Using the NEGATIVITY in the Real Estate Market to your ADVANTAGE!

In this video, we’re going to show you how to use the NEGATIVITY in the real estate market to your ADVANTAGE. Check this video to know more!
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Daniel: The $100,000 wholesale fee, that one was crazy, because I just feel like sometimes there’s so much negativity in the market right now. And, you know, in the sales business, sometimes you have to use that to your advantage. So, you know, we were negotiating the deal, we’re thinking about all the markets cooling off. And so I ended up kind of playing that to my advantage and got the house forabout 430,000. And the seller didn’t know that right in their pocket, you know, couple streets over there was a renovated house that sold in the low 9s. You know,it’s a full renovation. So it’s a it’s a big job, it’s not something that you know, you’re going to take on as your first flip, but for the experienced investor who, who I ended up selling it to, you know, he does like 20 30 flips a year.

Nathan: That’s exactly what you got to sell to. Right.

Daniel: Yeah. So he ended up looking at it like the like the house and this is when you know, you have a good deal because this is a question people ask. So if this deal is so good, why aren’t you flipping it yourself? You know, three or four times? And the honest answer is it’s just not in my wheelhouse. You know, it’s it’s about 30 minutes away from where I live, so I hate driving. And you know, I work in East Cobb and so this is in Roswell so the next town over still a great area, but slightly different demographic different.

Nathan: I grew up on the border of Marietta and Roswell, Georgia ran over time. Yeah.

Daniel: So this is straight up like past downtown, downtown Roswell, up that road up canton street and you basically into this nice little pocket not too far from the hospital. So really nice area and all that jazz. But you know, when people are asking you like, well, is this such a good deal? Why weren’t you doing it? That’s when you know, you have a deal on your hand.

Nathan: Yep. Yeah. They’re like, they’re kind of skeptical. But they want it.

Daniel: Yeah, exactly. It’s like, nobody gets us away for free. I’m like, listen to it, obviously, I already closed on it, I obviously I got it at a lower price. And what I’m saying to you, so at the at the spread I’m making, I’m happy to let it go and still leave plenty of meat on the bone for you, you know, this is still a six figure profit for for this other investor, because honestly, it was gonna, you know, you’re not moving walls so much. But it’s just a big footprint. It was, you know, three and a half 1000 above grade and about 2000 and basements. So it’s about 5000 square foot house. Not a lot of people have the experience in the capital kind of take that project form. So but it was from the same source, the same kind of like agent that does off market deals. And so once you build that relationship-
Right, exactly, exactly. So, you know, it goes back to my earlier point where it’s like building that rapport, right? When people know who you are, they’ve done one deal with you a second year with you. So I did the smaller $25,000 deal first and then we did this $100,000 deal with the same agent, like two weeks later. And so it’s just about building rapport. It’s about building you know, your brand and your name out there and making sure that when when you say something, you’re gonna do it and people know that you’re going to close if you if you make an offer you write an offer.

Nathan: There’s power in that there’s power doing what you say


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