How to get wholesale deals with little to no marketing spend!!!

In this video, we’re going to show you how to get wholesale deals with little to no marketing spend!

Try to become a sniper in real estate and not use the shotgun approach with the current market. Check out this video to know more! 

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We are live What’s up everybody live with investor drive guys what is going on? I’m a live machine. I go live all the time you guys have probably seen me and you’re like, What is this guy doing on live all the time? Well, you know I enjoy it and honestly guys I’m working I’m doing exactly what I’m showing you so I figured why not. And right now guys is the batch call. Okay, so this call is brought to you by batch leads, if you don’t have batch leads, you need to get it. I mean, it’s honestly one of the sickest services built directly and specifically for real estate investors for wholesalers. So I love it batch leads is legit.
So guys, what I do on these batch calls, I basically show you guys how to get deals, how to talk to sellers, and I’m just going to show you guys how to do deals because guys what’s happening right now in the market if you guys are wholesaling or if you’re real estate investors, you know what’s going on with the market, you need to be able to do deals without you know, putting yourself in a bind, right. So what I believe you need to do and what I’ve been teaching I’ve been doing myself is what’s called reverse wholesaling. It’s the way to be a sniper, it’s the way to sniper and get deals without just blowing your money without doing it super aggressive and just trying to talk to as many people as possible you don’t need to do that right now, especially with the market the way it is there’s better ways to do it. And batch leads can help you get deals with little to no marketing spend. I know that’s crazy, right? Like it’s like how do I use batchlead to service that generates leads and basically I’m going to show you how batch how you can get deals like a sniper. Literally no marketing spend being targeted and getting deals the right way and especially with the way the market is shifted. Okay, so that’s what we’re gonna do today. Everybody get ready, get tuned, we’re gonna show you how to be a sniper. So let’s just get right into it. Alright guys, so how do you be a sniper? Okay, how do you be a sniper when you’re doing this business? Okay, so in order to be a sniper in this business and get deals without locking stuff up and getting trashed under contract and thinking you might be able to sell there’s a better way, right? So what you have to do right now is you have to go find some cash buyers and find out which ones are actively buying right now. That’s what you need to do. So that’s the first thing find out which cash buyers in your market are actively buying. So what I did guys is I created a Google form called the cash buyer Buy Box, okay, they fill out their information, you know, and I like to ask specific questions like how many deals can you close right now, if I brought you all of them, you know, what’s your profit margin, all kinds of stuff, right? And as soon as they fill out the form, I have a go to a spreadsheet, you click on this button, even if you click here, you get an email notification, and it goes into a spreadsheet. Okay, so the spreadsheet basically answers the question that asked the buyers to fill out what type of deals are you looking for? What’s your price range, so it’s really good to know what my buyers want. So right here, I see that this buyer, he tells me that his budget on price range is 200 to $600,000. Okay, all right, let’s look at this as a few mil so this guy can buy whatever up to 350 to 450. Okay, so this this guy saying up to so he wants to buy less than that good luck in Utah, man. I mean, I guess he filled out a lot of other stuff 200k ARV I can find anything from 100 to 7 million I can find Maybe he meant fund but anyway, so these guys, I kind of know what they want. Now their price range, if I want to specifically look for one of them, I can but I want to look at the location, let’s do this guy do under 600,00 3 or four bedrooms, and he’s willing to spend so this has given me an idea of what I need to look for in northern Utah, especially Cache Valley. So what I do is I go to batch leads, and I look up specifically what my guy wants. Okay. So instead of me just kind of like doing a shotgun approach and just hitting all of Utah or all of a specific area. I’m going to go to northern Utah, which is the same Cache Valley. I’ve lived in Utah for a while now. But honestly, I’m not sure what cash values. Maybe I need to look that up really quick on Google visit Cache Valley, and it’s not really helped me. Okay, why is Logan Okay, Logan? Okay, Logan, I get that. So Logan is right here, North Logan. So we’re going to look specifically in this area that he likes. So it’s really cool a batch, you just go mark the area, we’re going to mark this whole area and like again, he said, He’s between 200 to 600,000, according to my Buy Box, and we’re going to go over to our filter. Again, you can do so many filters. But just for this example, I’m going to show you what to do. So property characteristics. My guy said he wants between six and two he wants I think one or at least one bathroom square footage. She didn’t say I didn’t put that in the form years built a block cash buyers. This is if you want to find cash buyers, we’re trying to look for properties. Now. Basically, he’s given me an idea of what he wants to buy. If I bring it to him, then you know, we probably can work out a deal. So right here, there’s 3400 properties that meet his criteria in Cache Valley. So instead of going all over trying to find properties, I can specifically go and say Hey, I’m gonna find him a deal here in his criteria. And then when I find some, I’m going to call them and say, hey, look, man, you said you wanted something in this area. Great, I got you it, what will you pay. So instead of me locking the deal up trying to blast it out to my buyers, I have a buyer that has given me his criteria. And I know he’ll give me an idea of what it’ll pay. So that’s how you do with batch lead. And obviously, you select all you add the list, you skip, trace it, and then you can text blasts that you can call a cold call batch dialer, you can go knock the door. So I know my guy loves Logan Cache Valley, right, I can go to a specific neighborhood and drive for dollars virtually, or pay a virtual assistant to do it. So let’s let’s look for some crappy houses in Cache Valley, who already just dropped the little guy right in the area. And we already got something, let’s do it right here. So this is how you drive for dollars. But obviously, you know, these Google pictures might not be as accurate as the current condition. So this is how you drive for dollars, everybody, it’s super simple, you just go to save. And in this scenario, we would create this list and it would we would call it Cache Valley driving for dollars, right or wherever the area you’re in North Cache Valley, you can make it as grandly granular as you want. And then you would put it under the tag of I already have existing time for this, you do driving for dollars. So then you save and then you’re creating a list for the specific area for the buyer that tells you what they want. And then you cold, call it text it, knock it, do whatever you got to do to get in front of person and make them an offer. So what I’m showing you guys is specifically how to get deals instead of the shotgun approach, you can go ahead and do it, you know, a way more efficient way. And if you have acquisitions managers, they need to learn how to do this, they need to learn how to underwrite. Now, let me show you another technique that I’ve been using other than just going to batch and specifically picking an area that you have for a buyer that’s filled out your cash form. And they tell you what they want you also, I mean, I don’t know if any of you guys recognize or realize but the amount of wholesale deals that are being blasted out by wholesalers. It’s increased a ton, right? And what are most wholesalers do is they blast out their buyers list. And if no one gives them a hit, they just maybe they cancelled the deal. What I’m doing is I’m looking at these deals, and I’m specifically looking for ones that my buyers want. And then I’m just calling them saying, Hey, I got a deal. What would you pay for this? And then I’m making the offer with my spread because I already have the buyer that requires no money and I’m making money off other wholesalers deals. So let’s see if there’s anything in Cache Valley that’s been listed from a wholesaler Okay, so that’s Ogden that’s kind of Cache Valley sort of mobile home and Hiram, I don’t have any buyers that want mobile homes as far as I know, but let’s comp this one using bachelors and see what it’s worth. So I want to know where Hiram is first is that Cache Valley, it says Valley, so I might have just pulled that up when I pulled it. So let’s see where this is. Is it Cache Valley two will shoot everybody it’s actually in Cache Valley, Hiram Utah and my guy says he likes buying in that area. Maybe he wants this mobile home. Want to find out let’s see. So this is a let’s see, I want to see this is still available. Okay, so this came out to 19 So that was a couple of days ago. We call the wholesaler just see if it’s available. I’m just I’m curious. Okay, hold on offers due Monday the 26th Okay, so they’re probably still accepting offers due diligence must end non refundable deposit ARV that these are the comps I don’t always believe wholesalers comps, but he says 60,000. So actually, I’m going to call one of my buyers right now and ask him Let’s see if she does mobile homes. And this is the power of like knowing your buyers. Hit them up, ask them if they want some before you uh, you know, before you do all this work. This has taken me a little bit of time, but we’ll see.

Buyer (Crystal): Hello, this is Crystal

Nathan: Cystal. How you doing? This is Nathan Payne, I, you filled out my form a little bit ago about the being a cash buyer your criteria. Have your criteria. How are you?

Crystal: Hey, how are you doing?

Nathan: Good. Hey, I was just calling just to kind of get to know you. I know. I don’t think we’ve ever met. At least not that I remember. But I was wondering if you had a couple minutes to talk. I might have a property you might be interested in.

Crystal: I have a couple of minutes. I’m at work, but I’m on my lunch break. I’m just about to go back. Oh, well. I have a couple minutes right now.

Nathan: I’ll make it super quick. I was just curious if you if you buy mobile homes in the Cache Valley area I saw that you said you buy you prefer northern Utah especially Cache Valley is that right?

Crystal: Right. Yes.

Nathan: Do you do mobile?

Crystal: No. I’ve never done a mobile home but I don’t know I just have a look at it. Look at it. I usually I like to flip. I guess it is pretty new. I’ve only done a couple of times. So I’m done one other time. And that’s it for my next one.

Nathan: Okay. All right.

Crystal: You have something here closer to home which I live up in Logan

Nathan: Yeah, so this one’s in high room.

Crystal: Open higher

Nathan: Yeah. Is that close?

Crystal: Yeah. All right down the street. Yep.

Nathan: Yeah. So I can send you some information on it you know and see what you think on it and you can get back to me is the best way to just text you info or email you what’s the best

Crystal: Email probably for me to pull up pictures of me either sign up or texting.

Nathan: Okay, I’ll send you some information on it and see if you’re interested in if you are then you know, maybe we can make some work but I also know I do get some stuff all the time in Logan? Yeah, I have a like a really good buyer that I work with up there too. But if he doesn’t buy something, you know, or it doesn’t meet his criteria up there. I’d love to tell you about it.

Crystal: Yeah, yeah. Keep me on your buyers list.

Nathan: Are you currently looking for one right now? Or are you busy with a flip?

Crystal: Yeah,no, I’m just finishing up. So I just am looking for one right now.

Nathan: Cool. Started looking last week, so well, let’s get you property. Let’s go.

Crystal: Yeah, good.

Nathan: Okay, have a good day at work. Okay. Cool, guys, look at that. Like, basically, I just gotta find out and I gotta basically ask them if the property is still available. I might have a buyer so let’s just call it and this is it guys. Like I do anything crazy. I’m looking at you either, you sniper. I’m gonna do both right. I’m gonna go on Drive for dollars. Look for specific properties here. Might as well but I’m also going to try to connect other wholesalers deals to people. I’m tight with this the first time we talked but you know, I’ll bring her something. So let’s call them and find out if it’s still available. I’m sure it’s still available because of the fact that it’s, they say they’re accepting offers still blank. So let’s call Joe. Joe.

Joe (Agent): This is Joe.

Nathan: Joe, how you doing? This is Nathan Payne. I’m just calling about your mobile home listening. I had your email. I was wondering if it’s still available.

Joe: Yeah. Which was a handful.

Nathan: Hiram Utah 564. Sorry. 546 Valley View Drive Hiram.

Joe: Oh, yeah. Is that the one for like? 2024?

Nathan: Yes. It’s still available.

Joe: It is. Yeah, we were taking offers yesterday. Until tomorrow, maybe Friday or Monday. I’m just joined right now.

Nathan: Sorry. I should ask you if you had time to chat, but yeah. Oh, cool. Yeah. So I have a buyer. So I fix and flip and a wholesale but also I know a couple people in Hiram that in Logan that look for stuff like this. So are you guys cool? If I, you know, if I bring someone and just throw my fee on top? If you guys accept the offer?

Joe: Yeah, that’d be great.

Nathan: I’ll let you know. I’ll probably just include my fee inside the offer just so if you guys accepted it makes sense. That would that be cool? Because I have a buyer that I’m basically talking about. I’m just going to tell him about this deal more about I just wanted to make sure before I did it that I didn’t you know, it wasn’t gone. Do you have an idea of like, what what what will get it done? Because I’m really just trying to get you know, make a couple maybe two, one or two, five, whatever I can make on top and get them a deal?

Joe: Yeah, for sure. I mean, I think what they’re asking me on this,

Nathan: it’s 24,000 right here. Yeah, that’s what I’m seeing.

Joe: Yeah, I mean, honestly, I do. We have one off was just like an email permission. I think they’re like 2425. Okay, so I think right around that range a little bit higher, which would be better, but we’re getting down. Today in Somalia. We can this is one that we’ve just locked it up. I mean, it’s halfway. Halfway, but they’ve been renovating and they’re just ready to move on seven.

Nathan: Sounds like most people right now. Right? just ready to get out of there. It’s crazy, man. Yeah. All right. Well, yeah, it was nice to meet you. My name is Nathan Payne. Like I’ve worked with Marco and clay for a while, like the great guys, it’s, you know, so I’m just got my eye on the deals me, you know, you probably look at some too, there’s a lot coming out. So I’m, I’m just trying to link them up with buyers that I know. And I’m trying to make a little bit of spread, you know, for sure. Cool. Well, I will. Oh, yeah, I’ll send it over. Thanks, man. By being by boom. All right, cool. So it’s still available. He basically said, a 24th probably going to get it done. I’ll send it to my buyer, Crystal, say, hey, we can get it done. If you know at this specific price looks like every 60 minutes, pretty simple. Like they already got the pictures, I just got to send her the link and some information on it. And it looks like they’re flipping it, but they gave up guys. I mean, if I can make 2k and I’ll link it up, I don’t need to rock her rock them. I basically just connect it, get it done. That’s just one of my ideas. If you guys are struggling to find deals and you have a low marketing budget, this is one of the best ways to do it. You sniper with batch, you talk to specific buyers that want deals, you drive for dollars, you get lists, you know, in their area, their criteria, and then you watch the MLS for properties that come out there you make on market offers is this job is not that difficult. You literally just got to find out what your buyers want. That’s the technique that I’m just trying to show you. I didn’t run giant comps and do all this stuff. Instead, I said we usually offer in this range for properties in this area that we buy. I never bought there but I know usually that’s what people buy it for. You guys have a great day. Let’s go make some money. I’m pumped. I’m buying an apartment complex and closing on it in a month using the strategies that I teach. I’m closing a deal tomorrow. Like there’s deals right now guys don’t think that you can’t get deals in this market. There’s deals. You just got to do it the right way. And don’t waste your time, everybody PEACE OUT