Pre challenge: How to pick your market

In this video, we have a pre-challenge: how to pick your market. In the next couple of days, we’re going to have a 30-day challenge to get deals in an unfamiliar market. Check this video to know more.

Yo, what’s going on everyone? My name is Nathan Payne and I’m here with Nathan Valley. What’s up brother?

Hey, man, what’s happening?

Man? Not much, man. So like, Hey guys, if this is the first time you’re seeing me on privies platform I, I work with Benson I help him and show people that my goal is basically to show you guys how to use privvy for beginners, because I love the platform, I think it’s amazing for making on market offers. I know there’s a lot that you can do with it. But we I primarily use it for on market doing research. And basically guys, what’s going on is in the month of February, starting next Wednesday, February 1, I’m going live for 30 days, or however many days during the month of February, and I’m going to a brand new market with no money, no existing relationships, and I’m gonna go get a deal. Using none of that none. It’s all brand new market. And today, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna show you guys how to pick a market using privy and how we’re going to do it. But it’s super exciting, man. I’m pumped. What’s up? Nate, you got anything to say to that?

Yeah, man. I’m excited. So I know we’re both going to be picking markets that we’re totally new new to I know for me so right now um, I was originally grew up and born in lived in upstate New York. And I currently live in Danbury, Connecticut. And there’s a whole lot of the US I haven’t been to or don’t know much about, but we’re gonna pay one. That’s right. Yeah, we’re gonna know nothing about it. Yeah.

And I got a lot of people in the comment section saying, Come to a lender, California. There’s another one says come to Shelby. I don’t know. It’s Shelby, maybe Shelby, Idaho. I know about that place. Yeah, if you guys want more comment, what section what part of the United States you’re in. And in this is the thing, guys, we are going to pick what market what place we’re going to be going to deter by data, all my data, right? Because if you were born just happen to be born in Pennsylvania, and you live in, in a town and you’re like, I’ll just work this area. That’s probably not the best idea. Because you don’t know if that area is it has people, buyers, right? Because primarily what we’re trying to do as wholesalers, you’re trying to sell our deals to flippers. And if we can’t sell them, the flippers, we’re trying to sell them to buy and hold investors, maybe Novations. Maybe we flipped them ourselves. But you do not want to be stuck grinding in an area that has low investor activity, because no one’s gonna buy your deal. I know because I did a nationwide wholesaling where I would get leads all over the country. I they’d be super motivated, then I could not find a buyer, no matter what, like just people were like, I’m buying that piece of crap down. But that’s not unless you know, it’s not always the case. It’s not always the case, if it’s a small area that you can’t sell deals. I sold the deal in Ohio that had 250 people because it was it was a, like an eight Plex. But it was like mobile homes. So somebody wanted the cash flow. But it was crazy. That never happened. Selling, being able to sell a deal in that small area. I actually sold to like an investor that lived in Virginia, and he wanted it in Ohio for the cash flow. But anyway, that is how we’re gonna determine where we start. All right, we got we got some other people coming in Long Beach, Maryland, Florida. So these are good areas. These are all great areas. So we’re gonna go look and see which one’s the best New York, New Jersey. anything anyway. Nathan, anything you want to add to that?

Yeah, I was. I’m in New York. I’ve done I’ve done a little bit of upstate New York, New Jersey. I need I’m curious man, did you have did you have anywhere that you’re like, oh, like maybe I’ll check out this market and see if it’s good. I had one kind of, in general of like, ah, like, maybe I’ll do this kind of this day. Or maybe I’ll start looking here first. I know I had one like that, did you?

Yeah, I do. And that’s what we’re gonna check out first. So but for people that are hopping on, I want to let you know what what I’m doing. Every Friday, I’m going to be going live. Despite the challenge. I’m going to go live and show you guys all how to use privvy from like a beginner standpoint standpoint, it’s going to be deal finding Friday, and you can even attach for noobs I’m a noob I’m not gonna sit here and tell you guys like I’m an expert at privy. I believe that I’m good at it. But there’s always things to learn especially with software. So we are going to learn together and I’m going to show you guys how to get deals. So that’s happening anyway. But I’m letting you know that starting February 1 I’m doing a challenge going to put privy to the test gonna put other software’s to test with no marketing spin. And the reason why I say no marketing spend is because privy you can actually get it and don’t do this but you can actually get it and then get a refund if you don’t like it and 30 within 30 days you can cancel Okay, so if I was completely dead broke, and I wanted to try the software you can get it and get a deal. And if you don’t, because you have no money you can cancel. I don’t recommend that because I’m not trying to have you guys cancel your subscriptions because previous legit, but I’m just letting you know, that’s how I’m getting around, get no no money because you can get in, you don’t have to have any money to try it out. So it’s pretty cool.

That’s what we’re gonna be doing is we’re going to show you guys I mean 30 days is all you’re gonna need, right or that’s, that’s kind of the goal. So yeah, sign up for free and then you’ll be able to pay for it with the money that you make. So if you guys come watch us and see how it’s done.

And we’re where you can watch it is there’s a bunch of different platforms are going to be doing our Facebook group, we’re gonna do some YouTube channels, we’re going to be coming on your live on Fridays, to show you how to do it. But mainly the Facebook group is where we’re going to have it in the Payneless Wholesaling group. If you guys you’re not a part of my Facebook group, that’s where we’re going to have it. Let’s look, you just gotta go to Facebook. It’s called the Payneless Wholesaling group. And we’re going to be going live as you can see, we’re live right now in it. Pretty, pretty simple stuff. But yeah, super excited about this. So why why are we talking about finding an area to start off with Nathan? Like, why is that important?

Well, so like especially for wholesaling like wholesaling specifically, personally I believe your market it’s it’s so important, you know, we touched on that earlier, but um, you know, before you can start you know, reaching out to cash buyers before you can start talking to sellers, you got to find out okay, well like where am I going to do it? You know, if I’m talking to some buyers here in Connecticut, but I’m talking to sellers in you know, the Carolinas it’s not really gonna do me too much good. Right. Unless persons a national buyer, but that’s, you know, I haven’t really met one of those yet. But, um, but yeah, that and you’re the market it for wholesaling. I, you know, I personally, I believe market is so important. You know, it’s, it’s Yes, you, I believe you can do a deal. anywheres you can even if you’re in the middle of nowhere, and it’s like, yeah, a town of 250, you can do a deal. might just take one, but guys, it’s it’s, you want everything stacked in your favor that you can control, right? So if you have absolute, like, if you’re like, I don’t even have internet, well, then yes, like, like, work as hard as you can do that first deal in your hometown. But then, you know, my opinion would be switched to an area to where you can stack more things in your in your favor. Sometimes that’s gonna be working in your backyard. There are advantages to that. But sometimes those advantages of even working in your backyard, depending on what your backyard is, it might just be even, you know, much better for you to just go to a whole new market, right? And you might have to be entirely virtual, I’ve been I’ve done entirely virtual. You know, originally, I was in a market where we didn’t do a national model, but it was all of West Michigan, I’ve never even been been to Michigan.

I do you know, I do virtual, I do virtual right now in my own home market, because I don’t like driving to the appointments. You know, I can do everything over zoom, I can do everything over the phone. So if someone wants to sell their house, and they live in my neighborhood, I’m gonna say, hey, I can come over to your house, but I live right down the street, let’s just talk on the phone. And if they’re like, No, I want to meet you, then that’s fine. But I can build enough rapport. Everyone can build enough rapport over the phone and zoom these days. Obviously, belly to belly is great. But don’t don’t let that stop you. If you’re not in a market. That’s you can do that. Cool. So Nathan, do you have anything else to say I was going to start going through the process with everybody.

No, I mean, let’s let’s jump in.

Alright, everybody. So if you haven’t seen this, I mean, most of you probably haven’t seen this, but I created a mind map for people that are in my program. But I’m going through it with you just so you guys can see the process of how to pick your market. Alright, so step two of this. And this is how privy plays into this is you want to master one market. Don’t be don’t as a new person think you can jump all over the country and be successful because it is a nightmare. It’s a lot of work. I’ve done it. I’m telling you from experience, my experience, maybe you’re better than me. But if you’re new and you’re trying to get relationships with buyers, and really do everything, everything everywhere, it’s gonna be difficult. So I tell you pick one market using privee and master one market Alright, so if we dropped down here, if you can work your own backyard if you can, and then you can check with Preview to see if your backyards got enough opportunities. Only do your backyard if it fits the following criteria. I would say it has to be over a population of 50k A lot of people would say hey, no, I do tons of deals in my whatever I got 46,000 People in my city that’s I’m not talking about like city city. I’m talking about like, if, if that’s the whole area is like 40 50,000, then you’re in trouble. Your market can’t be more, in my opinion more than 90 miles away from a major metro or it’s going to be difficult to find a deal there or someone to buy it. So best areas to wholesale, without having to go to privy is so plain and simple major metros, why are major metros, the best place to flip wholesale Novation do all those techniques is because there’s a lot of people living there, there’s a lot of people moving in and out. That’s why people, they flip there because they’re like, Hey, I know there’s always going to be inventory, not inventory, and no, there’s gonna always be demand for homes. That’s why they do it. Now, if you flip a house, in a population of like 5000, like a city of 5000, like the chances of people coming there and moving, they’re not as great as 3 million, 4 million, 5 million, whatever, like Phoenix or Atlanta. All right. So we use software to find out so we’re going to show you with privy. You can also you can use privy to find good cash buyers in your market. And you can also find an area. So here’s a video that I did with Benson already on how to find your market. But we’re gonna do it again, right now. And then, after you pick your market, I teach people, okay, you picked your market, then you got to set revenue goals, which we’re not gonna do on this call that revenue goals would be like, Okay, what am I trying to do? And this year, what am I trying to do in 30 days? That’s what me and Nathan are going to do not on this call, we’re going to be like, okay, in 30 days, what are we trying to? What’s the revenue goal? How much deals are we trying to do with reverse engineer it? Let’s go backwards. And then. So that’s it. So let’s go to privy. But before we get to privy, let’s, let’s hop in. I got lots of people asking questions. So it’s great, Nate. They’re, they’re engaged. Would you buy hurricane damage homes to wholesale? And so so this is an interesting question, Mario, you said would you buy a hurricane damage homes to wholesale? So you in wholesaling, you don’t you don’t buy properties? So you’re you’re asking, Would I buy a house to sell depends if it’s a great deal. But you don’t purchase a home when you wholesale, you never have ownership of a property when you’re wholesaling it. That’s what wholesaling is you’re getting a contract, and you’re signing your rights to buy that to someone else for money for an assignment fee. So that’s, that’s not

if I could, if I could add one one thing to Mario real quick, Mario so so kind of what we teach is, if you have a question like that, start with with step one, start with the end in mind, right? Start with having relationships with buyers in whatever market you’re working, working in. Because when you have those relations relationships, you can just ask them, Hey, do you guys buy hurricane damaged homes? Right? And they, you know, they could say yes, they could say no, that then, you know, because you’ll get guys would be like, No, I don’t, you know, I won’t touch the property like that. I won’t touch you know, fire damage property or whatnot, even if the spreads are there. And you’ll get other guys who say, Yeah, not a problem. We Yeah, any any type of damage, you know, any type of home so long as the numbers make sense, we’ll buy them. But if you have those relationships first, that’s a simple text to your buyer. And then you know, hey, you got to deal or not,

Mark, you’re doing a good job. You’re asking me, but I’m not a buyer in that market. So you at least you’re going out and asking. That’s good. Now as people that buy in that area, you asked me but I’m just saying you can look at pervy and see who’s buying there. Can you drop the link here. So everybody, I did drop the link to join the challenge that will start by joining the challenge. I mean, you can watch it live. For people that are in my mentorship, you actually can participate on the calls with me. But if you’re not, obviously, you can just watch it. And if you sign up, we also give you a PDF, like document that shows you the outline of what we’ll be following each week, like a little simple outline. So if you want to follow along, you can. But it’s really simple. It’s basic. It’s not like in depth like this thing. All right. Right here. As you guys can see, I put the challenge in the comments. So you just got to look, wherever you’re watching it. For the Facebook group also. Yeah, so if you click on and register for an event, it will direct you should direct you to the Facebook group and will email you all the like reminders about the challenge. Okay, so I’m trying to get a deal. am trying to get a deal on 30 is perfect. And this is great for you watch exactly what we do. You’ll get it. How can I ask question? You can just ask a question. And maybe we’ll get to it. It’s a great question. How do I how can I ask question for Myers was destroyed? And then sky says 30 days? Yes. All right, everybody. Let’s dive right into it. So privvy let’s take a look at it. So we’re gonna Zoom out. Zoom out of here. So this is what everybody should look like when they start all right. They come in and let’s say brand new wholesaler don’t know what the heck you’re doing your new bits, okay. And by the way, I have something for noobs I have a present for all of you. And by the way, I’m not calling you noobs to disrespect you. We were all noobs once, but I have something a gift for you. If you go to investor If you scroll down past the free consultation, if you’re Are you brand new wholesaler and broke, that’s, that’s most of us, right? Like we started broke. And if you’re not, then that’s fine. But I have a gift. I’ve created a free wholesaling, noob starter pack, it gives you everything you need to get started. He gives you contract scripts, he gives you education, free courses got it all. So if you’re new, go on over and grab that. It’ll help you. I just thought of that, because I was like, Okay, you’re new. We’re starting over, you probably need that. All right. So here it is. So we’re looking at the United States of America. And we can really see where there’s listings right now, according to privy and privy there’s specific filters right here. So this is looking for fix and flips that are at 70% of the ARV nationwide, right? So we’re looking at this, and why Nate, why is that important to see what where there’s fix and flips going on right now we’re opportunities to do fix and flips.

Okay, yeah, as wholesalers, you want to be where the action is, right? Our our end buyer, right, our our ideal client is the cash buyer is the fix and flipper. So we want to go where they’re at. You know, that’s what we’re looking for. So, you know, Dan Kennedy, and you know, just kind of marketing in general, they talked about what, you know, what’s the most important thing if you have like a hamburger stand or a hotdog stand? You could have anything, what do you want? Somebody would be like, I’d want you know, the best recipe for, you know, the best hamburgers of all time, or I’d want you know, the nicest car or this or that, or I’d want to be you know, at the best location? And the answer is like wrong. He’s like, you want a starving crowd? So that’s what we’re looking for. We’re looking where’s the starving crowd? Right? Where’s where’s the biggest, you know, starving crowd of fix and flippers that we can help.

And this is the best way to find out right, where you can find out where there’s action going on where there’s properties that are part like a certain percentage ARV, because what this is pretty is doing is it’s basing off the the formula or the filter off of flipped properties, right. So if there’s discounted properties, that means there’s flip properties in this area. And that’s why going nationwide is can be a mistake, if you just market to the whole United States. Because look, if you get a lead here in Montana, or anywhere in these North Dakota’s, or even anywhere just down this line, the chances of you be able to find a buyer there, like a flipper is very difficult, right? Or the urge to find like someone you know, to sell it to. Now, if you talk Novations, right, that’s when you sell it to a retail buyer, you still need to be in an area that’s hot, right? I mean, you can do Novations anywhere. But primarily what we do as wholesalers is we look for a discounted deal. If they don’t accept our offer, right? Then you give them other options. You give them creative finance, you give innovation, give them different, different options, so you don’t just throw them away if you guys are making lowball offers, and then you leave it at that. And you’re just like, Okay, I’ll follow up with you. You’re leaving a lot of money on the table, because then I’m going to call them and when they deny my lowball offer, I’m going to give them other options that are higher. Like I said, Okay, you can’t do that. Well, I have, I can buy it on terms, I can pay a little bit more, but we got to work together. So anyway, this is why it’s so important, because you’ll waste a lot of time I had someone that was asking me about a deal that they had in Pennsylvania, but it was in like you would say, okay, Pennsylvania is hot, but the city was like here in Altoona, or some like small area where you can just see there’s not a lot of action. So you got to like creep more towards the outskirts of the cities or inside the cities to see really where the action is. Alright, so let’s just look at this, this map, and I kind of have an idea of where I want to go, but let’s see what the data says. I know you said you had like kind of an idea of where you want to go for this 30 Day Challenge. Where were you thinking?

Yeah, I was. So so a couple of things. So I’m in Connecticut, right? So I’m east coast. I’m also Eastern Standard Time. So one thing I know that was really important was I want it to be in the same the same timezone. Just so that I can start as early as possible. The other thing that and I’m also just a little bit more familiar with East Coast. Um, the other thing was us kind of feeling just like Tennessee. I don’t know I hear about Tennessee all the time. I’ve got grandparents that live in Tennessee. Seems like everyone I talked to From like New York Connecticut a lot a lot of folks that my way are all moving to Tennessee so yeah, not a whole lot of thought went into that one

let’s, let’s take a look Brother, let’s take a look. So if we go to let’s go and put this filter at single family actives that are nationwide search, and let’s put it like 65%. Let’s see how much action is going on in Tennessee. And either Memphis because I would I would pick the top areas right either Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga. So let’s take a look at these. All right. So Memphis, interesting enough, I thought that have a lot more. Like, Well, okay, I think it’s sometimes it takes a little bit to load. Right? So there’s 24 properties here that we could all we could go make offers on. And you could get tight with buyers. And, you know, start working that area. So there’s Memphis let’s go to Nashville. So Nashville, and this whole radius area. Let’s see how much it’s probably well, I went too far. It’s obvious that national looks, it’s just bigger. It looks like 114 and it just this this range. So there’s Nashville. There’s Memphis I’ve done deals in Memphis. I know buyers are are hungry out there. I know it’s a good area. I was gonna say Chattanooga, because I went there by No, Chattanooga is not that big. Let’s take a look at it. Okay, 29.

nd you can kind of see the kind of style of homes they have there. So the interesting thing is, really, if you go to if you do any of these major metros in the East Coast’s you’re going, there’s going to be enough activity, there’s right so you just you kind of have to have like a reason why you want to go there. You gotta have like, maybe an n not n n, because you can find an N Right, you can find people. But you know, Richmond is interesting because I I tried to do a deal out there, where we’re actually doing a deal in Richmond and the investors out there were like, foaming at the mouth for our deal. They were like, Oh, let me see it. Yes. So I thought Richmond would be super hot but let’s take a look. So 22 Okay, so that means 22 discounted properties that 65% of ARV according to privy that you can you could make offers on today so it doesn’t mean that’s like all that will ever be there. It just means that’s what’s going on investor activity. Okay, I was thinking for me bro because I grew up in Atlanta. I didn’t do real estate until like four years ago but I grew up in Atlanta and I love to pick up some properties that for me to find myself in Atlanta but I don’t really work in Atlanta right now. And I grew up in Marietta, Georgia. And Marietta, Roswell area, I’d love to start working like this this area, because I know 100% If I find a deal there 100% I can sell it 100% Like there’s no doubt Yeah, because because I either I’ll buy it. I have. I know people are just foaming at the mouth for Marriott and Rozell because it’s got the best schools in the state of Georgia. I know that like where I would be looking would be like so if you guys don’t know my strategy is called the Payneless Wholesaling strategy. I basically work backwards I find buyers and I find deals so I would find buyers that want to buy in these areas, and then I would get find them deals. And I know if I found anything discounted is gone because it’s a hot hot area no matter what I don’t care like what resists recession or anything that hits people will always want to be there because again, it’s the best schools in the state of Georgia and I grew up there but again, don’t know much other than that on the real estate side, then it’s a great area so I’ll probably go Marietta because I know a lot of people too they’re like oh yeah, it’s so hot they’re great. Let’s let’s see how hot it is. I’ll go there and I’ll try and get a deal so I think I’m gonna go Atlanta I’m gonna go in the Marietta Roswell area, specifically find buyers there and and crush it. That’s what I’m going to do. And anybody that’s watching this if you want to go to Marietta, be my comp be my competition. There’s no competition we’re all we’re all here to work together. And you know if you join this challenge, and you hit me up be like, Yo, I found a deal. I hope you lock it up. So now I’m going to land I’m going to decide I’m going to Marietta Georgia was freaking do it bro. What so for you? And by the way, guys, the reason why I’m picking Atlanta in general not just because I grew up there that’s that’s that’s why I have like a connection attachment. I’m like, Oh, I’d love to get some properties out there or understand this market because currently I live in Salt Lake Utah so I don’t really know Atlanta. I know. I know a little bit of the area a little bit but Atlanta is freaking hot. I mean, look at all these opportunities that that are here the even outside of the Atlanta area. So even if I found something out here, there’s buyers, there’s buyers all the way through Atlanta to Athens. So anyway, Georgia, Atlanta Athens area may all up in here. I was gonna say make him but forget that. Great, great area to do deals always. Nice man. All right, Nate. Well, well, what are you thinking, man? Do you want to commit to something now? Or do you want to just keep you want to look?

Yeah, I don’t know. What do you thought so we what we took a look, we’re kind of looking around Nashville a little bit. I’m trying to think man where else on the East Coast.

If I didn’t pick Atlanta, I would go to Florida. That’s what I would do. Because Florida.

I think Florida is where it’s at.

I would work I would work Florida. If I wasn’t in Atlanta, I would I would either do Orlando or I would do Tampa. Those are the two markets that would freaking crush. Jacksonville also has a lot of opportunities. But I know when we were doing nationwide wholesaling, we were doing a ton of deals in Tampa. And it’s just, it’s just a hot place to man. As you can see, there’s tons of opportunities. And Tampa, Orlando, Florida will always be a good destination, in my opinion, because it’s great weather, people the politics, a lot of people like the politics are moving down there. So I could I’ll take you can take Florida or Nashville, it’s up to you.

I was thinking so yeah, I’m curious to get your feedback. So because I I knew that about Florida, but I was like, is it gonna you know, Tennessee might be a bit less competitive than than Florida. That was kind of my thoughts. So

I don’t know say that one more time. I was reading a comment. And we’ll say that one more time.

So so I know Florida’s hot and that was one that I thought about too. But I was part of me was also thinking like, well, maybe I’ll go to a different market just because of Florida is also really competitive. So I wasn’t there all. That is true. Mmm hmm. So you’re you’re thinking Florida.

I can tell you right now that Nashville will be super competitive too, because I’ve gotten some leads out there. So it’s up to you. But again, if it wasn’t for Nash, if it wasn’t for Atlanta and meet my attachment, just wanting to start there and seeing the data, I would definitely 100% Do Tampa Orlando.

Alright, I’ll tell you what, man, but but

I’m not here to preach. I’m not here to persuade you to do where you want because there’s also Dallas is probably one of the hottest, like the most active areas in the United States for fixing flips and opportunities. So Dallas is huge. But if you want to talk about competitive you know, obviously all these major metros are going to be competitive you’re gonna have people paying marketing dollars you’re gonna have people attacking it but if you if you go about this the right way and you have your buyers and they’re freaking you’re tight and they can pull the trigger quick when you wholesale to him there shouldn’t be a problem

mm hmm. Man now I’m torn between Orlando and in Tennessee

Hmm Well, I guess you kind of got me leaning towards Orlando that now.

Good. Well, let me tell you so I had a lead that came through about a week ago in Orlando and I tried to find a buyer for it with a post and I just like I just posted him on our Discord channel and so if you guys don’t know about our Discord channel it’s full of investors and it’s free for like the general lounge area and then but I post on here and then someone found me a buyer like within like a day dude. And I so it’s hot like they’re not letting off the gas in Orlando right now or Tampa? They’re like, Oh, they’re like hey, you got to deal let’s go they don’t care.

Well, I was saying Orlando I mean, I might have to move to Orlando

but I need you to make this decision for yourself because I don’t want to you know say hey go here and then you’re like Dude, this place Ain’t nobody

not and we’re doing we’re doing our lent look it’s it’s skills pay the bills guys you know so whether it’s like you go to Nashville it’s so here’s the other thing is like don’t put a little bit of thought into your market but don’t over overthink it right because even even this it’s whether I go to Florida whether I go to Tennessee you know whether went to Dallas oh man, you’re gonna have there there’s going to be ups and downs like you’re either going to have a lot of time in your market, and it’s gonna be really easy to sell deals, right? Or you’re not going to have much competition. And it’s gonna be really hard to sell your deals. It’ll be easy to get it easier to get them, but a lot harder to sell them. But either way, you know, you do the same stuff. Yes, let’s do Orlando.

Yeah, let me add something in there. So I know from doing my research, when I was doing deals nationwide that Kissimmee is probably the one of the hottest the fastest growing places in the Orlando area, it’s very, very good area. So if you found something there, it’s gone. You know, I mean, like your ability to sell it, whether it’s to a host, whether you do innovation, or you do wholesale, so a lot of opportunities here to make offers on privy on market. And again, the strategy here is not just to call eight hours a day on a dialer, right, the strategy is to get tight with buyers network, build your network out there, and help, you know, do deals the Payneless way which we’re going to show you how to do. But this has been, how to find deals, and how to pick your market and get started as a wholesaler. It’s the first step. You don’t just, you just don’t start calling random people. If you don’t, you haven’t researched your market and you know where to start. I already kind of know Atlanta’s hot just from being experienced in this business. But I’m about to go in here with no buyers. No money, no experience, get dropped in here, like, you know, virtually right but like let’s just act like I got dropped in the middle of the road and about to find some deals. So let’s let’s let’s freakin do it. i We have some time for some questions, and then I gotta roll. So it says right here. Different states use different contracts. I’m going to follow along and get a deal in Marietta, Georgia. So this guy he wants to come in. Taylor wants to come the Marietta alright, bro, come on. So about the contracts. My contract is nationwide, like you can use it anywhere. And then there’s the denims if there’s any issues. So I’ve done deals in every state. It’s you can use my contract. My contract has no problems. Orlando. Yeah. There’s my fly by boy likes Orlando. And then what’s his? Will you walk us through with you on how you find and get contacts with new cash buyers? Frederick. That’s what we’re doing on the challenge brother. Exactly that. So come on February 1. Starting next Wednesday at 9am mst every day. I’m going live. And I’m going to show you start to finish. We already showed you how to pick the market. This was a little taste a little teaser. But we’re about to start and show you how to do this thing. So Frederick, I hope to see you there. And everyone that watched I appreciate your time. Go to the payments wholesaling group, if you want to be a part of this challenge, and then we can give you the form so you can register to watch it. So you get the the PDF and you get all the notifications because we want to help you guys. There’s just too many of you. And I know because I talk to a lot of new people every day there’s too many of you that sit on the sidelines and learn you just you’re stuck in analysis paralysis, and you just think the more knowledge you get, the easier this will be. That’s It’s not like that. When I started wholesaling my first step to do this was I knock doors I had no idea was doing I was just asking people they want to sell no idea what to offer didn’t know anything, I was just looking for someone that wanted to sell. So get outside, get out of the analysis paralysis and start making calls. And hopefully, our challenge kicks your guys’s butt and gets you taking action. Because a lot of you have been probably watching this for two three years been watching videos and you’re like, I’ll get a deal one day. That day starts today. And it starts on this challenge if you want to wait until next Wednesday, because we’re going to make sure you know what to do and you take action Alright everybody, Nathan you got anything to say before I gotta go? You got anything else you want to say?

Yeah, just guys to tune in I’m going to be going live all the time, too. And got like it’s it’s going to be as real as real can get it’s we’re trying to do this with like absolutely no money out of pocket for like the whole 30 days. You know, guys it might we could crash and burn or you know, we could kill it. You know, who knows? So but you’re gonna see what it looks like for the first 30 days typically they say, you know, consistently, you know, putting in effort and doing the same marketing channel, you know, after was it first like three months it they say it typically takes get your first contract. We’re going to try to do it in 30 days. So we’re going to try to do more than that in 30 days.

So we’ll say and we’re not we’re not flexing. Sorry, I’m not I was gonna say we’re not flexing and being like, Hey, we’re gonna do 20,020 deals in 30 days. No, look, we’re balling on a budget we’re gonna show you what like the real what this is really like not what some other challenge where they actually secretly have deals on the side or they’re spending money like nah, this is This is gonna be raw unreal

Yeah there’s no special hookups there’s no like oh yeah there’s there’s yeah absolutely nothing this is as real and as raw as starting from scratch can can get for a 30 day challenge yeah man I wish I wish I had something in the wash like this when I when I first got started and guys for the people that have been watching a lot of stuff right and you’re like kind of on the fence about getting started or how you know maybe you’ve kind of dabbled a little bit look I’ve been there too right I it took me like two years of just going down the rabbit hole and I was like, oh bro I want to do rentals I want to do wholesaling I want to do multifamily, and like read read read read read and watch, watch, watch, watch watch. And and then finally I just made a decision. Right and it didn’t even matter why I decided I decided wholesaling. Right but the most important thing was that I just I made a decision I committed to it and then I got started. And it is impossible to be perfectly and fully prepared. You know, before you get started no matter when you get started, you’re gonna suck at it. That’s okay. I did too. Nate, you did too. I’m sure right. It’s I love kind of Alex or mosey saying he’s like you suck until you suck less at it. And man it’s as simple as that guys you know it’s it’s okay it’s cool just man just do your best just get started.

You suck until you suck less I love that and that’s honestly like what we’re trying to do here is help you sock last because it it it’s tough in the beginning you got to you got to you’re gonna get denied by a lot of agents you’re gonna get denied by a lot of bought by sellers buyers. That’s life you take action make money that’s it. This is all it is. All right, bro. I think we think we beat that dead horse enough. So hey, we’ll see you guys on Wednesday. And we’ll see every Friday on this call on the Privy channel. And I’m excited. Alright, catch you guys later. Again, go to the Payneless Wholesaling group in Facebook if you don’t know like if you want to be a part of this challenge challenge and watch it it’s super simple. All you do is you type in Payneless Wholesaling group and at the top, super simple and catch you later guys