing with a bunch of people I put on a suit and I would start and I would go and talk and do interviews I interview with an insurance agent like to be an insurance sales guy I interviewed for like a medical sales expert and these guys that were interviewing me were like judging me they were looking me up and down like I don’t know if you got what it takes Nate and my mind I was like, I don’t need this I don’t need someone to judge me and I get qualified to get a job forget this. So then I found out about wholesaling and I was like I’m in I can do this I don’t have anyone telling me like that’s give me the checkbox to work for him. I can do it myself. So I went into wholesaling and again, the reason why I did it and the reason why I think a lot of people do it is I wanted financial freedom, I wanted to be my own boss and I wanted to have you know, work for myself and have freedom. That’s what I wanted. And even deeper than just the freedom and the money. I wanted to provide a lifestyle for my family that was better than what I grew up with. And I grew up in middle class and it was fine. But as a kid you see all the rich kids that have like the super nice Abercrombie and stuff and you’re like, Man, I wish I had that and you don’t have that. So for me I was like man, it’d be great to create that lifestyle for my kids make sure they’re not spoiled but deep down like give them what they need teach them correct principles, teach them how not to be spoiled but give them what they need. So when they asked for you know to play baseball or basketball, they don’t feel shame kind of like I did I was like man we don’t have money for those things and I wanted to do more things but I didn’t because I was young and I knew we didn’t have money so that’s that’s the deep down the reason why I wanted to you know create this financial freedom this business Okay, so again it all came to wholesaling. Alright, so again you guys probably like what does this have to do with his 30k deal? I’m getting there. Okay, I’m getting there. Just stick with me. So I I started I got into wholesaling and I was taught how to do it. Okay, I was taught that you have to go find a deal. So that’s what I did. I first I started hitting the phones. I got a Mojo dialer started down wheeling right through that thing and was just dialing for three months and I did not know what I was doing. I was when people were yelling at me I was getting really fired up and pissed because I was like, How dare that person talk to me like that I was getting mad, but I was calling, calling, calling finding the deal first, that’s what I was taught. And that’s, that’s what most of you are taught. So I eventually got my first deal within three months. My business partner, it was $5,000 we had to split it 5000 in half $2,500 each three months of work for $2,500 That sucks. I sucks

I was making way more than that back in the day, but I believed in the process because everyone said it works. Okay, so the next thing I did, I started flying and knocking doors. I got another deal. It was massive, massive action. What do you guys think I did immediately once I started making enough deals. I stopped taking the action and I hired it out because I was like forget this. I’m not trying to cold call all day. I’m not trying to knock doors flyer. I’m gonna hire it out. So this has been in a nutshell the journey of a wholesaler or at least for me and if you guys don’t believe me, I went on real estate disruptors Steve trains podcast and told this story. This has been my story for like the last two to three years as I work really hard, get a deal make a lot of money and then I’d hire out marketing and then I would it would go you know I’d spend all that money spent 1000s and 1000s of hours in marketing it would go back down I’d get a deal. I’d make money it go back down deal money deal money. The business has been nothing but a roller coaster ride the way that I was taught to do it. I tried the vehicles I tried to get deals consistently cold calling, I would pay when I first started I paid my my homies from college $15 an hour to cold call spent three months of them cold calling didn’t get a single deal spent like what 510 K back down to zero in my bank account or not zero but close. Then we get a deal done. I was like let’s go pay per click Pay Per Click works. I’ve heard paperclip works for a lot of people got to pay per click deal made about $50,000 kept spending money on Pay Per Click went down. And then I was like, Let’s do texting, texting work for a while texting was good. But guess what happened in texting rules, regulations, everyone got into it, then I made money went down. And that has been the story. And the failure of I think most wholesalers, they see that they can make money. So they spend it they they work hard, they hustle, they grind, they make money on their own, and it feels good, then they try to hire it all out because they’re tired of grinding, and then they freaking blow all their dough. Unless you are an amazing leader. And you’re amazing at building teams.

The wholesaling model, in my opinion is flawed. I think the fact that you go out and spend a ton of money and build a huge team, you have to pay everyone you have to spend marketing. It’s just like a rat race. It really is. And the reason why I’m hitting you guys with the truth is because I didn’t figure out how to do this business until later. Okay, but I want to say another thing about the wholesaling model of going to find deals, spending money building a team, it’s difficult to manage, okay, it’s inconsistent, and especially right now with the way the market shifted. You don’t want to spend all your money and energy on leads that they’re not going to pan out because people are dumb and they want too much in their house isn’t worth and buyers aren’t paying that much. So let’s talk about this deal that I did. For the last year I’ve been talking on social media, I’ve been letting everyone know what I do. I do I buy homes, and I flip, I fixed flip. I do real estate for the first three years when I was just marketing, marketing, marketing. I didn’t want to tell everyone what I was doing. I just felt ashamed. I didn’t feel like worthy or like I was good enough or good at my job. But then I said, Look, I am good at my job. I’m going to start telling everyone what to do. So now my whole family knows what I do now all my friends no I do. So I found out on this 30k deal. I found out that one of my family members had a apartment complex that they needed to sell. I was planning on buying it. I already knew who I was going to buy it with. I had the buyer in place, I was ready to go, I was going to partner with my friend who were going to buy the apartment complex. So what ended up happening is interest rates skyrocketed. It didn’t make sense to buy the deal anymore. So we were like, Man, this deal is dead. And by the way, the deal was dead. Nobody I was trying to find someone else to partner with. Nobody else wanted it. It was a deadly dead deal. Nothing’s gonna happen. Interest rates killed the deal at the price that the seller wanted. It wasn’t going to work because of the relationships I have.

Because of the reverse the Payneless Wholesaling method I teach and getting to know your buyers, one of my buyers hit me up and said, Hey, man, I actually have someone I know that would take that deal. Would you want to JV on it? If I can bring my buyer and I said, Yeah, I’m gonna make nothing on it. If I can bring the buyer to my seller, and they’re happy with the offer. Let’s freakin do it. So he said, here’s the guy’s info. And we talked maybe for a couple hours in total, maybe seven or eight hours total. And I eventually was able to connect him with the seller. I didn’t even wholesale this deal. I connected him with the seller, they agreed on a price. And then he said, What do you want for your feet? And I said, I don’t know what do you think’s fair? He said 20,000 And I was like can you do more? I was really hoping to make more can you do 30 He said, done deal. Great. So we signed an invoice, and I got paid 30. Now look, the fee is 30. But because of the way I structure the JV, it was a 6040 split, I made 60 He made 40. So I’m gonna make 18 He’s gonna make 12, who here would rather take $18,000 on a couple phone calls off of a dead lead than zero, okay, most of you would want to do that is take 12 18,000 versus zero on a couple phone calls off of a relationship that you did not have. In the beginning, I didn’t have it because I didn’t know that end buyer, but he had to buy it because he needed to put his money into something to help with his taxes before the end of the year because it’s close right at the end of December. So what I’m trying to tell everyone here is if you want to avoid the roller coaster ride that I’ve been for the last three years, you need to wholesale differently, especially with this market shift you need to wholesale the right way. And I call it Payneless way. And that’s exactly what I teach. I teach exactly how to do deals with little to no marketing spend where you have to spend any money really any money on deals, I didn’t spend any money on this, I will teach you exactly how to do this.

So you can do this sustainably. A lot of you guys have jobs. You can do this the Payneless Wholesaling method with a job, I have a job, my investors driver’s a job, it takes all my time, I’m still consistently doing deals every month because I know how to reverse wholesale. I know how to do the pants wholesale method. If someone comes to me and says, Nate, I want to build a whole giant wholesaling business, I’d say don’t do it, it’s probably not a good idea. If you’re probably just going to spend a ton of money and build a team. That’s not the model I recommend. What I recommend is Paayneless Wholesaling, you can build a business out of it, you can build a big, but do not do the traditional way. In my opinion, I’ve tried it. I’m very smart. I’m a hard worker, I don’t think it’s the best model to build a business off of because we’re all in this to make passive income, right? We’re all in this to get assets and grow if you have a giant wholesaling business that has to do deal after deal after deal and you have to pay your employees and pay the overhead and marking when are you going to get to keep a property not You’re not going to get to keep a lot of properties. You know why? Because you have to pay everybody and you’re not going to get to keep stuff or you’re going to say hey, I want to keep that apartment complex and your employer I’m like well yeah, you still got to pay me 15% The transaction coordinator but he’s gonna say I need to get my cut and you’re like well shoot I don’t have the money to pay everyone unless I sell this deal I don’t get to keep it so that’s that’s why the model of building a giant wholesaling business I don’t believe in I’ve tried it I don’t think it’s the best way I believe reverse wholesaling, doing deals part time or full time if you want to do it enough where you can find deals off the MLS you find deals from other wholesalers, there’s about 1015 different techniques to get deals for free that don’t cost you any money. Building relationships is the most important thing. So what I want to invite you guys all the new if you want to continue to do the old way that I tried for three years up and down up and down and blow all your money and have nothing to show for it. Go ahead that’s fine. You can do that. But I’m trying to tell you guys that the best way to do it is through relationships, Payneless Wholesaling, reverse wholesaling, and I want to invite all of you to join me as I teach you guys how to do it. That’s that’s basically what this webinars for is to show you. You can do this job, you can do it part time. You can do a full time. You don’t have to spend all your money and blow your money and your time. The deals that I do take me a couple hours and I make more money because I have less overhead less marketing spend less all this trash that you got to pay for