Payneless Wholesaling Club

The best way to start your real estate investing journey! The one stop shop to get your next deal begins with joining the club!

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Payment Option

Our club normally costs $3,500 but if things are tight, we can have you start on a payment plan. We are so confident that being a part of the club will will help you succeed, that you can cancel within 60 days and not continue your payment plan if you aren’t satisfied.

Why Am I Doing This?

My Story

When I started wholesaling many years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I spent thousands of dollars on marketing and saw minimal results. I thought I was dumb because I was doing everything that I heard people were doing but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted! One time I spent 10,000 dollars on mailers and didn’t even get one deal from it. I was devastated because that was a ton of money and I thought I was doing everything right! I pulled the list, sent it out, but got nothing from it. It wasn’t until I started learning from other people’s experiences and coaching that I started to see major success. Leads can be expensive and knowing what to do can be hard. That’s why I wanted to provide a program that can help people get started taking action and get out of analysis paralysis. I have created a community where you don’t feel alone in your journey to financial freedom and you can lean on the help of others to accomplish your dreams! I am providing a roadmap for your success and giving you a path to take so you know exactly what to do! I wish I had something like this when I first started wholesaling so I am creating it!

What do you get with the Payneless Wholesaling Club?

-Access to sales material
-Weekly sales training call
-Exclusive community & role playing
-Submit Deals for review
-Payneless Wholesaling Blueprint
-Cancel within 60 days if you’re not satisfied and you won’t need to continue the payment plan

Bonuses for signing up for the year:
-50% discount
-1 on 1 strategy call with Nathan Payne

Disclaimer: Give us at least 48 hours to check deal submissions and review things. Only submit a deal to JV with us if you have it direct to seller. 


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