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Nathan: All right, all right. All right. I think we are live. What’s going on? Kyle, what’s up?

Kyle: Thanks for having me. Nathan. I’m excited. I’m super excited to be here, man.

Nathan: Dude, I’m excited to have you in here. And you’re traveling the world right now. Right?

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, I traveled the world full time in my class, a motorhome. We’ve been traveling around the United States for the last two years. And before that, we were living in Europe for six months straight going to different Airbnbs and apartments around there all across Italy, and Croatia, and Prague and France. So yeah, this is just our lifestyle. We travel all the time. I’m in my jeep right now, this is kind of like my mobile office as we’re coding around. So it allows us to jump in and have a quiet place to talk. But I do this from the road. And I’m able to get deals virtually out of Facebook groups from the road. And then I leveraged a team to make a hands off so it’s it’s a lot of fun.

Nathan: Well, that’s what I want to talk to you bought today. Now everybody, this is the Investor Thrive Sales Mastery Podcast. So we try to tie in people doing deals, people being successful in sales and how it translates right, and I know you got some sales experience from the last time we talked, but let’s kind of dive right into it. You’re hitting the road, you’re doing deals virtually. And you specifically focus on getting deals through Facebook groups, right?

Kyle: Yeah, yeah. 100% organically just posting in local community based groups, kind of like digital bandit signs.

Nathan:Oh my gosh. Okay, bro. Let’s dive right into it. So what made you find out about this strategy? How did you find out about it?

Kyle: It actually came out of a lot of pain, a lot of a lot of struggle on my part when I when I came into this. And last time we were speaking at Sony about how you know we come from the same world knocking doors selling satellite TV.You were on dish and I was on DirecTV, your Team Red I was Team Blue, right.

Nathan: I first started in both. I was doing both I did I had the patch on the DIRECTV on one side, Dish on other and I’m depending on what they had, I was like, I’ll sell you what you need. But then I eventually just did dish.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, swapping back and forth. That was the kind of what I did to it. But I only wore the DIRECTV logo, because I worked with them. I worked with one of the largest contractors around and I was number seven top salesperson in the nation, which was super cool. I got a plaque for it and everything and you know, stacking a bunch of money in the summer and just taking the time off in the winter I was I was really capped on what I could make, I had to put so much time into it. And you can’t knock doors forever. You know, you can’t do it all year long, you’d burn out. So it’s just something I had a hard time with. And I want to cruise from working with the company for a year and hitting my target. So I went on a cruise and Sanada and I remember thinking on the cruise and I was talking to Maddie, I’m like, man, we could be doing so much bigger, we could do be doing bigger things. You know, why am I not in medical sales? Why am I not in real estate and we’re just kind of having having these dreams of selling things that would transact more, we’d be able to get more commission for each transaction that that we put in. So that kind of led me down the path and I found real estate investing. I got my YouTube education, you know, there’s so much good stuff on YouTube. And so I just dove in and learned all of this stuff for free. And then I jumped right into it. I quit working for Direct TV. And I went 100% All into wholesaling. And I was working in Portland at the time. And man that’s a tough market to go about it.

Nathan: That’s what I’ve heard.

Kyle: And I was driving for dollars. I was doing cold calling, I was looking at Fizbo sites and doing all of these things and I wasn’t getting much traction, I get close, and then something would fall through. So then I found a mentor and I told him “Look, I work for you for commission only now I’ll help you build a team. You give me $600 A week for float money while I learned this and we’ll rock” and he’s like, Okay, I’ll back you, man do this. Yeah, so it was cool. So it’s my way to kind of get in the door and make a little bit of money to get me by as I kind of figured it out. And he paid for a course for me that was all about direct mail. And then he front the money for the direct mail campaign. And he was spending $10,000 a month. So four months later. $40,000

Nathan: That’s right.

Kyle: And we didn’t get a single deal from it

Nathan: Mail can be it can be painful.

Kyle: Yeah. And some people kill it with mail. You know, I guess it just depends on on having the patience and doing the split tests and finding out what worked what niche works in your market. But for us, it was just a big loss and it was devastating for me because outcome that was my commission. You know, if he’s losing money on what we’re doing, I’m not making any money, right? So and that’s $600 a week that was just floating money that’s gonna be deducted from future commissions. So I remember just sitting there with my head, my hands devastated ready to walk away forever I’ve just done. But then a light bulb went off. I’m like, You know what, at least we were able to find a couple of deals, we broke even. Sorry, I dont owe this guy money, which is good. And we found deals using Facebook groups, we found one deal off of Craigslist, which was crazy that worked out. And we made a good amount of money on that one. But Facebook groups, that was the thing. So once I discovered that everything changed for me, I was able to just post and get leads on demand to where it was, like so many leads, I couldn’t keep up with them. So it was like a faucet that I could turn on and turn off at will And then I started to really ramp up and went off on my own and, and decided to go virtual because I didn’t like just staying in the Portland market, right? I’m like, what if I just go get low hanging fruit all over? It doesn’t matter what market I’m in. I’m just gonna go get the low hanging fruit. And once I took that mentality, man, it’s it just got so much better from there.

Nathan: For sure. Okay, so I so I’ve actually talked to someone about this before. So you post on neighborhood groups, we’re not talking like real estate investors of Utah real estate investors. I know you actually go find neighborhood groups, correct?

Kyle: Yeah, 100%. Because I’m not trying to find other investors. I’m not trying to find wholesale opportunities. Those are a dime a dozen, you know, I want to find direct to seller when I’m doing this method. So that’s what we tend to focus on direct to seller and then also investor friendly agents with pocket listings.

Nathan: I love it. So when you do the postings in neighborhood groups, are you doing any neighborhood group in the United States? Are they specifically targeted to major metros, where there’s investors there is the urges that can be random.

Kyle: So it you generally want to stick within metro area and two to three hours outside of town three hours is really pushing it. But those outskirt towns as long as there’s good cops, and you know, the data supports that you’ll be able to sell the property, if you list it, then you can hit these little outskirt towns and they’re like fishing holes that nobody else is hitting.

Nathan: So tell me about that. What is the main strategy when you get those leads and kind of outskirt towns? Is it to list them list them forum on like a Novation or how do you what are you doing? Are you wholesaling them?

Kyle: Wholesale. That’s primarily what I do myself, I have investors that work with me and my program, some of them do flips, some of them do buy and hold some of them focus on subject to we don’t have a ton of people that do novation that seems like kind of a new thing that there’s some people that know about it, but not a ton of people doing it.

Nathan: It’s like a newer thing that they’re posted, people were pushing now and it was bigger back in the last two years. Because you could just take a random house and list it and get top dollar for it. So that’s what a lot of people were doing back in the day. Let me ask you this. So tell me about your program. Do you just give the outline for people to go and post in those groups and tell them how to do or do? Is there a system behind it? Like tell me more about that?

Kyle: Yeah, so we have two different levels of our program. There’s one that’s done for you. It’s like a business out of a box to where we’re going in and were helping you train and recruit not just your your appointment set or team but your management we’re helping you find and train and Acquisition Manager we’re helping you find a train operations manager, somebody to run dispo somebody run to run your underwriting. We’re helping place your virtual assistants, so completely business out of a box where we’re right there alongside you helping you recruit this team, and also helping you train them. And then in this program, we’re using Facebook groups and building commission only teams around Facebook groups, they use their own Facebook accounts to go and post on the investors behalf. And then we have another side where we do SMS. So it’s SMS marketing. A lot of people use VAs to manage their SMS campaigns. We use commission only reps we use hustlers and put them in those positions because we feel like it converts better.

Nathan: VA commission reps are they Americans?

Kyle: US based coming from sales background door to door MLM you know that that type of person that personality type
n:they text for people commission only?

Kyle: Oh, yeah, yeah. Because they’re, they’re not just texting, they’re converting them. They’re running the triage. They’re making sure that it’s qualified. They’re getting it booked in with an appointment with the Acquisition Manager. So they’re actually taking it to the finish line, making sure it’s quality first, and then booking it in with the closer.

Nathan: And the closer is usually the client right or the person that is the how it works or do you is the closer someone that they’ve hired as well.

Kyle: They’re closers, an Acquisition Manager. So that’s, that’s somebody that they hire. It’s not them. So in this, it’s really meant to be a passive owner. You know, you’re not you’re not a business operator, you’re a business owner. And this program is for people that the might not have a ton of knowledge in real estate, and they definitely don’t have time to do it themselves, but they have the money and they’re ready just to plug in a team and they are willing to go in with that overhead, knowing that they’re gonna get a return and have to put in a ton of time. That’s the higher echelon program and the one below that is this is for people that have the knowledge but they don’t necessarily have a ton of funds, they have access to some capital. Obviously, you got to be willing to invest in your company. But this is for somebody that wants to be more involved. They’re the Acquisition Manager at first. But we’re still helping them recruit and train their team of appointment setter. That’s all we’re like, yeah, in that program, we’re not placing the VAs, we’re not placing the Acquisition Manager, the dispo, manager, anything like

Nathan: That only for the upper echelon one, right?

Kyle: Yeah. So but this one, we’re building out your appointment setter, to make sure that we can make it rain with appointments, make it rain with leads, you know, so that’s, that’s a big thing. That’s the first step is you need to be able to make offers before you can build out all of this other stuff, if you’re starting out.

Nathan: So on average, how many posts generate how many leads are generated from like a post

Kyle: It really depends on the group, one group, you might get 60 comments, and that’s a really, really good post, and you could get, you know, five to 10 appointments from a post like that. Another post, you might only get three comments, but the thing is, is all you need is one one qualified seller, that’s, that’s off the radar, they’re not on some lists, they’re not being hit by everybody else. And a lot of the times you’re the only one speaking to them, just because you found them and you haven’t defined them in some group. And a lot of times it’s the kid and they’re helping their grandparents sell their property, or it’s, it’s, you know, the the adult children that are helping their mother get into a care facility and helping move that. So situations kind of like that are what you’re gonna run into.

Nathan: So if you could give us a little nugget, like, What would someone if someone like saw this? And was like, I want to try it? Like, what would you tell them to go post?

Kyle: Yeah, so you’re gonna want to hit up local groups, community based groups, something like a garage sale group, right? And then you post something similar that you’d see on a bandit sign looking for a fixer upper willing to pay cash, who’s selling, you put a bright background on it? That’s it.

Nathan: White background, so it’s not like one of those colored ones?

Kyle: No, bright, it’s a bright background. You can use a lot of them, but you don’t want to go with patterns that are gonna make it hard to read.

Nathan: Got it? Okay, cool, man. So, I mean, how many would you recommend someone do a day, like, if someone’s just gonna hear this and be like, I’m gonna go try it and generate some leads, like how many would say posts a day.

Kyle: So you have to max out your account, you have to redline your account, because Facebook limits you like crazy, right? They’ll put you in Facebook Jail to where you can’t post in groups, you don’t own for up to a month, which kills all of your momentum. So it sucks. So what you got to do is you got to obey the speed limit. But you also want to max out your potential. So you do 13 posts a day, 13 posts a day, five days a week and joining groups on the weekends.

Nathan: So but you’re saying if you post in a group that you don’t belong to, they’ll, they’ll kill, They’ll crush you, but they probably won’t be able to post it unless you belong to it. Right?

Kyle: Yeah, you have to be in the group. The best groups are private groups. And you have to be a part of the private group in order to be able to post but what I’m saying is, if you’re if you’re going above the speed limit, Facebook, the algorithm will say, oh, this person went over the number 13. So now we’re going to put them in Facebook Jail, and it completely blocks you from being able to post in other words, right.

Nathan: Okay. Yeah, they cut they shut me down. I can DM people, some of that man.

Kyle: Yeah, exactly. And there’s limits on that. So really, that’s about ad, you can message 80 people per day, and you have to be friends first. So what you do is if you’re doing a cold outreach campaign, we do this for recruiting too. So you guys might think of this in order to find recruits is you go in and you have them add friends to members of the group. So you go to like a newbie wholesaler group and find people that want to squat up like they’re done struggling and they want to be your setter. They just want to be part of a team. Then you go in and you start adding people as friends inside that group where you have a VA do it. And then as they accept your friend request, boom, you’re able to send them a message and get past those limitations.

Nathan: Yo, check this out. I’m just slacking my VA right now, AJ, because what we do is when we get friend requests from people is we message them and then say, Hey, thanks for friend requesting me, and then we accept their friend requests. So that’s probably what’s triggering is the fact that we message them before we accept their friend requests. We need to accept it and then message them and then we probably won’t get rocked.

Kyle: 100% Because right now, you’ll probably be limited to 20 or 30. Or 40. If you’re lucky, but you can get to 100 plus if you’re friends first.

Nathan: All right, AJ, my main VA Hey, except the friend request and then message them don’t message and then except that’s the golden nugget for me, man. I appreciate I gotta get off Facebook Jail.

Kyle: Yeah, man. So it’s knowing tricks like this that are going to be super helpful. I’ll tell you what, with with paid advertising, you’re trading money for more money with organic advertising your trading time for more money. Right. So this this is the limitation that you run into is there there has to be actually human labor behind it. But the way that we do it is like we leverage other people’s work. We leverage O P W, right? We find people that want to squat up and use their own Facebook accounts. And we even have ways this is a kind of a secret. That’s the secret sauce that we kind of keep to our inner circle, but you can get Facebook accounts you can get age Facebook accounts, and then have your topsetters be working from three or four different Facebook accounts at once.

Nathan: Do you see like so my VA are from the Philippines? Do you see that? There? Those aren’t as effective unless it’s like from the United States, like if it’s out of the country, or those less effective

Kyle: No. So you got to find a VA that’s willing to change up their account and make it look like it’s a US account

Nathan: All right you hear that VA’s let’s go let’s change those accounts. Let’schange that location.

Kyle: You can hide your location for one and then two is just doing a couple of posts and changing your profile a little bit to make it look like you’re an investor right? And then you’re gonna get better you’re gonna get better results well

Nathan: There you go, guys. Let’s go VAs let’s do it. They watch this live so I know they’re watching.

Kyle: That’s awesome. Yeah, so these are the little things that make a huge difference for us. And then when we’re able to use commission only appointment setters it’s like you know, when you build a team around door to door you know, when when we were in that world because you did it to you go to colleges and stuff like that and recruit kids to go do summer work and just go travel and go to little towns and stuff like that and just go hustle was it’s similar with this, if you’re finding a bunch of hustlers and you find a crew to do this with where you’re not alone Wolfing it, you have a battle squad to go out with, it makes it so much better,

Nathan: what is a commission that most of them except are willing to do to post 13 a day, you know, all that 13? Five days a week

Kyle: 10% of the assignment. So if it’s $20,000 assignment they to grandpa, okay?

Nathan: okay, so these commission based reps, they’re, you know, they should be doing 13 posts a day, five days a week, and then you setting the appointment, and then that goes to the acquisition rep. Or if it’s the lower echelon, the owner, that’s the Acquisition Manager closing deals, right?

Kyle: Yep. Exactly.

Nathan: Do they ever graduate to the centers ever graduate to just closing the deals instead of having to set the appointment?

Kyle: Yeah, that’s where you’re gonna find your best acquisition managers as hiring from your pool of centers, right? Because then then they’re hungry. And they’re, they’re looking at this as an opportunity that they can earn. And then they’re going to compete in order to get that opportunity to be promoted into Acquisition Manager. Another position is called Head appointment setter. And this is like a team leader. And they just make 10% of the paycheck, have other other setters on their team over so it’s a small kickback, but it kind of puts leadership within your structure.

Nathan: Yeah, like kind of like when we were doing the door to door we would get if you manage the team, you would get an override someone. Sounds like you just modeled like the door to door. I’m sure there’s a lot of industries like this, but sounds like what you did, but just with Facebook, instead of knocking doors

Kyle: 100% Dude, yeah, that’s what I did. I took that. And I’m like, Man, if I could build teams around going and knocking doors, that work sucks. If I could do that I could build teams around real estate, which is way more enticing and ran with it. I just took that model and transitioned it over.

Nathan: That’s amazing. So I mean, dude, 13 posts a day was that takes someone maybe like an hour, two hours?

Kyle: Yeah, it doesn’t take a lot of time at all, you’re putting in like one or two hours a day. So it’s very much a side hustle for them. But if you have somebody that’s stepping it up, and they’re a rockstar, you have them working from three or four different Facebook accounts, then they’re going to be able to put in more time,

Nathan: God, okay, so if there’s multiple Facebook accounts, and they can, they can really put out some, but then they also have to respond, I’m assuming to all the, you know, the comments have to look over, you know, talk to the people. So once once someone comments on something saying, Yeah, I know if somebody do they DM them, do they say hey, what’s your number? Like? What’s the process for that?

Kyle: Yeah, so you have the conversation a little bit messenger to where you don’t want to seem weird. There’s a lot of scams out there. Right. So so people are on high alert. So you got to set yourself apart, you have to be real, you have to seem like an actual buyer. Ask them serious questions about the property, you know, how soon you’re looking to sell it? How many bedrooms, how many baths what neighborhood is it in? What’s the address, find out all that information first, and then book the call and then you’ll be able to to get much better results. And you always want to be selling the next step. So in messenger you say, Hey, man, we’re definitely going to be worried they’re going to come out there ourselves, we’re going to send our buying partner out there to the property and go check it out. But before we lined that up, I’d like to talk to you on the phone first and find out a little bit more about the property and

Nathan: Then once you move it over the phone is game over.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah. Because you’re building rapport at that point and you’re going to be able to determine if there’s motivation there and then lock them into an appointment

Nathan: Have you seen like tested like A B testing like what what posts are more more effective? Like hey, like a bandit sign like hey, looking for this like a property to flip? Or is it better to be like, Hey, guys, I love the neighborhood. I’m just wondering if someone knows of a property or anybody selling in the same word like acting like you’re literally literally just looking in that area. How do you know I’m saying like, instead of just like a generic post being like, Hey, I’m looking for something in the neighborhoods called Mesa Park, for example. I’m looking for something Mesa Park. Does anybody know?

Kyle: So asking, Does anybody know have something to sell this? If that’s a really good one. We get a lot of results from that because then you’re getting those one off leads. But we find that the more targeted you get, the less response you get. And Facebook groups comments are the lifeblood of your posts every time you get a comment, it bumps it up to the top of the group and then it’s gonna push it out to more people. So I want broad broad is better, because you just want more comments and it creates a snowball effect

Nathan: You ever have your fake? Will your other Facebook accounts comment on a post to make it appear higher.

Kyle: So we’ll comment on our own posts, but it’s not like we’re taking different accounts and is that just be a lot of time where you can buffer your own posts just by commenting on your own posts a couple times and then if people are commenting that you know that it’s not a lead like it’s another wholesaler or something, then you just be BS with them. you do small talk inside the comments make the algorithm go crazy and then it just gonna push it out to more people.

Nathan: I love it. I love it. Okay, so you you definitely no matter who comments, you always respond saying like, thank you or whatever, just so the the algorithm starts going wild.

Kyle: Yeah, man

Nathan: I love it. I think this is a great strategy that I’ve actually I tried it well, I’ve done it in I’ve done it in like not this specific strategy, but I’ve left posts in other like real estate investor groups asking if anybody has needs help finding a buyer just like to JV but this is like directly going for sellers instead of investors.

Kyle: Yeah. 100% direct to sellers. And once in a while we’re getting them from agents that have pocket listings just off market deals.

Nathan: Have you tried the using your setters and your you know, your people that you work with your team to go do it and to find JV deals or you specifically just do the the seller out?

Kyle: No, because you’ll find JV opportunities inside the garage sale groups anyways, like you’ll still get other wholesalers that comment on your posts. And for me, it really distracts the setters. Yeah, because they’re just there’s so many of them. And I want them to focus on just like the best direct to seller lead somebody who’s qualified and I know it’s going to be worth the acquisition manager’s time

Nathan: Do you deal with a lot of people that want retail that, you know, say, Yes, I know somebody. And then it’s, you know, obviously, they’re not motivated to happen a lot.

Kyle: So we try to determine motivation in Messenger as much as we can. But it’s really hard to get people to open up and messenger, you’re just still stranger on Facebook. Right? So so running the triage, in the first 10 minutes of the phone call is really effective. So basically, your Acquisition Manager in that first five or 10 minutes, they’re going to determine if that motivation is there or not, and then hang up the phone if it’s if it’s not. There’s also a process called triage to where you have a triage caller. This is the setter who gets promoted to this position. And it’s their job just to talk to people on the phone. So that first human connection, and then they’re vetting it out more and making sure that it’s qualified before pushing it to the closer that way the closers calendars and getting bogged up with a bunch of unqualified leads.

Nathan: And is that is that the process they would set it on their calendar? It’s not like a live transfer be like, Hey, I got someone hot answer your phone. How does that How do you have that set up?

Kyle: Some people will do it like a live transfer, and then others will do booked appointments. If you’re doing more volume. If you have a lot more calls coming in, then you have to do it by appointment.

Nathan: Yeah, like a Calendly account or something.

Kyle: Exactly.

Nathan: That’s cool. I got to somebody. So these are live. Right. So I got some questions coming through. Is that cool? If we answer some of them?

Kyle: Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s rock it. All right.

Nathan: How do you deal with all the realtors commenting? That’s what someone asked Facebook user asset.

Kyle: Yes. So you want Realtors you want realtors to comment on your posts, and you want wholesalers to comment on your posts, even though those aren’t the leads you’re going to be focusing on. The reason is, is because the algorithm goes crazy when it gets comments. So the more comments you can get, it creates a snowball effect. It’s like panning for gold, you’re gonna get a bunch of comments and you’re looking for the legit sellers within all of these comments. And then with these agents and these wholesalers talk to him, Have a conversation inside the comment section because that’s going to make your posts have way more reach and you’re going to have a better chance of finding sellers. That’s why we say keep your post broad, but you want to keep your post broad so that you have this effect. And then just by getting that airtime, you’re gonna get the correct type of person coming in. Plus with agents find agents that are down to do off market deals. If they’re investor friendly, and they have off market deals they’re willing to do it for off market commission someone wants 2% some some 3% some of them especially the newbie agents, or would be down to work for just like a $2,000 flat commission for sure. Right. So so you get them on your side and they become like a bird dog for you.

Nathan: I love it. I love it. Okay, I think they someone followed that question up with how do you find the buyers? Facebook groups as well?

Kyle: Yeah, Facebook groups you can definitely find buyers with investor groups and cash buyer groups, private money groups and stuff like that. But you know, that’s just one method. Another method you want to do is just pull a list from from an area of cash buyer some properties that were purchased in cash, Skiptrace that and then send out SMS you’re gonna be able to build a list waste faster that way.

Nathan: Yeah, there’s 1000s of ways to find buyers is crazy. There’s so many different ways um, so you said you have the people that want to squad up doing these Facebook posts or they’re not vas. They’re like you said Americans Is that right?

Kyle: Yeah US based a lot of them are other wholesalers that just want to squad up and then some of them are just coming from the sales arena they’ve done door to door they worked in a call center they work commission only people that that do well in MLM tend to crush it with this too.

Nathan: Not VA Necessarily?

Kyle: No we don’t use VAs setters, we try to stay away from that,

Nathan: is that because maybe it’s more difficult for them to have the like,normal conversation?

Kyle: Um, so it’s, yeah, there’s one is communication barrier. But even if you find somebody that has excellent communication skills, there’s little differences, just, you know, little differences in dialect and slang, that we speak to each other. And that will kind of make people understand, Oh, this isn’t somebody based in the US, right? So so there’s that. And it’s not just that it’s also a different skill set, you’re not going to get a VA to work commission only they won’t do it. They want job security, and they want to be paid. They want predictability and job security. That’s what motivates them.

Nathan: It’s true. It’s very true.

Kyle: Somebody who is more of the entrepreneur mindset, they like that high risk, high adrenaline work, they don’t want a wage, they’d rather risk more to make bigger paychecks

Nathan: high risk, high reward. I love it. All right. So one last thing that’s coming through is, or at the moment is specifically what type of community groups do you post and I think we kind of already went over this neighborhood groups, we’re talking neighborhood groups, we’re not talking investor groups, like with wholesalers, and um, you want neighborhood groups?

Kyle: Yep. 100%.

Nathan: All right. All right, man. Well, hey, that’s been some juicy, juicy stuff for us today. And honestly, I think everybody should go over. Do you have a Facebook group? Right?

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, I got a Facebook group. It’s has 13,000 members in it. It’s super high quality, we have constant trainings in there. We have interviews with experts, we have giveaways, scripts, swipe files, all kinds of stuff that you can get and pick up inside of that group. And the best way to find the group is if you go to the website,, So if you go to bot, that’s a that’s a free training three secrets to finding deals and Facebook groups. And it’s, it’s kind of what we went over today. But more on the structure. And it’s more webinar format than interview format. So if you want to be able to access this training, in a different format, definitely opt in there. And then on the next page, it’s going to have the button to join the group. So first, you opt into the training and then on the next page, you can join the group.
Nathan: Let’s go there right now.
Kyle: Why not? Yeah. 100%

Nathan: I’m gonna go there right now. I’m gonna check it out. Is that cool?

Kyle: Oh, yeah, man.

Nathan: Let’s do it. Guys. Everybody with me? Let’s go. Awesome. So that’s sweet, man. I’m gonna check this out. Because I’ve talked to some people about it before and I think it’s a great way to do it. So guys, this is it? Is this is what you’re saying? Like you just click it and then you can join the community. And then we can book is it a call with you? Or is it with your team?

Kyle: That’s a call with my team.

Nathan: Cool. Cool. Cool. All right, guys. Well, you’ve seen it here. First. I just did it. It’s easy. Just go And, you know, I think this is right, because dude, I hate spending money on marketing. I don’t think it’s even necessary. There’s just too many ways to get deals with low, no low to no marketing spend, right? I mean, most coaches and people will teach you just to like polis cold, call it text it and then you know, you’re new, you don’t know what you’re doing. You spend 10k 20k. And then you’re like, I don’t know, I freaking did everything they said. I mean, we’ve all done it, right. And sometimes you hit it big, you get like a big wholesale fee like 50 100,000. But sometimes you don’t. But the cool thing about this is little to no marksman, and that’s what I’m focusing on too. So this is a great thing that I can use. In my, in my own business.

Kyle: Yeah, that’s awesome. Man. I love that. And for for those of you watching that, you’re like, Man, I just don’t want to put it in time. I’d rather just put in money and get a return on adspend and be able to track my KPIs, if that’s what you’re into. You can have that same predictability inside of organic marketing and it can still be hands off. That’s the way I like to do it. I like to work off of KPIs and tracking sheets, and then leveraging other people’s work in order to get this done. And if you just want to have this built for you right out of the box, we’re here to help you with that.

Nathan: Let’s go You heard it here first from Kyle Rogers. He’ll build your business and you can chill, right?

Kyle: Yeah, that’s it.

Nathan: Alright, guys. Well, Kyle, you got anything else you’d like to drop for us? Any other golden nuggets? You’ve you’ve graced? Yeah, great info today.

Kyle: Yeah, I got one last piece of advice, man. When I was putting in 80 hour weeks, I wasn’t happy and I was able to make make some money. But so what I find that these days, the less I do, the more I make. So just remember that guys that Less you do, the more you make. And if you’re if you work on instead of working hard, you work smart and you work on things that move the needle the most, then your life can completely change.

Nathan: Dang, that’s powerful, bro. Because a lot of people think the harder you work, the more you make, but you’re saying the opposite.

Kyle: 100% That’s how I’m able to travel the world full time never go step foot in the property able to do this all hands off, run two different seven figure companies completely hands off. It’s because I have systems in place and I have a tribe behind me, my people to be able to execute.

Nathan: That’s amazing, dude, that’s amazing. Let me ask you this. Do you think it’ll ever Facebook will ever be dry up as a lead source? Do you have any like, thoughts on that

Kyle: Man The thing is with Facebook groups is Facebook has been pushing it hard they’ve been promoting groups big time they had a Superbowl ad to where they were promoting Facebook groups. So it’s definitely a priority on the platform. They’re wanting to put emphasis on that and if they ended up changing it for whatever reason it dried up then I would just go somewhere else there’s SMS there’s and you know, that could change but the thing is, is you adapt and you find out what the next thing is what the next traffic source traffic you never have a traffic problem guys, you never have a traffic problem. There’s traffic out there more traffic than we could even care to be able to handle there’s things out there ways to get traffic that you don’t even know about that you could build an entire company around but there’s no time what you lack is not traffic. It’s systems and the people that help you execute those systems

Nathan: Beautiful beautifully said kyle that was amazing.

Kyle: Thanks, brother.

Nathan: So that guys you heard it here first. Again. You’ve heard it multiple times. He heard me said go to visit Bob Fox. That is legit. I’m definitely going to start using that strategy. And yeah, that’s cool. Well, hey, man, I appreciate your time you go enjoy yourself in quarter lane. When you come drive through Utah. Hit me up. We’ll go get some to eat. We’ll go chill. Maybe I’ll go off road with you.

Kyle: We’ll see man, but let me know when you go hit some trails for sure. All right. Thanks so much, everybody for jumping in. And thanks for having me, Nathan. I’ll see you guys next time.

Nathan: See you later brother. Bye.


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