What is the best CRM software for real estate

In this video, we’re going to talk about the best CRM software for real estate. Every successful real estate investor and professional knows that you need a really good CRM to help you with follow-up and manage your leads. And the power of having a really good CRM is going to help you get more deals. So today, we’re going to talk about what I believe is the best CRM that aligns with my strategy and what I believe anyone who is getting into real estate investing should know. Even if you’re at a high level, This CRM that I’m going to talk about is changing the game. I love it, and it’s actually a lot less expensive than the other CRM that I’ve had, which I spent thousands and thousands of dollars building. So let’s dive right in! Check out this video to learn more.

What is the best CRM to use in real estate as a real estate investor?

Every successful real estate investor and professional knows that you need a really good CRM to help you with the follow up to manage your leads. And the power of having a really good CRM is going to help you do more deals. So today, we’re going to be talking about what I believe is the best CRM that aligns with my strategy and what I believe would help anyone that’s getting into real estate investing, even if you’re a high high level, this CRM that I’m going to talk about is changing the game. I love it. And it’s actually a lot less expensive than the other CRMs that I’ve had, they’ve spent 1000s and 1000s of dollars on building.

So let’s dive right in. By the end of this video, you’re gonna know exactly what a CRM is, discover the different options of CRMs, you can use and find out what’s my favorite CRM, and we’re actually going to have a video of me implementing and showing you how to use it. So you can see if I’m be asking you, and if it’s not that good or, or if it is good, but I’m telling you, it’s dope.

So let’s dive right in. So what the heck is a CRM? Well, CRM stands for customer relationship management, all CRM is or what it’s supposed to do is help you manage your leads, I help you manage your relationships with your customers, which is extremely important in this industry. Because you get so many leads that come in, I can guarantee you pass 20 leads past 20 people, you’re gonna forget who you’re talking to when you need to talk to them.

That’s what a CRM is for. It’s actually evolved over time. Now CRM, they can, you know, do automations they can text people, they can send out emails, but originally it was to manage your relationships, manage the contacts. Now, it’s not just for contacts, you can manage your social media, depending on the CRM you have. It sends out, you know, workflows, landing pages, it’s amazing what CRMs can do now, but you need one if you’re going to be a serious professional in real estate, because follow up is key. And having a CRM that can help you follow up, it’s gonna help you make more deals.

So let’s dive into the top rated CRMs. Look, I’m just going to give you my experience, I’m not going to talk about a bunch of CRMs I’ve never tried before, I’m specifically referring to CRMs in real estate and for wholesalers or real estate agents. I’ve tried Salesforce, I’ve tried HubSpot freedom SOF, R E simply, I’ve tried Podio I’ve tried a ton of CRMs and I’m not here to bash any of them. I think they’re all good. But they are a lot of them like Salesforce and HubSpot. extremely expensive.

I remember I was paying. I think I spent like $5,000 to set up my Salesforce and it was like 900 bucks a month. Now it was sending out emails it did a ton of automation of calculators is good. But some CRMs are way over the top for depending on what step of the process you are in business. If you’re brand new business you do not need all those bells and whistles from like a Salesforce Salesforce is used by like multibillion dollar companies. And I got into it because I was like, Oh yeah, let’s try. It’s the best CRM, it’s honestly not necessary. I was gonna say no better, it is better. But that’s like if you have a giant sales organization, you can get away in a small industry, small company with something a lot less than HubSpot, and Salesforce, even those, those are cool, and they’re flashy, and they look great, you know, not necessary.

Now I’ve tried freedom soft, which freedom soft is good. It’s built for wholesalers. But I was actually able to find a CRM that integrates perfectly with my strategy. The painless flipping strategy of working with wholesalers, agents, and buyers to do deals with little to no marketing spent also integrates perfectly with batch leads, and privy. So the only software’s that I really use at the moment that I pay for are my CRM, it’s called painless crm.com. That’s where you can get it. My CRM, batch leads and privy and I’m gonna explain why this CRM that I have is the best CRM in my opinion. And for anyone that’s trying to get their first deal with little to no marketing spent on a budget. This is a perfect CRM for you.

So let’s dive in right now to explain why it’s the best the CRM that I use. And the reason why I love it so much is because I do most of my deals. And I want to do most of my deals through networking with real estate agents and working with wholesalers and network with buyers. Because I’m I want to do deals through relationships. Because with if you do a deal off market, that seller that you’re working with might have one house maybe two, if you’re lucky. And then it’s over, you work with a wholesaler, they’re gonna continue to do deals, you’re gonna be able to continue to JV or buy their deals or flip them or do whatever. Same with a real estate agent, you’re going to continue to be able to do deals with them. Same with buyers. So the software that I have, it’s actually auto that’s what it’s called, but I’ve actually white labeled and work with the owner because I love the CRM so much and we’ve been able to negotiate a discount for people that work with me if they go through painless crm.com

They get a discount on getting it set up. So the reason why I like this is because this CRM will automatically send agent outreach tax if you upload a list from batch leads from the agents in a specific area. This CRM will email and text those agents saying hey, are you still buying and it will respond to them with AI until your it’s time for you to hop and continue the conversation or hop on a phone call. That’s one of the reasons I love the agent outreach. Also, I was able to put in a wholesaler outreach that comes personally with my painless CRM comes custom with my link, I want to network with wholesalers. So I’m able to put a list of wholesalers and just send them monthly tax weekly text, the automation is pre built, and it will ask them for deals they send to me, I look at it make offers. Same with buyers, that’s all going on in the background.

Another thing that the CRM does, which I love is it automatically sends PDFs, letter of intense PDF forms and emails to agents that you put in to the system, and it will send them offers automatically on their listings. So immediately, you’re doing way more than with the CRM than you could by yourself, there’s no way you could send out that many Letter of Intent all by yourself, but this kid will do automatically.

That’s why I love the CRM and actually have a video that’s going to break down exactly how to use it and how I got a pocket listing off using it just after a couple weeks of having it and I was able to send my buyers through. Now unfortunately, I lost out on the deal thing someone offered $8,000 More than I was able to offer. But hey, that’s the name of the game. I’m gonna get another one. So check it out, check out this video and see if it helps. And before we actually dive in, I just wanna invite you to investor thrive.com to join the masterclass, it’s free. And we show you more about my strategy that you’re about to watch, but we go more in depth

. So go to investor live.com. And check out the masterclass. But let’s dive right in this video right now recommended marketing tools to get started. All right, Bachelor leads, batch leads is absolutely free for seven days in this trial in this, this 30 day challenge,

I can start four different trials with them if I want, if you want to keep it free. I’m just I already have batch leads. But I’m just letting you know for this challenge everyone, you can do it for free, I’m not going to use any of the paid tools on bachelor leads, I’m going to use it I’m just going to act like my account is free, okay, because you can anyone can get a batch leads account. So for those of you that do not have a batch leads account, I’d recommend getting it we’re going to be using it during this challenge. Also, I use privy alright, I use it for on market offers.

I use batch for off market previews, great for on market for making offers to agents, I use batch for driving for dollars pulling lists, skip tracing, checking data, so I use them for different different things. It depends what you guys need. If you want a multi line dialer, you can get one for free as well. I’m not going to be cold calling on this challenge, at least myself, I might be able to find some people that are willing to call lists for me that I get for free, but I’m not going to be cold calling. And in here it is set up CRM or Google spreadsheet to store all your contacts. Okay, and this is what I’m going to give you guys, this is the last thing to set up. And then we’re ready to rock and roll. All right. So last thing, you’ve you’ve gotten your software’s set up for free last last last last thing, and then we’re it’s time to freakin get rolling.

All right, we’ve set it up. It’s all good. We’re ready. So setting up a CRM or a Google spreadsheet to store all your contacts. Okay, that’s that’s all that’s left. As we start networking, as we start talking to sellers, you’re going to need to store your, your your contacts, right. So they said one person asked, do you create the Facebook group with the new email address you created? No, I just use my existing Facebook profile. I didn’t want to create a brand new Facebook because there has to be some sort of credibility on your Facebook that you have pictures and people that you’re real if it’s just like a brand new account. So here is the Facebook page, the Facebook page that I created. Where’s it wholesaling with no money? I just created this on my normal Facebook account. And I see another question. Let me get to that after after this. I’m going to show you guys right now why setting up a CRM or setting up a Google spreadsheet is important. So as we’re going to be networking and talking to a bunch of people, we need to keep track of all their info, or it’s gonna be extremely difficult.

So there’s two options, you have a free option that I can give you or you have a paid option. Okay? Again, this is a free challenge. So I can’t use a paid CRM for it. So I created a spreadsheet, here’s the spreadsheet, this is going to keep track of your leads, you can put their information in you can it’s going to keep track of your opportunities, your opportunities are also going to have statuses so you can say, okay, is this a dead this live? Did I sign do i My following up, it’s going to have your buyers it’s going to have agents and it’s gonna have wholesalers, you need to keep track of everybody’s info so you don’t lose it. Here’s a free spreadsheet that I made.

Everyone can go make their own, but here is the one that I made. Okay, it’s very simple. You got to store your contacts. A lot of people don’t even have a CRM, they just run everything off of a spreadsheet. I have elite 360 which is a CRM that does my coaching and it does my real estate and it’s $97 a month. It’s freakin money is dope. If you guys want my link, let me know this is a CRM that can hold your stuff if you want to pay if you don’t want to pay, don’t worry, the cool the reason why I have it is it’s amazing.

It does texting as a phone number as phone. It keeps track of all your contacts. It keeps track of all your opportunities. You can create different pipelines depending on your business. You can do automation, you can do emails. So if a lead comes in and automatically will put them in a workflow where it will email them, you can create a website on here you have products landing pages, it does everything, literally everything you need. It’s got reporting, I just switched over to this by the way, but it keeps track of your calendar you can create it has Calendly links, so you can send people links to schedule times with you. It does, it does anything and everything you can ever imagine it does it all.

Now, I would recommend using this, it’s 97 bucks a month, it’s super cheap, just to store your contacts alone, it’s worth it. But if you if you’re balling on a budget, like I am on this challenge, you can have all your leads in the spreadsheet, very simple. Okay, create your own, I would create a tab that says leads, opportunities, buyers, agents, wholesalers and this spreadsheet, all you have to do is go to the challenge here and go create spreadsheet and you would just copy actually, you can just make a copy you can make a copy and switch st send it over there or you can go over here and just copy this stuff. It’s whatever is easier for you.

Right but there it is. So why do you need a spreadsheet? Well as you’re gonna be networking, you can’t you can’t remember everyone okay, and that is it. Cool. Well, I hope you enjoyed that video. I hope you got a lot of value out of it. i If you don’t have a CRM, you definitely need to get one CRMs are a game changer. They help you stay organized. So if you thought this video was helpful, please subscribe to the channel and we’ll see on the next video.


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