The Elite Strategist tells about the 4 pillars of business and more with Martin Perdomo

In this video, we’re going to have a special guest, Martin Perdomo. The Elite Strategist tells about the 4 pillars of business and more. Check this video to know more.

All right we are live right here on the Payneless Wholesaling podcast we have a great guest today we got Martin Purnama what’s going on brother?

What’s up my man I’m good brother. Thank you for having me Nathan, man and honor to be here brother.

Yeah, it’s always a pleasure to have have you on and chat with you how you were having me on your podcast which I thank you for and I want to let you know and investor Thrive nation. The reason why we have this podcast is my goal is to make wholesaling real estate less painful for people. That’s why I call it the Payneless Wholesaling Podcast because our goal is to bring on experts that can make the journey less painful for you guys, because if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re just going out and trying stuff, you can figure it out. Anyone can figure anything out if you don’t give up. But the goal for me is to make it less painful for you guys. Okay, so, so let’s go right into Martin. How’re you doing, brother?

I’m doing great, man. Thanks for having me. Thanks again. I’m doing amazing brother just saw. We’re doing deals, man. It’s 2023 is 10 days into the what a 10th 11th.

Today, I believe that it’s already 10.

You ever heard we were ready to close our first deal. We got a couple of wholesales wholesale deals that we’re wholesaling. Were a couple of things on the market that we’re flipping we got a multifamily that we’re buying. Wow, we’re just doing a lot of things. We got a large multifamily that we’re reifying so we’re we’re busy man, we’re active in this game.

Well, tell me about that. So you are you in one market? I think you’re in like PA, Pennsylvania. Yes, sir. So have you ever felt the desire to like, let me try a bunch of different markets? Or have you just always been like, let me just stay centered and focused on PA

up to now my career been centered and focused on my bought in my market, right, what I know, I now this year 2023. We’re committed to buying. We’re committed to buying 200 doors 200 units. That’s our goal for this year, an additional 200 doors to hold and we’re committed to flip wholesaling. 96 I believe is our number. That’s pretty nice. Right there. 6060 To 96 deals is what we’re we were desirous of wholesaling this year. We are we have we have a pretty, you know, aggressive marketing, we’re doing some aggressive marketing and stuff. My game is flipping is flipping and holding. But we are going to this year 2023 We’re not going to be flipping as you the market is switch.

Yeah. So you’ve had to pivot your business because you’ve seen you know, you don’t want to get caught with a couple flips. So you’re gonna wholesale them. How how’s that? Have you? Do you? Have you developed a lot of good relationships in your market with people that would buy them? Are you trying to find new people right now?

Are we so we, you know, I’m very active in my market. I host a monthly meetup. So for for years now I’ve been hosting this monthly meetup. So kind of the cornerstone in the area of the guy, you know, where people go to in the Poconos, at least for real estate investing. So I’m going to say most of the investors locally have been to my meetup. I’m going to a meet up after this meeting. I’m in meetups all the time. I’m going to meet up tonight to learn I’m going to another meetup tomorrow to learn and network with other investors. I’m keynote speaker at a meetup on the 25th of this month of January. I’m holding my meetup on the 24th. I’m just very active in our space in my market, man. This is I’m a professional. This is what I do.

Can you tell me a little bit more about why goes so many meetups? Is there like a key to success that you found from going to a lot of meetups or Yeah. Can you tell me a little bit more about

Yeah, absolutely. So you know, when I first started in this business years ago, one of the things that one of my early on mentor said to me was you need to be spending time with people that are doing what you want to do. Right as you know you hosting your own meetup. Nathan, we got a lot of newbies and meetups right. However, you get a lot of people that are that are also you get some people that are actually veterans and are doing things like yourself and myself. And so when I when I was really taking this serious, why was one of my strategies was like, Hey, I gotta I’m always hungry to get better. I’m always hungry to learn and get better. It’s just my nature who I am. I always am desirous of always constantly never ending improvement. Improving. So the Magic Man, I’ve had so much magic happen from me showing up to meetups. I’ll share a quick story of the meetup. Right. One day, I’m gonna say this is two and a half years ago, two and a half, three years ago. I can’t remember. I had just started my meetup. I was just like, my meetup has been around for three years now. Three, three and a half years, right. And there was this meetup in the city called Milford, Pennsylvania. And I got to this light is So winter here in Pennsylvania, and at four o’clock it gets dark brother. It’s dark. I got to a light. And there’s this and I remember it clearly. There is a supermarket that if I turn less price choppers and if I turn left in five minutes I’m home to go to this meetup. I had to go about 45 minutes straight on the road that I was on. Right about 30 miles, right? Yeah, I got to this. Literally, it was a crossroad. Literally, I’m at the crossroads. I might decide. I’m like, shit, man. Do I go home and watch my wife? I could go home and be comfortable, right?

Yeah, go in the couch, you know, relax a little bit.

Or I can it’s dark, right? It’s cold and it’s dark. Or should I just go to this meetup? And there was this little voice inside? Right? It was his little voice inside that said, No, mourn. Go. God’s got something big for you there. God, there’s something for you there. God’s got something for you there. Wow. Show up. Literally the voice. That’s what the voice inside my head said. So I said screw it. I’m gonna go. I’m going to screw it. I’ll you know, I’ll cut off my wife tomorrow. Right. So So I go to this meetup. And at this meetup right. Nothing special small town. It’s a handful of us. Maybe six or seven of us. I know. The I know, the host, Neil. Neil taught me a lot. I learned a lot from Neil. I know the hosts. We were good friends. And I met this lady. Her name was Dr. G at that meetup. Right. And Dr. G is a new investor, right? Like she’s hungry. She’s a doctor. She’s, she’s doing well, but she’s tired of. She realizes that being a doctor is just a high paid job. Yeah, and going nowhere fast. And I said to her Hey, um, you know, I have this meetup. I’m just starting it out. I had just started out this meetup in my in Strausberg, which is 45 miles the other way back towards my way. Why don’t you come? She shows up to my meetup. That was the only thing that came out of that meetup, I guess. Yeah. With other investors. I met Dr. G. I invited her to come to my meetup. Well, because I listened to that voice. And I showed up to that meetup. She comes to my meetup. She meets another investor at my meetup mark, which I had already been coaching and mentoring. They come to my event, couple of events later, they become partners today. They own 15 doors together two years later. Wow. So I share this because, you know, the impact that that decision had? Right, I was very intentional. That decision had of me showing up there is going to have generational impact on many families on two families. Right here because I decided to go met this person came to my meetup. And it wasn’t a direct impact on me. But it’s the impact that it has on other people around me because of me showing up. That’s so I show up, brother, I just show up man because I believe in. You know, I believe that the best deals often are found there. And then there is always something you can learn. And I, you know, I always think of it this way, you know, whether I’m the speaker a lot of these meetups locally, I’m the speaker, a lot of times I’m a speaker, a lot of times I’m just going I want to sit the back of the room and just learn, right, I just want to hear like, Hey, I just want to learn like, maybe there’s something that someone else knows, I don’t know, who’s the guy I’m gonna meet that’s gonna maybe do the next deal with who’s the guys in the meat that was gonna help me get to the 200 units that I need to buy this year. Wow.

Wow, that’s very powerful. I want to ask you this. How many times have you felt that feeling were like, Man, I’d rather not in done in something like that.

Well, too commonly. Tell me about that. Countless man. See, this is what what is it going to the gym, right? Like, like when you go to the gym, and you work out you. And then you have a really good workout. When it hurts the next day. That’s when you’re growing. That’s when your muscles grow. Push yourself. And people have to understand that success is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. That’s what it requires. It requires you to listen, I’m so committed people need to like like, and I know you’re the same way because we’ve had you on my podcast. So you have the same characteristic. People need to understand that. In order for you to succeed at a high level. You need to commit at a high level. What does that mean? That means you want to succeed at a high level you look at the guys, you look at the Michael Jordan’s of the world, you look at the Kobe Bryant’s of the world. I mean, you look at any party playing at the highest level. These guys are doing whatever it takes Kobe Bryan would be in the gym at four o’clock in the morning before before his teammates got to the gym. Yeah, he got to our workout before so to me is like and when I coach people is like hey, understand how committed are you to this game? How committed are you to the to your goal, because it’s going to require some nights you being uncomfortable is going to require sometimes you just working hard is gonna require you being uncomfortable is gonna require you sacrificing some things. But that sacrifice is for long term gain, which is your goal, right?

Yeah, for sure. And I imagine with you holding a meetup for the last three years, I’m sure there’s many times you’re like, Man, I’m trying to go do even do my own meetup. Right,

dude, you know, you have so you have meetups right. So you know, right? There’s nights, man, there’s times, like I took off last year, I took off for months. So I took off the summer I took off from May to August. From now from May to September, I took off last year, because that was kind of like, I hit that threshold. I was like, from the meetups. I was like, there’s a lot of work like, yeah, you know, showing preparing the content showing up. And I took some time off. And you know, because of that, right? Because of that, and it’s sometimes it’s, it’s painful. And then I was reminded, you know, that voice came back, like, hey, Martin, look at all the people you’ve impacted. I had a guy come to my meetup and said, Hey, I worked with Martin. And two years later, after coming to these meetups, I own four doors. I’ve wholesaled four properties. And all I do is consume Martin’s content and show up here and I listen to everything. He says, surround yourself with other people do this do that. He’s like, Man, I got $900 in cash flow a month from this quarter, he bought seller finance, whatever he did. And I’m like, Man, I’m so proud. You had another guy come to my meetup last month, and I do them every other month now, not every month. And he was like, Hey, I had he was when I was coaching. He was like, he was one of my students. And he was like, man, two years later, my net worth is a million dollars. Right? He was like 15 doors. That’s amazing. Done like seven flips. Actually, he’s buying. He’s buying one of my hosts. I’m wholesaling a property to him. We’re closing on Monday, next week.

Let’s go. That’s amazing.

This is a guy that came in my office here, Nathan, and said to me, Hey, I heard about you from this mortgage broker that attended your Meetup. By the way, this is how you that attended your Meetup. And she said that if I wanted to learn investing in you had to come to you. Wow. He came to me. I spent a year with him coaching him two years later, guys worth net worth is a million dollars. That’s amazing for him. And I’m so proud of him. I’m so proud of him, because he just did everything I told him to do. He just went on and he just worked and he made himself uncomfortable. This was a guy that was a truck driver, right? That was on the road. I remember calling him and he’s like, he’s on the truck, you know, when you’re driving. earpieces, and I can hear the cars that can hear the commotion. And he’s like, Martin, I had my son posted on Craigslist today. So I’m good. I did my Craigslist post today. So like, he’s like, I’m doing it. I’m doing everything you told me to do, man.

So do you feel like that feeling of seeing the success of people that you’ve met? Does that keep Do you feel like that also helps drive you when things get hard when things get tough? Like, I know, I’m making an impact. Does that help?

My brother that’s so so we all God puts us all on this earth for a purpose. I think all of us as human beings have to figure out what is God’s purpose for us. I know for a fact that the purpose of my life is to empower others to be better versions of themselves, as well as me being the best version I possibly can of myself. That’s my driver. Right? And I do that in different ways. Right? I do that by my podcasts. I do that by coming on your podcast and sharing that message with people, empowering others helping others become better. I do that through my meetup. I do that through a lot of different ways. I do that through real estate, believe it or not, right? I do that when I buy a house and I fix it. And I’ve turned something ugly into something beautiful. And someone buys it for me. Now the family gets to create long term lifetime memories in that property. I was part of that. Right? I’m impacting people’s lives. When I buy an apartment building and I take and I rehab those apartments and then I make a decent, clean, safe, and I’m making them affordable because we have an affordability issue in our country. And now I’m able to help middle working class Americans live in a nice place at a respectable rent. But I’m having an impact. I’m impacting family lives. So I love what I do, man. That’s the driver in every aspect. And I’m also very competitive Nathan, I love the thrill of the kill man. I love a good deal. I love closing a good deal. I also like making money, right? Like I like to it’s a game. Yeah.

But it’s like that chess board behind you. The chess pieces is like a game right? By the way

. Yeah, man. That’s why I have it there because it’s all about, you know, it’s all about playing chess, right? It’s all about thinking, three, four or five moves ahead. You know, like, hey, business business. I heard from one of my mentors. Business is not a tactical sport. Business is an intellectual sport. Business is not about tactics. Business is about intellect. Business is about thinking businesses. about anticipating businesses about hey, what’s my next move? And what could possibly be coming down the pipeline? And thinking about the future, especially real estate, especially, especially this game?

Right? Yeah. No, I love it. I love chess. If you can see in my background, I got a little chess board over there. Yeah. I love chess. Yeah. So kind of tell me a little bit about your strategy right now. So you’re saying you want to wholesale a certain amount you want to buy 200 doors? Is there? Is there anything else on the strategy that you’re trying to do this year?

Very, very clean our brother. That’s it very clean, very simple. So here’s what happens to the human brain, human brain goes, when you have when a human brain goes, you give 123 options. Four options is too many. Why so so I keep it simple two, line, two product lines, I think I look at wholesaling, very close to flipping. So I’ve said no constraint, I’ve said no constraints. And my flipping business and 23 After spending some time thinking, looking at the market, looking at interest rates, looking at the buyer demand looking at everything that’s happening around me dealing with lenders, understanding what’s happening with lenders, right now I’m having a hell of a time refinancing some big assets with a lot of equity. And it’s like, Are you kidding me, you’re giving me a hard time about refinancing, that we made some new constraints. So we’re not we have a production line. Because I look at it as a production line, we have a production line where we do our marketing, and we got lead flow coming in. When those lead when that lead flow comes in. I allow my team to pick what deals they want, hey, you guys want that there’s a minimum threshold we charge it’s a minimum threshold of $8,500 that we’re going to charge wholesale fee. That’s our minimum wholesale fee. Right? If we can’t make $8,500 on a deal, we’re not interested in doing it. Like that. So whether it’s someone on my team keeps it it doesn’t matter. Right, you want it you can buy go for it, you get your financing, go for it, everyone has equal opportunities, and Equal Opportunity give her right I want to I want to win and get rich. If but I the company gets first dibs, right for company gets first dibs. Now, if a if a deals coming in our production line. And we can make $100,000 or more in a rehab on a flip. And it’s a light rehab, those are our new constraints. And it’s a light rehab that staying in house companies keeping it houses keeping that and by the way, the house also pays an $8,500 wholesale fee to the house acquisition fee, right to cover the cost right of marketing. So that’s a new constraint. Now, you know, those are rare few in between. Right, and everything else, everything else. We’re wholesaling. If it’s a 20, unit, 30 unit 15 unit, house gets first dibs on that, right, because we’re looking to build 200 doors. So that’s one production line. And then the other production line is I have another set another team just working on working on the larger monitors, right the 50, we’re looking to buy 200 doors this year, a 150 to 200 door, and that’s set to to transaction of 7575 or 60, or three transactions of 60 units, 60 units, I don’t want to do it in more than three transactions. I realize now that my larger assets are so much easier to manage than my duplexes and my quads so much easier.

That’s Great News to know, for people that are wanting to get into that,

you know, so So I just two production lines. That’s it one production line is where we’re going after these higher level 5060 up to 100. Doors, we’re going from 40 to 100 doors, right? And then we have the smaller stuff that hey, it’s a flip, we’ll do a flip. If we make 100 grand, it’s like rehab, and everything else we wholesale.

I was curious, do you feel like the two production blind to options is something that goes across any industry? Do you feel like just having two options, two products is more beneficial than having like 10 or five or three

are? Absolutely just think about it like this? Think about it like this, right? Where your focus goes, your energy flows and results show. And again,

I got to hear that again. That was good. Where

where your focus goes, energy flows, and results show that game who makes more money, the heart surgeon or the general physician, the heart surgeon, right?

Why does he make more money specialize? Because he’s specialized. That’s his thing, right? So there’s a movement and you’ve seen it online. Hey, you got to have multiple streams of income rich people have multiple you got to have 567 10 streams of income. Here’s what they’re not telling you. I know a lot of rich people, right rich people, right? Here’s what they don’t tell you first. The way those people that got rich was they got really good at one thing. Really good they got really good at one thing they got really just just go do research and the rich self made person, go do the research brother, you’re not going to find one that had five different things going on at the same time and became a millionaire. They got one they got good at one thing first. By they got really good at that one thing was mastered that one thing made a lot of money in that thing. Now when you get to I’ve made a lot of money in that thing. Now you have money to say, Okay, let me start diversifying and creating other streams of income because I’m now free. But you don’t do it from a place of being broke. You don’t start being broken thing and try to behave like a rich person because it doesn’t work that way.

I love it man. That’s powerful right there. That is powerful. Because you’re right a lot of people see all these multiple streams of income and they’re like, that’s how it’s done. But he’s not Yeah, you’re right. They got good at one thing and then they have the discretionary income to reinvest.

There you go. That’s it. Right You got to get good at one thing man so if it’s flipping become a flipper man, like do flip make your money with your flips. And then once you look, I believe Nathan that every human beings responsibility. First and foremost responsibility is to figure out the money situation. It’s what I said figure out your money situation you got to figure out how to become financially free once you become financially free. What is financial freedom means for those that don’t know financial freedom means that basically if your expenses is $2,000 a month you’ve created a business or you’ve created some type of cash flow that doesn’t require you to necessarily work a nine to five that generates $2,001 a month. Right? Right. You’ve reached financial freedom my friend that’s right once you have an asset when you have an asset that produces that for you without you having to be there you’ve reached financial freedom so I think is every person’s responsibility here’s what happens once you reach financial freedom what happens is brother the world is different you see the world differently you just the world the perspective of the world is I don’t have to I don’t have to go to work I go to work because I want to then I can wake up I know I can wake up and my bills are gonna be my minimum necessities are gonna be met. Man it’s an awesome feeling. Let me tell you I’ve been on both sides. This size feels much better.

Wow, that’s that’s amazing that you put it that simple for everyone watching $2,000 of expenses and you make $2,001

That’s financial freedom. It doesn’t mean this Hi, big number a million dollars a month it does not that’s not financial freedom. Financial freedom is Hey, what’s your number? what’s your what’s your I don’t have to work number. All of my necessities are met is a 2000 is a 3000. For me, it was 7500 You know, I got a wife four kids household. I got a support right? It was only 500. Right? That was my number and and the thing is I committed to that number. And then I did whatever it took and I was so committed to that number that I didn’t care if it was with duplexes here. Uh, you know, you have all these gurus that tell you hey, don’t buy the duplexes. You only start with the large multifamily. Well, man, I don’t give a crap. I was I was hungry for getting there. I just wanted to get there. I figured it this way. I figured let me get there and then I’ll talk to we’ll talk about that crap later. Like I take fixing all that. I don’t care if I have to travel one hour that way. Another hour that way. I just want to get to financial freedom.

Yes. I love it man. You got it done. That’s amazing.

I love just whatever it took and I didn’t care if it took me one year I didn’t care if it took me three or five years. And the reason my mindset around that was three years five years are gonna pass anyways Nathan, right no matter what, three years gonna go by, I might as well add one or two assets every year. So when five years I finally get there 10 years I get there. I don’t care. I just need to get there.

I love what you’re saying. I think the message is pure. I think it’s true. You know, it doesn’t because I think a lot of people think financial freedom they gotta get like 100 a million dollars or 100,000 coming in every month for them but like you just put it simply, you know live below your means you’re financially free right?

Yeah man. The true meaning of financial freedom is going to be different for everyone. It’s not 10,000 A month it’s not 20,000 A month most people don’t need that much money to be financially free most people know under five or six grand to be financially free in our country

you live you can live great you know you live we

just think about that if you got five or six grand coming into your into your after expenses net net net right you pay your mortgage is I’m talking real estate now. You pay your mortgages, you pay expenses, you pay property management you you put money aside for for repairs, maintenance vacancies, you run your business the right way. And you have a new have that thing down to science if you’re making five, six grand a month, right? If your expenses are four grand a month to support your family deal you can, you can have nice vacations, you take your wife out to nice dinners on you can take your family out to nice dinners. Hey, you’re not living, super crazy lifestyle. But man, trust me medicine is a sense of freedom. It literally is a sense of freedom. When you get there, and you’re like, Man, I’m not where we like now you can come from a place of passion. Right? What I mean by that is now I can for instance for me, I can now spend more time on my podcast because I love doing that. I love doing this. I love helping people I love educating people I love empowering people. That’s my purpose now I can serve my purpose freely without feeling guilty or conscious and whether you know I make money from it or not. It doesn’t matter because I’m doing it from here with passion is coming. Look people people know man, like this is what my message right now is coming from the heart. People feel that

Yeah, right. They can they can smell they can smell the smell way.

You know people people feel that right. So so now I can do some stuff like this. And they came in, I’m not trying to sell nothing. I just want to I’m really just want to empower you. Because that’s my purpose in life. I want you. I want you to experience what it is to what I’ve experienced. And let me help you. Let me give you some pointers. Right. And let me let me share with you.

Yeah, that’s powerful. And I got a lot of people watching this live, they’re feeling that message right now. They’re feeling it in their hearts, they feel that they feel the true. The Gen that you’re genuine, you know that that is your purpose. And I love I love the fact that you say your purpose with passion, because a lot of people don’t know their purpose, right. A lot of people struggle to know what they’re supposed to do. But that’s amazing that you found that. And that’s amazing. I love that you’re able to share that. So I do have a question because my brain the way I guess my environment, the way I was raised, I want to do as much as I can. That’s just what I feel like the more I do, the more successful I mean, you both know that’s not true. You’re more you do. It’s not always doesn’t work out that way. You gotta be focused, like we’re talking. So I was at my meet up today. And a guy I’m Hispanic I I’m I’m half Chilean, half white. So I speak Spanish like a gringo because I was raised in the States, but speak Spanish, a guy comes up to me and he says, Nate, I love this. This. This guy’s His name is Pedro, he’s I think he’s from Mexico. He’s Hispanic guy said, Nate, I love this meetup was I would love to start a meet up with you in Spanish, I have so many people that want to do that want to learn about real estate in Spanish. So for me, I’m like, Wow, I’m doing this event in English. And it’s starting off, and it’s going really well. Now I can do in Spanish. So my question for you is these opportunities come up quite a bit? And is this a distraction? or would this be something in your opinion? That would be good to do as well? Because we’re talking about streamlining here. Yeah. What’s your opinion?

It depends knee, right? So I need more context, I’m going to just give you just based on that, right, I know what you’re talking about, because you want to have impact, we’re kind of cut from the same cloth, then that’s the tendency right to, to be able to do to do more, right. And however, what I have found with my mentors and really successful people, one common thread is they say no to more things, and they say yes to they say no to more things. And they say yes to why? Because they’re trying to protect their energy. They’re trying to protect their focus. And the question that I’m going to give you back is, does that align with your truest purpose in life? Can you afford to put the time into it? Right? You know, you don’t have to answer this. But you need to know if like, you don’t have to answer this here. But am I in a financial place where I can put that time, and they won’t impact my family at all? Or it won’t impact my businesses at all? Or how can you make it if it’s something you love, then the next question is, how can I get resourceful enough to make this happen, where I can have that impact in the Latino community, and without it, hindering my business? You see, there’s a great quote, written by the greatest carpenter that ever walked the earth.

That’s right.

If you seek ye shall find if you ask you shall receive and if you knock the door shall be opened on to you. And that was literal and metaphorical. And the thing about that is that the quality of your life in my life and your listeners life is dependent on the quality of the questions that we ask ourselves. Okay, um, let that sink in for a moment. The quality of our lives is based on the quality of the questions we ask ourselves. Remember what the greatest Carpenter said. He said, and I quote, The Sermon on the Mount. He’s it right? If you ask, it shall be given unto thee. Who are you asking? Well, you, metaphorically, you’re asking God. But also remember I also said earlier, business is an intellectual sport. It’s not a tactical sport. It’s an intellectual sport. So how much time are you spending thinking around these questions? Right? I have a thinking book. I have a thinking journal literally. So on Sundays, every Sunday, I asked myself a question. Tough question. I asked myself and I write in this journal, what were the top lessons I learned this past week? That can propel me closer to my goals next week. And I documented in this journal right, because now I’m taking it out of my brain. I’m putting it into my nervous system. I’m writing it, and I can read it. And one thing that came up for me last week was hey, here’s a flaw Martin. You need more lender relationships. You this lender screwed up last week, the last minute walk backed up backed out of the deal. You can’t do that again, right? You need to go this week, and you need to go and make some new connections, make some new lender relationships. That’s the market we’re in. Right? That’s one of the lessons Hey, man, don’t put your eggs in one basket have multiple things. Like there’s a lot of, you know, you got to ask those questions. I spent 15 minutes every day asking myself different questions. Right? If you ask you shall receive Earl Nightingale, I don’t know if you’re familiar with her Nightingale love it. You know, Earl Nightingale is he’s a godfather of personal development, like we call him. An earl nightingale says that if you spend 10 minutes a day, and asking yourself a question, or looking for ideas on how to get better, you’re gonna just write 10 ideas, it doesn’t matter how stupid they may be, you’re gonna get at the end of the week, or at the end of the month, you’re gonna get one good, solid idea that’s going to really make a difference for you. Just think about that compound effect. Yeah, exactly. Or of that compound effect. So So spending some thinking time and asking yourself the right question. Is, is the answer for you for that, right? I can tell you right now, right off the cuff. Hey, how can you leverage it right? So your Spanish is not that great. Mine is not great. either. I did a Spanish podcast the other day. And it was like, painful for me. I was like, Damn, it wasn’t Spanglish. It wasn’t that it was bad English. Right. So. So how can you leverage your brother? Can you can you give him your notes? And let him Let him? And you? You coach him that way? And then right,

right. Could I could I just maybe create that and create the location for people to go and let someone else run it then that would? That’s something I could do, right? Because I know how to structure it’s easy, right? You throw up some meetups, you market it. But can I physically be there at six o’clock, when I after five o’clock, I want to go home and spend time with family, you know that that would be a sacrifice. And you know, that’s why I’m thinking like thinking more. Like you said, you got to ask yourself is this help you get close your goal. And for me, the reason why I work so hard is to be with my family more. So there you go. taking me away. You know, you got to look at that. Right? Yeah.

So it’s not an alignment, right, just from that perspective. But maybe it’s an alignment from you wanting to help others and giving to others because that’s your nature, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have this podcast

exactly. I love what’s one of the top things I love doing is getting because the beautiful thing about a podcast is me and you, I could call you, we could just have a conversation. We could just are having a nice conversation right now. And it’s serving multiple purposes. We’re getting to know each other more, we’re networking, but we’re also able to impact which is that I think everyone should have a podcast if they’re really trying to get into real estate because this is one of the greatest networking tools in my opinion.

It’s an amazing tool, man. You know how many doors I’m sure it’s opened a bunch of doors for you. It’s opened a bunch of doors for me having a podcast so you know, but it’s work right? It takes work like this takes work we have to connect you got to find you got to find guys like you you got to find guys like you to come on my podcast, you got to find guys like me to come on my podcast, right? And guess what? Guys? Like you guys like me, we’re busy building our businesses and with our families and doing things and, and traveling and doing all these things. And so so you know, it takes something to you know, to take some work. Oh, yeah, take something to do this right. Prepare for it and do all of those things. So yeah, man 2023 is bright future is really really bright brother.

Love it. Well, Martin, I It’s been a pleasure having you on my podcast. I know you got another meeting to go to I got one to go to, as we’ve talked about. We’re busy. But it’s always a pleasure to take time and chat. Is there anything you’d like to tell the audience for wrap up where they can find you a gold nugget? What would you like to do with?

Just Just Just remember men? As we were starting the beginning of 2023. Two things, man, focus on clarity, get clear on what it is that you want your what what is it that I want, right? Number one is you got to figure out what do you want? I’m going to I’m going to make a suggestion if you haven’t become financially free, it doesn’t have to be Real Estate it can be whatever business whether selling whatever whatever it is you want to sell, but you got to figure out the money situation because once you figure out the money situation then your life is easier then you can go to your passion situation then you could go travel, do whatever you want. So figure out what it is that you want and then focus man like just relentless focus on that thing on that one thing and ask yourself better questions when those are the three things ask yourself better questions was what’s the one thing I can do today? That’s gonna get me closer to my goal. That’s the that’s the one thing question right there from the book. The one thing from Gary Keller,

man that is some great advice and please, where can people reach out to you if they want to learn more if they’ve been inspired by where the words you’ve said

they can reach out connect with me on Instagram? I’m on an Instagram Martin predominantly lead strategist. I have a YouTube channel where I’m constantly putting out real estate data Nash nationwide data I’m constantly putting different things out I’m doing vlogs I literally had a blog one day of a lady I was evicting and I had the sheriff there and the lady literally threatened me and I have it all on video so it’s a cool video.

I gotta watch it That sounds good.

Sounds like some new stuff like that. I haven’t done things like that in a while but we do vlogs like that. But I’m constantly putting out data and putting out just information just want to help people just want to help people get better. So YouTube Instagram I’m on Facebook look up Martin the lead strategist make sure you check out my podcast to Latinos and real estate investing podcast as Latinos and real estate investing podcasts as everywhere actually had Nathan there. A fellow Latino so my brother. Hey, coming on. And yeah, we’re there have guys like Nathan on there. Really high level people regular guys just hey, man, you know, bought one house a year and became financially free. I have a guy that came on podcast, Lenny man bought one one or two houses a year became he had this big job at a hospital making six figures. And then they fired him. And then they fired him last year, mid last year and he was like, more than all I could think of shit. I gotta buy insurance now health insurance for my family. That was it. I was like, I gotta go health insurance. Right. So So I got people like that, that come on. Just really great stories. Really, really, really great people. Come on my podcast, are you.

Well, Martin, thanks for your time, man. And we’ll catch you in the next one. All right.

Appreciate you brother. See you later brother.


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