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In this video, we’re going to have a special guest, Steve Cohen. The owner of Notable Notaries, a nationwide mobile notary and field agent service. On the mobile notary side, we work with lenders escrow, title companies over the country. On the field agent side, We connect investors, wholesalers and flippers to field agents anywhere in the country anywhere in the US. On demand boots on the ground anywhere in the country! Check this video to know more.

All right, Steve, how’s it going? We’re live with investors. Dr.

Nathan, thank you so much for having me. I truly appreciate it. I am so excited to be here today.

Ya know, I’m excited to have you on here. So tell me, so we got connected you you did a little presentation or demo for Sean Terry’s that. Is that what you said?

Yeah, I spoke at one of his masterminds he had a couple months ago. Wow. And the reception after that event has just been amazing. And it’s really made me want to reach out to more investors, flippers and wholesalers everywhere.

Well, it’s amazing. So let’s let’s just dive right into it. Because I know a lot of people are curious what’s going on? What? What do you do?

Well, Nathan, thank you for having me. Again. Like I said, my name is Steve Cohen. I’m the owner of notable notaries notable notaries is a nationwide mobile notary and field agent service. On the mobile notary side, we work with lenders, escrow companies, title companies all over the country, and we facilitate their loan closings for them every day, all over the country. On the field agent side, I connect investors, wholesalers and flippers to field agents for any of their properties anywhere in the country. And I do it fast, and I can get boots on the ground same day, if need be

Wow, anywhere in the United States or anywhere in the United States

So currently, I’m sitting on a database of about 257,000 field agents located across the United States field agents in every city. I like to say, oh my gosh, yeah.

Well, that’s an amazing database. Like that’s a you mind. If I asked how you got, you got all those field agents.

So after being in business now, for over a decade, it started out where I wasn’t taking a profit. I just started out as a notary company, that’s fine. The name of my business is notable notaries. I didn’t take any profit for the first year. So I was able to give the notaries 100% of the fee. And after notaries around the country started started to hear about my business more and more started signing up. And after the first year, I had 15,000 signed up for my company, my gosh, the second year it doubled. And from there, like I said, I’m sitting on about 257,000 field agents right now all over the country,

and how do they get compensated after doing a task,

So they’re gonna get paid through my company. So my company basically invoices all the clients I work for, whether it’s an investor, or a title, or escrow company, and then from those funds, we send a check directly to the field agent or notary that handled the work.

So what are some of these tasks that these boots on the ground people do?

So this is going to blow your mind? All right, we’re going to help you and your followers solve a major problem in your industry. And that is just access to remote field agents, remote people to handle all these various miscellaneous tasks you need at your properties anywhere in the country. So for example, our basic services, our exterior and interior photos, lockbox setup, we do door knocks, you know, if the seller is hasn’t been responding in a couple of weeks, we’re gonna send our field agent out to knock on the door, get their contact information and hand off your contact information. Wow, we post letters we’ve had our clients want us to post demand letters, we have MLS photo service as well, where we have premium MLS photo quality photos taken anywhere in the country as well. We do obviously notarize documents, sales, contracts, attorney and fax any of that stuff that our investors need. So really, the sky’s the limit. At the end of the day, I have an affiliate network of similar business owners like myself that have other companies. So we’re able to also provide Maid Service, clean out service, yard service, whatever you need at your properties, we’re able to facilitate it for you. And as you know, as an investor wholesaler, the faster you guys get access to these properties rekey the locks get a lockbox on the faster you guys get the photos taken, the faster you guys sell these properties. Yeah, my team and I We are fast.

That’s, that’s amazing. You said sometimes the day of

Day of no problem. Oh my god. Yeah. And obviously, if you’re requesting photos, maybe at five o’clock at night, we might come back to you and say you might want to wait till tomorrow when there’s better sunlight, right. But for the most part, we’re able to complete these orders same day.

That’s amazing. So do you have a demo you’d like to share? Is that do you want to go into?

Definitely. So I want to just show off our portal that I have. So this is a state of the art portal that was built specifically for my signing service. Oh, wow. And when you become a client of mine, it’s completely free to use. There’s no monthly minimums or anything like that. When you become a client like mine, you’re gonna get a login like this. Are you able to see that Nathan?

Oh, no. So try me go ahead and go share this. Go ahead and share just go to present and then. Yeah, so let’s see. Yep, now we’re looking at it. Great. Looking good.

You’re gonna get login like this like you would for any other account where you log in is going to be your email address and the password. And once you log in, you’re going to come to this screen right here and it’s gonna have all your orders you have placed with us now look, Nathan’s placed a lot of orders. Now I said This app has test orders for it. So it’s gonna have all your orders already right here in the portal. And this is how it works. When you create an order, you’re going to click create order, you’re going to come here to our menu, and you’re going to select the service you need. And you can see all the various services we need right here. Amazing. So let’s say you want locksmith services, or how about unlock unlock the door for a potential home buyer, all you’re going to do is enter the property address, wherever you want our field agent to show up and you can set a time if you have a time that you know your seller wants to meet, go ahead and enter it right here. Our field agent will meet them at that time. Otherwise, if you want us to handle all that work for you hit to be determined. Enter the seller’s information here, you hit save and you’re done. Go back on with your day, go grow your business, go pick up the phone door knock cold call, whatever you got to do, we’re going to take it from that point forward. And we’re going to completely streamline and simplify that in scheduling and hiring a field agents anywhere in the country for you guys.

Oh my gosh, that sounds that was seemed extremely easy.

It’s it’s super simple. And the best part about it too is like I said before, your orders are all self contained in my secure portal. So for example, it’s going to show you all the information about the portal right here. So if there’s any special instructions that have been added, for example, this is for a document to get notarized, please send scans only destroy original, this is where you guys would upload your documents that you need notarized down here is the activity feed. This is awesome, because this is going to keep track of all of our communication throughout the order, you don’t have to go back and look for old emails where we’re at with the order or anything like that, it’s going to have every single communication regarding this property right down here in the activity feed of the portal. Wow. So on top of that, you’re gonna get an email and the order has been placed, you’re gonna get an email, when a field agents been assigned with their contact information, if you wish to receive that wish to reach out to them, you’re also going to receive an email once the appointment has been confirmed. And then again, once it’s been completed, and that’s all automated for transparency, and to also keep you guys in the loop throughout the entire transaction. So you know exactly where we are at in each stage of the of the transaction.

And is this a pay for you as you go service? Or is it or per job? Or is it a monthly subscription?

Yeah, no, so it’s per job. And what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to offer all of your listeners 20% off right now, until the end of the month, I’m going to give them 20% off my normal fees. Once you’re locked in at that rate, it lasts forever, it never goes away. So I want to definitely all shoot you off a special pricing sheet for your followers. Yeah, so they get an idea of what to expect for the fees.

So how would they get that? That discount? Would they just go to mobile? Your your website? Notable note? Yeah.

So basically, when they go to notable notaries.com, they can send an email, there’s information there on how to place an order. Make sure they reference your name, please make sure they say your name, Nathan Payne, Nathan Payne. I’ll make sure that they get the 20% discount, moving forward indefinitely. And that’s the best way to keep track of who’s coming in from your your followers.

Yeah, man, this definitely this is something that definitely would have helped me I remember one time I was talking to this guy named Buddy. He’s got a property inherited in Columbus. No, not in Columbus, Georgia. It was a Savannah, Georgia. And he lived in Texas. And he didn’t he doesn’t use email. He’s super old guy. So I had to call around at like nine o’clock at night and find out somewhere who could print off this paper and take it to him. I actually ended up calling AutoZone. The lady there was cool. So she printed it off and dropped off the paperwork. That is how and it was a night. Well, not a nightmare. It was a waste of my time. So if I would have had you you I’m sure it wouldn’t have been me scrambling to find out who in calling Autozone

Yeah, no, definitely you guys don’t have the time or resources to vet all these people going out to these properties. All these photographers these field agents, you guys don’t have time to do that juggle conflicting schedules. When can the seller meet? When can the photographer mean cell there’s a no show. Now you gotta call the photographer, photographer ghosted us or has to reschedule. Now, here’s another phone call coming in that you guys have to field and take no more, my team is going to handle all of that communication going back and forth, you’re going to place the order 24 to 48 hours later, you’re going to get your photos, you’re going to get your lockbox code, whatever it is, we are going to take all of that stress all of that work off your plate. And when you guys start working with us, you’re going to notice that really quick that our goal is to really take as much work off your plate as possible.

So let me ask you this. So one of the you said I saw something like a category about unlocking a door. Yeah, really. So they’ll unlock a door for you, huh?

Yeah. So oftentimes, what we’ll get is we’re going to have a seller or one of our investors or wholesalers that wants to send a group of buyers out, right, so the property to view it. So we’re going to request one of our field agents to go out to the property, unlock the door and be a representative of your company. Just to make sure that the people that show up in the sellers don’t really talk a lot or any kind of anything that you want to have happen at the showing. We’re going to facilitate that and make sure that that happens for you.

Awesome. So I just had If someone in the Facebook asked if the website is, has is down it just says for them when they typed in risky website.

No, no, not at all. Notable notaries.com

notable, notable, notable notable notable notaries.com Yeah, I put in the I’m sorry. Hold on. Let me make sure I, I put it into like a notable Yeah, notable notaries.com. You know, what I’ve been seeing sometimes is depends on the browser you use. So let me let’s see, I typed in. I’m checking it right now. No, it works for me right now.

Yeah, I guarantee you with my portal and all my your fine thing that I have encrypted, your file,

I’m assuming it’s maybe here type this in Facebook user that said that type this in I just put the link in there the way I typed it in and took me to the site. No problem. Notable notaries, can you go back to your sharing your screen just to show the homepage where people will?

What people are looking at? You want to see the homepage of my website and more of the portal,

The homepage of the website itself. So let’s do it. Yeah, go to the homepage. So. So they know they’re at it. Yeah. Okay. So if it looks like that, Facebook, everyone that’s watching this on Facebook, YouTube, wherever you are. That’s, that’s what I got when I typed in notable notary, so maybe typed in spelled wrong or whatever. But anyway, cool. Yeah. So we got people that are watching this, and they’re interested. So yeah, definitely. When you sign up, definitely use my name, let them know. So you can get the 20% off. I think this is a great tool, because there are sellers, and there are people that just don’t know how to use technology. You know, I usually try to get them to take pictures or do stuff like that. But there seems to be things that some people can’t figure out, unfortunately.

Yeah, absolutely. I agree. So that’s why we’re, we’re here to help. And like I said, our goal is to really just be able to release you guys for more critical tasks, the important stuff, you know, growing your bottom line. And that’s what we do.

Of course, are you good? Are you done showing? That? Yeah, okay, let’s see here, it’s that present pretty much the demo, that’s my portal right there.

It’s super self explanatory, I have no issue, myself or somebody on my team hopping on a zoom to do a tutorial and run you through and show you how to use it, I’d be happy to do that. Awesome. And we’re really looking forward to just streamlining and simplifying this whole process for you guys, because like I said, is really a major, major issue that your industry has, without having a one stop shop for all of these resources. I got started in this because one of my clients said, he was literally going on Google, Craigslist, and thumbtack, looking in local markets for people to do this work. Yeah. And actually, it’s 20 to 40 minutes, I get it, that’s a that’s a, that’s a one way to do it. But if you’d rather have that extra time and just have it streamlined, I’d love to be of service to you know, this is awesome.

This is great, because definitely a service everyone needs or is needed or will need because for me if I need pictures, sometimes I call agents and then you know, when you call a real estate agent, you don’t know if they’re going to try and Snake the deal. You don’t really know that agent in that area. So yeah, this is great. Whether you need if you’re worried about a showing with multiple buyers, and you can have somebody like yeah, that sounds like a service. That’s definitely very useful for our industry. So great, great idea. And I, I definitely think people will reach out. Is there anything you want to kind of leave us with leave the my audience with before we wrap up, you know,

the last thing I would say is really, the sky’s the limit with my company, your wish is our command, you know, there’s basic services that we provide on our portal that you’re going to see once you sign up, but we do it all Maid Service, clean out service, lawn service locksmith, anything you guys need, we’re gonna facilitate it, we have a nationwide affiliate network of various vendors that do what we do in their field. And we’re able to get really low rates, flat fees on most of our services. So I would just like to leave everybody with with that, knowing that you’ll be in good hands working with us. And I really can’t wait to work with you guys and help you guys streamline this stuff.

It’s amazing. They can go take pictures of the house and then mow the lawn. Exactly. And we’ve done that before. That’s awesome. Cool. Well, everybody that’s been watching this, definitely reach out, go check out the website and throw it in there in the comment section if you need anyone, especially if you’re wholesaling virtually, or investing virtually this is something that can definitely come into handy come in handy. So check it out, and we’ll probably have you on again, Steve in the future. See, you know, I’m sure you’re always improving this, this tool and it will get better and better.

Yeah, definitely. I love that. Thank you so much for having me, Nathan, of course.

Everybody chat with you later. We’ll see you next time. Bye.


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