How To Be Successful In Real Estate Sales

Do you want to try your hand at real estate? It’s easy to step into this industry but making your way to the top is the real challenge! Find out exactly how to be successful in real estate sales by watching this video!

Welcome back to the channel guys this is Nathan Payne and today we’re gonna be going over how to be successful in real estate sales. By the end of this video, you’re going to know exactly how to see success in real estate sales and what that even mean

Here’s something I learned that really surprised me when I got into wholesaling that I think will surprise you too. We’re going to be going over what is success in real estate sales? Why is it important to see success in real estate sales, if you have what it takes to even do real estate sales? If you even got the grit and the toughness, Stephen do this and the best ways to see success in real estate sales and what’s actually needed to get it done. First guys, let’s address what it even means to what success even means. What does that mean? I mean, success to you the success to me success to somebody else, it’s all different, right? So you got to define what that means to you. When it comes to real estate. There’s so many different ways to get into this industry, you can be a rehabber, you can be a landlord, you can be a wholesaler, you can be a real estate agent, you can be a broker, you can be do so many things in the industry, you can do commercial, you can do land, you can do development. I mean, there’s so many different avenues to doing real estate. So when you when we talk about how do you how are you Successful in Real Estate and real estate sales? Well, first, you got to determine what what does that even mean to you, for me being successful real estate sales and real estate in general meant getting properties, whether that’s wholesaling fix, and flip rentals, looking at the opportunity that I have the deal and determining the best exit strategy for it. Now I wholesale, and I teach a lot of people how to wholesale, but that is not, in my opinion, the best exit strategy all the time, I don’t even think it’s probably the best strategy out there I can teach you how to do and I tell people how to do it. But it is a beginner, in my opinion, it’s one of the beginner tactics, because what you do is you just buy low, and you try to sell high. I mean, it’s very simple strategy. But when you get deals like this, and you get deeper into it like I have, you find out that there’s better ways to do deals, you can do creative financing deals, you can keep them you can flip them, you can use rentals, there’s Airbnb arbitrage, there’s so many different techniques to make money in real estate. And what you need to do is just find the motivated seller the opportunity to do so in order to see success. I mean, you just need to decide what that means to you. Now, if you’re interested in commercial or development or any of those things, I’m probably not the best option for you. I mean, I I’ve mainly primarily focused on single family homes in the moment, multi units multifamily, and looking at those opportunities and maximizing off of, you know, depending on what the property is like what to do. But there’s just a bunch of different ways you can go, I’m not a real estate agent, either. If you want to be a top notch real estate agent, you probably should go fall, or listen to a top notch real estate agent. So again, guys, when it comes down to success, determine what that means for you. What it means for me is getting opportunities and determining what’s the best extra strategy for me to implement and use on them so I can make the most money or that I can benefit the most off of it in the long run.

So when determining success, you really want to just determine what is your end goal? I mean, what are you trying to do for again, for me, I’m trying to create a lifestyle where I’m not always having to do deals to live the lifestyle I want, and where I’m just churning and burning and doing deals and just having to do that to create, I guess, just to be busy, my goal is to develop a lifestyle where I have multiple rentals that are paid off that I can do deals when I don’t want them I can wholesale them, send them to other buyers and create that lifestyle for me. I mean, I’m I’m also not trying to live in, you know, Beverly Hills or something crazy, you know, some crazy expensive place and just have the nicest, that’s not my personality, I don’t need flashy things, I don’t need to really nice card and feel good about myself or I don’t even want that I’m good with my Honda Accord. So great car, it’s very economical. And what I’m trying to do is develop the builder lifestyle of my dreams. And what that is for me, just so you guys know where I’m coming from, is my wife is Canadian. I want to live in Canada, you know, half of the year while we’re chilling with her family in the cabin country where we’re hanging out in the fields and playing in the lakes, having a good time boating. And then another part we’re in the States, you know, live in in Utah or Arizona wherever we’re at at the time, and just being by family. That’s what life is about. For me. It’s family, friends, building relationships, I could care less about material things. Obviously having nice material things is great and living and being successful in real estate sales helps you get there but determine what you really want in life and then go achieve it.

So how are you? How can you be successful in real estate sales? Well guys, the first thing you need to do is you need to have the right mindset. Now I know that sounds like cliche. Everybody talks about mindset. But it truly is. It is really the truth. Like, what happens in real estate guys, like with getting a house under contract with a seller trying to back out are ups and downs, are you counting cash before you actually even collect it because you have a deal you think’s going to sell, there’s a lot of things that are going to go wrong. There are that’s just how it is the market shift right now, I have three flips that I was looking to make over, you know, 180k on each flip, now, I’m probably going to break even or just make a little bit or even lose money on one of them. But because I have developed the right mindset, and I’m transparent, you guys, I’m not gonna I’m not here sitting here saying, hey, everything works out all the time. That’s just not how it is. What you got to understand is you have to have the right mindset, you have to be doing the right activities every day. So you can develop this ironclad mindset. So no matter what happens, you are relentlessly optimistic. Obviously, when things happen that are bad, you got to be realistic, but you got to be optimistic, and no matter what life throws at you. And if you do not have the right mindset, it’s gonna be hard to be successful in real estate sales. Because I’ll tell you when I first started wholesaling, and I are doing real estate investing, I would make offers to sellers, and I would lose out on a lot of deals. And I would get really frustrated and myself, I’d say, Man, I suck or whatever, like I’m not doing the right thing. But I developed the right mindset and mentality that I have now where I’m good enough to talk to sellers, I know how to present the take them through the roadmap, the sales process. And if they go with me, I know it’s because I presented the best option, and I’m the best option for them. And if they don’t now, I don’t think oh man, they probably went to someone else. It’s better at negotiating. That’s out of my mind because I have developed the right mindset. And I know exactly how to talk to people. Because I’ve developed the right sales skills and the right mindset, you’re probably wondering, how do you develop this right mindset. So I’m gonna give you a couple different key ways to improve your mindset.

Before I get into talking about mindset and things you can do to improve it. I want to give you my Payneless Wholesaling mind map that goes through step through one through 10 on how to do a deal, explains the whole process on how to work in real estate. And the reason why I want to bring this up is because this free gift that I have for you this free mind map goes over all the ways that I improve my mindset everyday through my daily routine, my weekly goals, my time blocking my 90 Day goal setting my year goal setting, I want to give you my process, I literally have something for you in there that it’s going to show you how to do everything. So check it out, as we’re talking about mindset and success and real estate skills. That’s going to help you out check it out.

So let me dabble talk a little bit more about mindset. So if you want to improve as your sales skills, you got to have an ironclad mindset. And one of the things and there’s a lot that I do every day. But one of the things I like to do one things that I think one of the things that has impacted me a lot in my life is waking up early, if you wake up late and just you know, shower, just drive to work and you’re not prepared for the day, you’re not going to have the best day and just just how it is. But if you wake up early, you go through a morning routine, you prepare yourself, you work out, you get ready, you’re gonna have the time to get prepared for that day to go to battle and there’s not a lot that’s gonna be able to shake you. So wake up early. I know it’s crazy. I think it’s crazy myself, I wake up every day at 430 and am and it’s wild, I never would have thought I can do it. But I’ve been doing it consistently and it’s been a game changer. Now I’m not saying you have to wake up that early. But I do think if you wake up earlier before your day starts, you’re gonna be able to get a lot more done. So wake up early, get that mindset, right.

I’ll give you one more tip on the mindset. And then we’ll move on to how else you can be successful in real estate skill sales. But another thing that I’ve been doing that really has helped me out is affirmations. I know that sounds lame, but if you can repeat to yourself things that you possibly don’t believe like, Hey, I’m the greatest salesman alive. If you keep repeating that to yourself every morning in the mirror out loud or there’s an app called Think up that you can download and it will record you can record yourself and I will play it back to you with music that will help you believe that you are the greatest salesman and that will help you in your sales skills.

So that’s just one of the things do it. So one of the ways to be super successful in real estate sales is to be able to pivot. Now the market is always changing, right? So there’s a seller’s market there’s a buyers market, there’s a lot of sellers that have want to sell their home there’s a lot of there’s not right it just depends what what we’re facing. But if you’re if you don’t know how to pivot, if you don’t know how to acknowledge and find out what kind of mark you’re in, you’re probably going to struggle on the sales because you’re not gonna know how to pitch and talk to sellers and walk them through the process. Another tactic that I would definitely start practicing if you’re want to master the sales process and improving real estate sales is role playing, guys, I know it’s probably weird to roleplay if you’re not used to but role playing, especially in the beginning your day before you start making all your calls that will help you shake off the dust shake off the rust because if you make that first call cold then you’ve had practice it’s probably not gonna Be very good call. And that call could be a deal. But if you practice, you know, roleplay with other people, I mean, there’s tons of different networks for wholesaling, real estate investors that you can get an accountability partner and roleplay. That’s going to help you be way better if you can practice and then get critiqued roleplay that’s going to help out a ton.

The last thing I want to talk to you guys about as the importance of daily, consistent, massive, imperfect action, I just threw a lot at you right there. But what you need to do in order to get deals and be consistent and get money, make money in this industry is just consistently take action. Now, a lot of people are like, Oh, Nate, I haven’t gotten the deal yet. I don’t know. And I say okay, well, let’s look how many calls you’ve made. Let’s look how many offers you made. Guys. If you are consistently making five written offers a day you will get deals and you will be successful in real estate sales. You don’t even have to be that good at talking to people. Obviously that helps. But if you are consistent with action, you’re going to beat out the competition. Stay consistent and take massive, imperfect doesn’t have to be perfect action and you will succeed. Check out my next video on how you can get a job in real estate sales so you can get started


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