How to get deals like a sniper? Doing the Payneless Wholesaling Strategy!

In this video, we’re going to show you how to get deals like a sniper? Doing the Payneless Wholesaling Strategy while training my VA’s about sniping real estate properties.

Getting deals the Payneless way, other term is Reverse wholesaling. Check this video to know more!

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Nathan: What is up everybody? We are live today with me Nathan Payne aka real estate Nate. We got my VA top VAs in the world they already know Jackie and AJ what’s up?

Jackie (VA): Hey, boss. Hey guys. Good morning or good afternoon rather your time.

Nathan: I really respect you guys. What time is it there right now?

Jackie: It’s three in the morning.

Nathan: And look how lively you are. That’s amazing. AJ, what’s up?

AJ (VA): Excited? So I want to make sure that I get this nailed on.

Nathan: Yeah, yeah, of course, of course. So hey, if you guys are joining in, this is the batch call I do every week where we go over how to get deals using batch leads. And I have brought my VA because I love my VA, they’re awesome. Best VAs in the world, put mine against anybody else’s. And I’m going to train them on how to use batch leads to get deals. Because right now guys, because of the market shift, we’re doing a completely different model in our business. So we can do more deals with less marketing spend, and we use batch to do it. If you’re struggling right now you’re spending a ton of money sellers are being difficult to work with the strategy that I’m using right now it’s working money I spent $0 in marketing, spend less time wholesaling, and I make more money because my overheads low, I’m crushing it. So, guys, like I was saying this call if you’re hopping on right now is meant to show you how to use batch leads to get deals, how to get deals, how to make money, I have pivoted my business because of weight market shifted and properties have gone down, you know, property values, investors are being hesitant. I’ve shifted my business to a model, which is money with batch leads. I’m going to show you guys how to do it. Let’s dive right in. Okay, so real quick, guys, the strategy I’m calling the painless wholesaling method, right this strategy and what is the painless wholesaling strategy guys, it’s it’s literally reverse wholesaling. But I just think I like to call it Payneless, because my last name is Payne. And that’s why I want to call it and I believe it’s painless. I’ve wholesaled for many years and doing the traditional wholesaling, it’s kind of painful. If you just go out, get a deal under contract, and you do not know if you have a buyer or if it’s a deal, or if you’re doing deals nationwide, and you lock it up and you’re like, hey, I think this is a deal. And then you send it out and nobody wants it. That’s painful. It’s painful for your team. It’s painful for morale, it’s painful for your pocketbook. He’s like, Dude, I thought we were gonna have a deal. So I don’t do that right now. I’m not saying don’t market a ton. I still market but just doing the random blasting shotgun approach is too expensive right now for the way the market is. So I’m showing you and I went over this before in my lives, but I’m showing you guys exactly how to be a sniper laser target and get deals with little little to no money I just made 10k Last week was $0. Okay, I didn’t spend any money and I did $4,500 $0 marketing. So that’s all profit. Okay, you know, I know I’ve done $90,000 deals, I’ve done 150,000 wholesale fees, those are great. But you know, when you have a giant team, you got to pay everybody overhead, all that stuff, marketing. And by time it gets back to you. It’s not as juicy a man, if anybody that’s going to be real with you, if you got a big team, you got to make giant wholesale fees or doesn’t survive. So I pivoted, I liked this model, and I’m going to show you guys how to do it. And what we’re going to talk about today is targeting a specific area that your buyers want. I’m about to call one of my cash buyers Nate Horton and he’s the man and he’s going to tell me “Nate, go to this area and go get me a freaking deal.” And I’m going to show you guys how I can do it. So right here in the painless wholesaling, it’s a 10 step process making money. Okay, that’s all you have to do. It’s just 10 steps, nothing crazy. So after you pick your market, you find cash buyers, you find like your top 10 cash buyers, I’m not telling you to go build a giant wholesaling buyers list. That’s not what I’m telling you. I’m telling you to go get tight with 10 people in your market who are actively buying and go find them what they want. So they buy it from you like this, after that you’re going to find out what their criteria and what their buy boxes. That’s what we’re about to do right now. I’m about to call Nate and say Nate, I’ve known you for a while what do you actually want let’s go find it. Number four is once you find out what they want you go find it with paid marketing or you go find it with free marketing. Okay, today I’m going to show you how to do the paid marketing I’m going to show you the best list to pull from batch you know obviously in this thing right here is a video on how to do it, how to stack them what are the top list to stack this is going to show you how to go target these specific areas and then you can put them into batch dialer. You know batch leads texting, you can send mailers through batch but yeah, so that’s that’s kind of the process once you find out with the painless wholesaling model, what your buyers want, you go find it once you find it, you analyze the deal, you see if it’s a deal, and then you bring it to your buyer and you say what do you want to offer you take their offer and you already have a buyer so you’re not guessing and then once you do that if your buyer doesn’t give you what you really want, you can market the deal out anyway and send it to other people and blast it out with like an email text blasts you can do the traditional dispo route. But the cool thing about the painless wholesaling method is like you don’t have to dispo and have a giant dispo, you just need to be tight with 10 to 15 people in your one market and crush it and send deals to him. And that’s what I did yesterday. And you know, we got a deal. We’re in the works right now. And I connected him with the wholesalers deal.
And the wholesaler is like, look, you know, we might have to drop the price down, well, what is your buyer want to pay, I called my buyer he told me to pay, I called the wholesaler said, This is what my buyer wants, I gotta put my fee in there, we’re negotiating it all because I have the relationship. And that wholesaler, he’s got every buyer in Utah, but he just says it’s a relationship based game guys, you can blast out every cash buyer in the in the United States, but they don’t know who you are, they might not respond, it’s up in the air. So that’s why relationships are key. So after Step nine, after you market it, you set up a walkthrough super easy. Here’s all the ways that you set that expectation, you tell the seller what to say it’s all written out here, you know, then you accept the offer, you send the paperwork to title, and here’s all the paperwork that you would need real estate purchase contract with links, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, that’s the process guys, it’s 10 steps, it’s really easy. 10 steps to make 10k 15k Whatever, in the next 30 days, okay, it’s all laid out. And I wrote this out for myself for our systems, our processes, so we can, you know, understand how simple it is to do this. Alright, so now that we’re done with that, now it’s time to call the buyer. So I know my guy wants mobile homes. So now I’m going to talk to him today and say where actually do you want mobile homes? I’m never familiar with the mobile homes that you want. Let me go find him for you using batch. Let’s call Nate. Let’s see. Let’s see if he answers he should answer because I told them I was doing this call to train my VAs. Let’s see my top buyer answers. Hello. It’s one of those weird times when you call in it doesn’t ring but it’s saying that it’s going. So put that and Okay, I got to do it again. I gotta call it again. There we go.

Nate: Just hung up on me like that

Nathan: You know it’s weird. I couldn’t hear you. And it was just the time was going. So I just didn’t know what’s going on.

Nate: It’s weird.

Nathan: Did you answer that super quick? Were you just like waiting by the phone for me?

Nate: Been waiting for 20 minutes.

Nathan: Love it. I love it. Hey, so this is what I’m doing. Today I’m training my virtual assistants on how to use a software called batch leads to literally go to the mobile home parks that you want us to I’m going to pull list in those areas. And I’m going to hit those people up. But I just kind of need to know what mobile parks you want.

Nate: Okay,cool. So the ideal mobile parks are where they allow rentals. Okay, there. I only know one.

Nathan: Yeah, that’s fine. I mean, if you could give me the address in there or somewhere, I can search it. I’ll pull it up on the map. And then I literally go to town. I’ll mark the area. And then I’ll pull lists in those areas. And we’ll start getting some deals brother.

Nate: Just texted you aerial photo.

Nathan: Okay, off to take a look at it. Nibley, Utah. I’ve never even heard of that. Let’s go brother. I’m sure no one targets that area.

Nate: I don’t know if there’s that many sellers either, because you can rent them. And rents are just crazy.

Nathan: I might as well just go knock this place row. Like instead of just like text them all. drive all the way up and be like, Alright, who in here actually owns this bad boy? Cool, man. Is there any other anywhere else you’d like me to like go in there, you know, pull the names of the people skip trace them, call them and see if I can work a deal for you. You tell me I’ll find it. It could be like a specific neighborhood in Utah that you like what I do is I search it I can drive for dollars virtually using this software, or I can just like Mark a neighborhood and be skip trace every absentee owner in that area and just call them like individually and you know, it’s way better conversation than just randomly hitting up people.

Nate: And then hoping you have a buyer.

Nathan: Yeah, exactly. That’s kind of the goal here. So I’m teaching everybody.

Nate: Yeah. Okay. I’ll give you another one.

Nathan: And again, man, if you think of any other places, you’re like, dude, because I’m your I’m basically like your deal. Find your your sniper like you tell me where to go. I’m gonna go get it and we’re gonna go put in the work and then you know, just tie you up. Or you know, if it doesn’t work for you. Maybe I can bring it to somebody else. But that’s all I’m going to do.

Nate: Cool. Love it. Okay, thank you.

Nathan: Did you send me another one? This looks like a picture.

Nate: Yeah, it’s an aerial photo.

Nathan: Hunters Point. Huh? That looks good. Is that like water?

Nate: Yeah, that’s fairly.

Nathan: That’s sweet man. My good Airbnb there.

Nate: So that’s the question is if we can pick these up for the right price, right. And the park will allow Airbnb. These can be very, very interesting.

Nathan: No, no, that’s awesome. Okay, so that’s the play. You’re talking about Airbnb, mobile home parks and bare like, Yeah, cool. Well, what I’ll do is I’ll get these areas going, and we’ll see what we can do, man. I mean, that’d be awesome. If we could start sniping some of these deals down for you.

Nate: Yeah, that would be. That’d be great.

Nathan: All right, brother. Well, that’s pretty much it. That’s the bottom line. You know, we just call you and see what you want. We gotta go find it. No problem. All right. Hit me up if you need anything. All right. So I found Will my buyer who’s willing to buy three to four of these a month what he wants so either need to go drive it for dollars pull a list in that area using batch and then skip trace and put it into a dialer text or even just go I already prior said this but go knock it say hey who’s selling in here I’m ready to freakin go and I already brought him this one and he made me an offer I went to the wholesaler told him Hey, this is my guys offer. The wholesaler said let me go renegotiate it just like that, guys. Like there’s nothing crazy here. This is what you do. So you don’t have to get on the dialer and cold call 1000 people every day and just to be scream because I’ve done that for three months. My first deal I got from cold calling took me three months of cold calling. It works. You can go make big money, you can hit it big. But I’d rather do this. I can do it part time because I run other businesses too. So this is cool. And Jackie and AJ, you guys are on here and I’m not doing anything crazy. Am I guys?

Jackie (VA): Nothing crazy. I’m sure I can do that. It’s just a matter of being familiar with the system.

Nathan: I know you can do it. You can do anything you set your mind to Alright, so I’m not an expert at mobile homes. I just know Nate wants them. Yeah. So if I go like this, let’s see save filter. No mobile homes. Yeah. So I don’t think it’s pulling up the data on that. Let’s do this. Guys. I don’t honestly, I don’t think mobile homes are considered real estate. Technically, when you’re pulling this data. Let’s just do an example. So let’s just say Nate, I talked to Nate and he’s just over here. He wants this neighborhood. Okay, this is obviously residential real estate over here. So Nate’s like, Yo, Nate, if you can get me some deals over here. Amen. Amen, bro. Okay, then I would say great. I’d filter it for the specific qualities that he wants. So I want residential, I want single family, I want a minimum of 500 square feet, I want it to be occupancy, I want it to be absentee owner preferences property vacant. I don’t really care about that right now. In this example, I want at least 50% equity. Let’s see if in this neighborhood we find that Okay, so there’s 11 property. So guys, the cool thing about what I just did is as a sniper, I don’t have to call the whole neighborhood I can just say okay, these people are pretty fit the criteria. So let’s go ahead and skip trace these people. Let’s select it all let’s add it to the list of we’ll just call it my buyer Nate sniper list. I save it once I save it, I go pull the list, skip trace it and then I can call it and instead of having to call all these people in the world, we on the phone, you know, specifically have a buyer in this area. And another cool thing about it guys is if you want to drive for dollars in this specific area, it’s as simple is this. So Nate’s like, Yo, dude, you just give me anything in this neighborhood. I love this neighborhood, then I would drop my little dude in here without having to drive an hour north to Oregon, I would just go Alright, let’s look and see if there’s any distressed homes in the area. A little nice little neighborhood right here we pick I don’t know if you guys have been Utah’s where I live but you get the nice mountains in the back. Alright guys, I’ve been looking for distressed property I’m in this place seems like it’s in pretty good shape. And this is why you do it and instead of having to drive an hour to this is like hour north or two hours north to where I am. So it’s like I’m trying to drive there. I know I can find a house okay, this this one might need some work like the grass needs to be done. This is an example. So if I click on this and press Save, I can create a list called my buyer Nate mates neighborhood right and then after that, I would go to the tag that says driving for dollars and then it would create a list so then I’d save and then I’d be able to go out and skip trace that list and call it So guys that’s the sniper way to do it. Okay, that’s it, you don’t have to go and call 1000s of people just to get a hold of someone that you can do a deal with like you can target an area that your buyer specifically wants and get it done guys that’s it. I mean, that’s pretty it’s pretty simple if you want to do the painless wholesaling method where you’re not banging your head against the wall trying to like just call random areas and be like I think if I get a deal someone might buy it is a waste of your time now and me telling you not to do that it kind of affects me because I JV with people so if you guys don’t have buyers I benefit because I can help you but I’m not trying to benefit from that I’ve done that myself where you just get deals and it’s just a waste of your time everyone’s demotivated Go master one market don’t spend tons and tons of money unless you have like buyers that are there and then yeah, then blow up your marketing. If you have buyers that buy all in Los Angeles then it’s like okay, well anything that’s in Los Angeles, for example, like I got people so I don’t need to worry about spending because whatever I get people will buy but if you’re brand new, this is the strategy in batches, the perfect one to help you do it. And that’s what I’m doing right now. And I’m just picking picking deals making money and I’m teaching my VA is how to do it right now guys, thanks for supporting thanks for watching. I’m here to help you painless, wholesome method using batch leads is going to make you more money with less marketing spend and less time I know it because I’m doing it go out and do it. Go get some awesome bas so let’s get everybody’s make some money and investors drive out


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