How to make money in real estate during a recession

In this video, we’re going to show you how to make money in real estate during a recession.

What is up everybody today guys I got some super excited to tell you I just did a deal guys. And it took me a couple hours to do you know barely any time and I made 10k Okay, so what I want to do is show you guys how I made the 10k and not only that I was watching a video by Jerry Norton okay shout out to my man Jerry Norton and he just put it on his YouTube channel I don’t know if anyone follows him but he basically he was with pays more. And they asked this question they said what would you do if you’re dropped in the middle of nowhere and you had to get your first deal and you had no money like little to no money

I wanted to talk about that guys. What would you do if you were dropped in the middle of nowhere you have a cell phone maybe let’s say you got 200 bucks. Okay, and you got to get a deal you got 30 days to get a deal. What are you going to do? Well that’s what I’m going to do today guys. I’m going to show you what I would do to get my first deal and I’m gonna tell you what Jerry said but guys, I’m going to tie this into how I just made 10k Okay, now wholesaling. It works. Okay, everybody does it. I’ve done hundreds of wholesale deals, there is a better way that is working better now. And I call it the painless wholesaling strategy calling it painless because guys wholesaling can kind of be painful. Sometimes, you know, you can get a house under contract, you can blast it out, nobody wants it. You’re like what the heck this I thought this was a deal. And that’s painful. It’s painful for you, if you have a sales team, it’s painful for them because they locked up a contract. They thought it was a deal. It’s painful for the dispositions team because, you know, they’re sending it out and they think they have a deal. And when you got to cancel that contract, everybody feels that pain. Okay, I got a better way. It’s called the painless wholesaling strategy. All right, guys. So let’s run rerun this scenario, what would you do if you got dropped off in an area with just a cell phone, little to no money and their scenarios had no money but my scenario I’m saying 200 bucks, okay, so you get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and you need to get a deal in 30 days or someone’s going something bad’s gonna happen to your family. Okay, you got to get it done. So let’s let’s dive into this scenario. If you’re dropped off in an area you do not want to just start making random offers guessing that you have a deal you got to find out what people want and then you got to go find us the fastest way and the best way to do it. Now there’s about 1012 different strategies to finding buyers okay, but I’m going to show you in this scenario what batch leads can do for you so let’s say you got 200 bucks they’ll get batch leads and we’re going to I’m going to show you what how bachelors can help you find a buyer and let’s call let’s see if I can find a you know a buyer out there Okay, let’s do this scenario. You’re dropped off in Anchorage Alaska so let’s go here and let’s do some filtering to see what buyers are in the area Wow know what No way 2023 cash sales within the last year that sounds crazy. Let’s make sure my filters are correct shoot there’s there’s some activity going on in here. No anchorage has got some issues going on. Okay, so this is a house that’s been flipped. It looks like they did a good job but it looks like it’s lived in So okay, this is the next thing now that you’ve done this process everybody what you’re going to do is you’re going to call the real estate agent that has represented this and this is actually active right now so I’m gonna call the agent say act like I just got dropped off in Alaska in this in this scenario. Okay, we’re gonna see how this works. Everybody see if he answers

he’ll answer I know it will. Can call or agents have representative cash buyers. Okay, this one look newer. Let’s check it out. Call that agent right now. All right, let’s call this agent Michelle. We got her. Hey, Michelle. How you doing? My name is Nathan I just was calling you because I see that you’re an agent in the Anchorage Alaska area. Yes. Yeah. Do you have a couple of minutes that we could chat? Are you busy? What are you calling regarding? I’m an investor I’m looking to do some flips in the anchorage area so I was just wondering you know, I could chat with you about the area just because I’m looking sure are you from Anchorage? I’m not I’m actually from Utah. But you know, I’m pretty interested in the market out there. And you know, like I said, just wanted to kind of pick someone’s brain out there kind of fine. Just so you knew where we don’t really have a flip market in Alaska. Our market is super tight. We don’t really have Yeah, we don’t really have a range that is affordable for flipping and our housing market is inventory is very low. Okay. So kind of regardless of condition they go very fast really okay so if it’s because sometimes this is what I do you know, I look for I market to areas like you know, I mainly work in Utah but I’m just kind of trying to expand out so I market to areas to home sellers and then I ask them, you know, see if I can buy their property but you’re saying out there in Anchorage, you don’t really need even rehab a property you just need to get one at a somewhat of a good deal and then you can sell it. There’s no There’s no flip market here

All right, Michelle. Well I appreciate your time and thanks for taking my call. All right everybody. So what did we just learn? Well, we learned a couple of things what we’ve learned is that the anchorage market is very not a lot of inventory pretty much anything that hits the market will go so this market shift apparently from what she said hasn’t really affected Anchorage. So the good thing about me not just starting to make offers on properties already is the fact that maybe I would have just wasted my time but now I know from talking to her that she has a couple of investors Okay, so this is what I’m gonna do this is why it’s important to call someone and talk have relationships first is now that I’m an anchorage I’m going to look for a property and what I’m going to do is I’m going to call her once I get under contract and say hey, look, you know, I ran the air I ran the comps This is not something that I want to buy can you connect me to one year investors like we just talked about now? She will tell me Nate you got a deal. Let’s freakin do it. I’m trying to make some money or she will say Nate, you do not have a deal. Go back to work. So now I have a point of contact. I don’t have to guess what a deal is in Anchorage, Alaska, I can go to my girl Michelle. So what I’m going to do I’m going to virtually drive for dollars now. I’m going to look for properties that looks somewhat distressed. Look at that, that’s completely different than the whole neighborhood that thing is a piece so what do you think the first thing I’m doing is I’m going to add this to my list and we actually create a new list we’re going to call it anchorage three four D and then what what I would do next is I would skip trace it not call it I would text it I would email alright so let’s go back to

okay so that’s driving for dollars I said one but I’m actually going to do another one so this is the next thing you’re going to do if you’re driving for dollars you just stuck in Alaska and you got no money first of all, we’re going back to Abbott loop. So let’s see how many people qualify in Abbott. So real quick systems, what systems are using for data batch leads and guys let me tell you why use batch leads. It’s because like I’ve showed you before driving for dollars is money you can do campaigns you can text and mail out of them all within the same platform you can skip trace you can pull lists, it’s all pretty freakin easy to do within within here Okay, so again dropped in Anchorage, Alaska, you can go to boundary and then you have all the different filters you can apply it so there you go. You select All You take all these you add it to the list, you skip trace it and now instead of calling just random people, you know what buyers want you as soon as you find some you call Michelle shillings share with a buyer you got a deal in less than 30 days. Okay, now what I’m telling you is true. This is the way to do real estate. This is the most efficient way. It’s the most painless way. That’s why we call it the painless wholesaling method, you talk to a couple cash buyers and you find out exactly what they want, then you find what they want. Because if you open your marketing to this whole city, the chances of you getting a deal. Sure it’s good, but it’s going to take a lot more effort. It’s going to take a lot more time and who has all this time to do it especially you part timers that are doing this not full time it’s going to be difficult for you to get a deal unless you you’re concentrated on a specific area. I don’t see any more questions coming in. So there we go. Let’s get it everybody talk to you soon. All right, match leads for life.


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