How to make money wholesaling with no money

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Alright guys, so today, what am I going to be going over today? Well, you know exactly what I’m going to be going over today I’m going to show you how we just did a deal for clean $1,200 to zero marketing, spend and spend any money at all. Okay? So if you’re interested in how you can make money with no money, I’m gonna show you, okay

so right now I’m going to show you guys exactly how I just did a deal for $21,200 on market. Now this thing was listed on the MLS by a real estate agent, I’m going to show you exactly how we did it. All right. So how did I get a deal for $21,200 without spending a dime, $1 even a cent in marketing? Well, I’m gonna break it down for you guys. But I’m going to show you exactly the exact way I did it is the exact way I give it to you guys for free. And I teach you on the Mind Map. Okay, so if you guys do not have the Mind Map yet, which I believe a lot of you do, let’s pull that mind map up really quick. So if you guys do not have the mind map that I give out for free, you need to go get it message me if you don’t have it, you can find it on our Facebook group.

But here it is. And I followed the exact steps that I teach you guys steps one through 10 to get a deal. And that’s what we’re gonna go through in this slide right now. But here it is. It’s all here. Okay, let’s break it down. So I got a deal by following the exact process that I teach you guys for free. Okay, number one, the first thing you guys have to focus on, if you want to be consistent in real estate is you have to have the right mindset. So in step one I teach you guys get your mind, right. And that’s why I believe I got this deal. Because I’m consistently looking for deals, I’m taking the daily actions, I get ready for my day, and I don’t just stumble into work and hope I get a deal. I know what actions I need to take, I have the right mindset.

So if you guys look at step one, you can go and see all the different things I give you to improve your mindset. I explained why you need a great mindset, how to find your why within activity and worksheet, understanding the power of actions, the blessings of giving and paying tithing and how that helps you make more money, the formula for success in business. And if you want to create your own agenda, and your own planner on how to succeed, I actually have a planner that I’m giving out that I’ve made that you can download for free, that helps you you know, get your mind right and plan your days. If you guys go down here on the mind map down to how to create your own weekly, monthly and daily schedule. If you go here to the ultimate planner to dominate life, if you go here and download it, I give it to you guys a PDF version for free printable PDF version. So you guys can go print it off, I’m creating a digital one. So you can just do it on your computer. But the digital one is going to come with like a planning session. So if you want it, I’m gonna have like a weekly planning session that if you buy it, I’m gonna charge for it, you can come and I’ll teach you how to use it. But the PDF one is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for it.

Number two, in the mind map, the step two is pick your market. I’ve picked Salt Lake City, Utah, because I live there, I recommend you pick one market if you’re beginning if you do multiple, maybe you’re a little bit more experienced. But if you’re brand new, don’t do multiple markets, pick one. Number three is I found a cash buyer. Okay, so I use one of the strategies that I teach you guys in the mind map. And that is reaching out to title companies to find buyers. I literally did exactly what I show you on the mind map. So right here are the text messages. I sent a text message to Christina, who is the agent at the title company. And I said, Hey, Christina, who is actively buying send them my way, please, I have some deals. She said, I’m going to ask some people she sends me Scott Scott is a buyer. I puts us in a group chat. We start talking, I text Scott. And I said Scott, can I call you? Let’s chat. I talked to Scott i Then I go into step four of the Mind Map and I find out his buying criteria. It’s all in here. If you want to know what questions to ask buyers, it’s all in step four. And I sent him a text with my cash buyer box form. He filled it out, I knew exactly what do you wanted to buy.

So now we’re jumping into step five, which is once you have a buyer now you can start marketing to find out what they want. Now the traditional way of wholesaling is they tell you to just go start marketing. And then don’t worry, you’ll find a buyer if you have a deal. The problem with that is a lot of you guys don’t know what a deal is, and you don’t get it low enough. And then you lock somebody up and you’re just way off on your numbers because you didn’t go low enough most of the time. So the way I avoid that is I have buyers in place, and I know what they want and I call them like you know, let’s say 50% of time before I even lock it up just to know if I’m in the right range for them.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to sell it to them just means I use them as a benchmark. Okay, so I start marketing. So I started looking for deals now that I had Scott. So this is really interesting guys. I called an agent and made an offer on a property and I got denied Okay, and I actually have the call because I recorded myself doing it. This is when I called the agent and he denied me of my lowball offer. He had it listed at 454 60. I made an offer at 325 because that’s where it needed to be. He denied me but that is the number it needed to be at. I’m going to show you guys the video so you can see how it went and you can critique me you can say, hey, Nate great call or you can say trash call, but here it is. This might be his number. Actually, I just clicked on it. So see. So Bryson is one of my one of the people in the mentorship. So we were looking at a deal that he had that he’s thought looked like a good opportunity. So I was like, Hey, let’s call the agent. So I ran my numbers, and I called the agent and you don’t have we don’t have to watch the whole video. But this is just part of the call but more money

Now that you’ve got a mother and wife out there.

Yeah. So I ran my numbers. And I mean, I just want to be frank, like my offer. I know it’s listed for 60. Is that like, is this like 100%? Firm on that? I just feel like that’s kind of high for the condition it’s in and where I could resell it for. Yeah. What’s your offer? I mean, I was reluctant to give the offer because the offer was $140,000 less, and I didn’t I didn’t think you’d accept it. Which he doesn’t I don’t want to shock you. But I ran my numbers on this before I called you in order for me to make a good amount of money where I feel like you would be a good fit for me. I would probably want to offer between like 325 and 330. Cash.

Yeah, you’re 100,000 Low under our other offer.

Wow, you already have you already have an offer of WoW, someone offered

now about 464 Yeah, we’re 100 we’re about 100 over that.

Okay, so there’s a cash offer on the table already for 25.

Well, I’m not going to tell you the price, but it’s pretty close to that of course.

Okay, let me put the numbers in at 45 Let me see. So anyway, I tried to run the numbers to see if it would make sense if for 25 it doesn’t and we end the call and you know I don’t get the deal of course I’m $140,000 less than 100k less than his best cash offer and I’m like there’s no way they’re gonna make money. So anyway, I was like whatever. So I kept on looking for deals and I look on deals on Facebook you know all the time and this is what happened I saw that Melissa posted I actually saw this post before Jerry Norton tagged me but shout out to Jerry for thinking about me I appreciate him I know Jerry we’ve networked I’ve been in his mastermind mastermind and in coaching is so important because you look I joined Jerry Norton’s program and I spend a lot of money on it for me I thought it was a lot but off of this one deal. I made my money back just because I had the network guys. If you guys think about coaching and you’re like, Oh man, I don’t have money for that.

The relationships you make when you network with people, they come back and you know, 2030 Fold if you do it the right way. I’ve made more money from having joining Jerry’s mentorship, Sean Terry’s mentorship, John Martinez, all these Alex Youngblood all these people, I’ve done so much coaching, guys, but I’ve always make my money back because I’m willing to network and do deals with people. So anyway, Jerry, tags me in this. This is one of his students. And I reached out to her because she has a deal. And she’s looking for a buyer. I have a wholesale deal in American Fork text me if you’re interested. So I texted her and said, hey, I’m interested, I can be a buyer for you.

So I analyze the deal that’s on Step six. I texted her or emailed her, I said, hey, send me the info, she sends me an info. It’s interesting enough, this is the same deal that I made an offer on at 325. So she was the person who locked this dude, this house, if you guys can see American Fork, this is the same property that I got denied on. So she had it. She had it at about 376, which was too high. I told her that she was too high. We started negotiating these are just texts back and forth. Basically what I had to do is I had to tell her, she needed to be at 325. So she went back and forth with the agent. She got him down to eventually she got them down to 320. Because we found out that the property had some property issue lines, that property line was wrong. So you know, they couldn’t really sell it. So we had to pay for a survey.

But anyway, they do. It came from 420, where he believed he had a buyer and now he’s at 320 $5,000 less than what I had done. And this is a property that’s listed on the market. Number seven is I brought the deal to my buyer Scott and he said he would pay 345 We’re at 320 He’s at 345 That’s a $25,000 assignment fee. Number eight is we made the offer to the agent for 25k We had to end up paying $3,000 for a survey which took our wholesale fee down from 25 to like 22 and number nine is I teach people to market the deal out if the buyer isn’t willing to pay enough but my buyer was willing to pay enough we wholesale that to him step 10. We didn’t really need to do a walkthrough he already walked through very simple so guys, I got paid and didn’t spend any money on marketing. This deal took me personally took me like four or five hours to do and it obviously took the wholesaler that we worked with took them more because they had to negotiate and my business partner was involved. He had to do some stuff but me personally, I took like four hours to this deal. So then we got paid $21,200 And we did a 5050 split of the deal. You know that we got 10,600 bucks.

Cool. So I made $10,600 Personally for a couple hours of work with zero marketing spend and everyone on here that’s watching me can do this as well. If you have buyers if you have the power to the buyers right now, which is number four, you have the power right now the market is shifting. If you have buyers, you can help people close their deals and they’re more than happy to helped me out and they left me a review which I think is awesome I think it’s funny this is the review they left me shout to Melissa

a working with group Nate was fantastic it got us a buyer really quickly and everything sorry for the kids love it as well. Great. Thanks

I love that last thing at the end that’s awesome. Anyway guys, the cool thing about JV with people is you’re really helping them out like they couldn’t find a buyer or maybe they could have but you know I helped them in the beginning they couldn’t so I had to walk them through getting the deal low enough but that was that’s pretty much it. You know that’s that’s a slideshow of exactly how to follow my process to make $10,600 and a couple hours of work. Peace out if you need me. Hit me up. Go get the Mind Map. Join the club. Have a good time. Have a great weekend, everybody. See ya