How to find pre foreclosure leads?

In this video, we’re going to show you how to find pre foreclosure leads. Check this video to know more.

What’s going on everybody? We are here live. I got my boy Ryan on the call What’s up Ryan yalla how’s it going? And we got Noble Bark on here who’s got mute, you know, noble works with us in the program and Hey guys, today is the day you already know what it is it’s the batch call. Alright, so Hey guys, this is something you guys are want want to be a part of this week every Wednesday, me and Ryan are going to call lists that Ryan that we get from bash leads mainly we’re going to get batch leads list where we skip tracing. And then Ryan takes it a step further that we’re going to explain you why these lists are freaking money. And we’re going to call those libraries to try and lock up deals. And the cool thing about this is we got people that are in the investor Thrive Payneless Wholesaling Club that we’re raffling these lists off to so they can actually go we just pull the list from batch leads, these are pre foreclosure leads from Utah, these are people that are in pre foreclosure should be in pre foreclosure, we’ve skipped traced them. And again, we got my boy Ryan on the call because he has taken it a step further, he’s taken the list that we have, and he’s put it through his algorithm and software’s program. And we are hoping to get you know, one to two out of one out of five dials people on the phone. I know I worded that way.

So normally when you when you take a list, you skip trace it, you know, these are good leads families providing or you know, these are properties you want to go after. But the problem becomes you get the list and you start calling the list, you might have a live conversation like maybe 20, every 20 dials, what I’ve done is I’ve created a scoring algorithm that takes that list and will run through and score that list to help you understand the propensity for someone to pick up the phone and it’s going to score from one to three and then we’ll get rid of any stuff that’s not worth calling anymore. And so what’s going to happen today we’re going to focus on these priority one leads, we call these phone ready leads, instead of having to make 20 dials to get somebody live, you should expect us to get a live conversation like every two to five days.

So, Ryan, I’m super excited to have you on here noble, one of the winners. He’s at work, so he’s on mute, but it’s good to have him on here. And then Wes, in the Facebook, let’s get it guys we’re gonna call anything that I call from this list depending on which list it is, it’s yours, guys. So if I can take it somewhere, I’m gonna pass it on to you because like I said, I gotta get back to the people in the room. Hopefully you guys can take the rest of the way. And if you need my help, I got your back

so I got everything set up here, I’m gonna jump right into start making some calls. I’m a noob as well, right? I’m new to this stuff. So I know how to start conversations and get some live coaching to you on what to do if we do get a level of interest. So I’m gonna get right into it. We’ll just do this. Ring ring. Hey, Trish, this is Ryan Reiser, you actually weren’t expecting my call. I was hoping you might be able to help me out for a moment. Actually, I’m calling on behalf of racer investments. We’re a real estate investment company with operations out in selling. You’re not interested in selling your home. No, not at all. Gotcha. Appreciate it. And this is the property over on Windham road. Is that right? Oh, Foster? Yes.

Hey, good day, by the way, Utah. I’m not saying like, no making excuses. But Utah is a different beast, bro. Like, I don’t know if people in Utah are like they’re interesting.

So we’re up to just the seventh style. And we’ve had to to connect.

So, for this one, I want to show you some numbers that I have. So that might help you. To be awesome. Maybe positive after this combo.

Let’s get one more live. We’ll turn it into a lead. And then we’ll we’ll look at other math. Oh, hi. Is Mike Williams around? Isn’t it? Because calling? Yeah. My name is Ryan VISEART. Yeah. How can I help you? Yeah, I was just looking for Mike. Is he available? This is about Yeah, my name is Ryan Reiser. And I was reaching out to Mike just to introduce myself regarding his property over on Rockwood way. I don’t know why you guys have that property is available for sale because it’s not we’re not interested. Oh, yeah. Mike, this is the first time I’ve reached out. Where do you get your information from? Oh, gotcha. Yeah. So there’s different data vendors out there that provide lists of folks that may be interested in selling their properties. So maybe that’s why you’re getting some calls like this. Yeah, we’re inundated with them. It’s harassing. Okay. Well, usually it’s not for sale. So you won’t you won’t hear from me again. I’ll make sure to update that on my side. So I apologize for that. Oh, thank you. Have a great day. You too. Thank you,

bro. That was powerful. Rather you did great. You handled that. Well. There was objection and you know, maybe even a little bit of negative energy on her end, and you came in there and just diffused it. Awesome. Great. Job

So you had some numbers you wanted to share and then we swap this out. I’m really fascinated with like, what to expect and cold calling.

I was in a mastermind with Sean Terry. He’s a he’s a big coach out there. He’s a baller. But these are his numbers for his acquisitions team. So he wants to produce 25 leads a month and a lead for him is a lead that someone wants to sell right so we’re dealing with a list of people we don’t know they want to sell so the numbers and the conversations are greater right? But out of his data. It’s not number of calls made to that 25. Leads, it usually takes 250 is what he says to close two deals. And that’s two contracts, right? So he’s saying if you can get 25 leads, he needs that 250 combos in order to get two contracts. That translates to close deals. That is the those are the KPIs for his business time on phone, while ours gets two deals. So pretty much everyone gets a an offer. And projected spread is 50,000. So those are his numbers, I’ll be real my numbers, I don’t have as dialed in as this, use this. And when it comes to cold calling, it’s kind of a little more difficult. Just because it really depends on your data depends on who’s on the phone, it has a lot of factors that determine like how many comes to get actually want, like a you know, leads from cold calling to translate to a deal. Does that make sense?

Did you did you want to try to make a couple calls,

I’d love to make some calls. But I will tell you that when it comes to calling people that you’re not sure if they have interest or not, I don’t care how good you are you really you just It depends. Okay, does the person really have interest at all? I’m down to make some calls.

So you could see the lead coming through. Okay, it’s Jason cook. Here’s the property address that we had.

In the way I kind of do is I kind of like, how I’m looked for Jason. Hey, Jason, what’s going on? My name is Nathan. I don’t know if you remember. But I think you’ve talked to one of my employees in the past about one being interested in selling your house and on a basketball drive in Salt Lake. I’m not interested. Okay. Not selling at the moment. So the way I kind of approach it is like not as a cold call in the sense of like, hey, this first time I’m calling but hey, like, I think you talk to someone else. I’m just calling to kind of relieve the pressure about it. Let’s see how it goes. Yeah. And I also do the same when I knock doors. When I knock on someone’s door. I’m not like, hey, I want to buy your house. I’m more like, Hey, I work for somebody that’s buying houses in the area. Are you interested? Kind of like to deflect all the hate on you? Hello, Mike. Hey, Mike, how you doing? I’m doing really good. Hey, Mike, I’m sorry to catch you. I don’t know if I’m catching it at that time. But I think you’d spoken with one of my employees in the past about your house on Thursday court. I’m not sure. Are you taking offers on at the moment? I am. Yeah. Awesome. So I mean, you have a couple of minutes to chat now. Are you busy? I can talk to you. Okay, awesome. Yeah. So I’ve been I didn’t my employer had talked to you in the past. I mean, he didn’t really give me too much information on it. So I’m sorry if this sounds a little redundant. But I guess my my first question is What’s got you interested in selling the property?

Well, I bought it in 2020. And then we’re build on it, then a pandemic happens. We held off the build. And now my son is in eighth grade. We’re fighting to stay in our current city. And then they there’s a guy who lives when they were next to ours. And he contacts me out of the balloon said he wants to buy it. And so we just been talking about that. And I asked, I started 500,000, he wanted to take 450. And of course, he went up to 470. So that’s kind of where we’re at. We haven’t made an agreement yet. But that’s how we met like, this week in my office. And that’s kind of where we’re at.

Awesome. And you’re kind of exploring your options at the moment. It’s not like you’re you’re stuck to his offer. Is that kind of what I understand. Right. Okay. Well, I’m just gonna talk about the address to say the address just to make sure I’m talking with the right 111 46 West Thursby. Court. Is that right? Yeah. So you said that this is one that you don’t currently live there at the moment. Right?

Right. There’s no house. There’s just a lot,

just a lot. Okay, what is the lot size of the property? It’s point four, four acres? That’s pretty good size? Do you own this property outright? So maybe we could do like a potentially like a seller finance option where it could get you exactly what you want. But maybe I could make it in payments?

I do I do own it? outright? Yes.

Okay. With something like that be of interest. You were like maybe if I could come up a little bit higher than his offer, or closer to what you’re asking prices. But we could I could bite on terms.

I don’t know if I really wanted that. Because we’re talking about stillness and then selling our current house moving.

So the price that you’re asking 500,000 Was that because that’s what the value you ran comps to and you saw, that’s what it was worth? Is that just what you want? Like how did you arrive at that price? So when I’m doing my research, I can find out?

Well, that’s what my realtor suggested. But the concert she ran,

I appreciate your time. It’s Mike. Right this would you like to go buy mine? Yeah. Okay, Mike. Well, my name is Nathan Payne. I will be doing a little bit of research on if I can come up, it’s that price or get it done? If look, if I can’t if it’s not something that I can work with. Do you mind if I reach out to some of the people in my network and see if they’d be interested in it? Would you mind if I made some calls to see if I can help you? Maybe developer that might want it? Yeah. All right. Well, either I’ll make an offer and if not, I’ll just kind of maybe reach out to some people and see what I can do. And if it can be a win win. I’d love to help you out. I appreciate your time. Mike, you have a good one

You’d use in he list bro. You just make it that easy. Is that how easy it is?

Yes. Let’s talk through this one. So I just realized that this list I thought it was pre foreclosures I don’t think it’s actually pre foreclosures. I think it’s people that own vacant land. That’s what our buyer wanted. The buyer wanted some land so he could develop it’s either it’s either pre foreclosure or it might be a mixture because that’s what he was telling me you want it now that we have the buyer Andrew that we know what he wants, we would just call him and say Hey, man, this dude’s open up open to selling right? Let me just tell everyone that’s watching this, when you’re calling leads that are cold. These are cold leads, right? They’re not What did you call it in your bucket? You call the priority lead? Yeah, it’s not entirely I call it an opportunity, the way we call them, my businesses, you gotta leads in the of opportunities, the difference between opportunities or priority leads are these people already sent, raise their hands, and they’re interested. So you have to talk to less of those. But in order to get to those, you have to call through what we’re calling through now.

Exactly. You’re just building buckets, right? You got to start cold start cold you built, you build your buckets. And then the beautiful part about that is people who pick up the phone tend to pick up the phone again and again and again. So if someone’s new to cold calling on this, and you’re not using a service like mine, and you’re just going cold, you rip through the list, when you get somebody on the first time, it’s our tendency to want to, like try to push a deal, show the deal or whatever, but the reality is just like be respectful, just like I did with that other one was like, Hey, I won’t call you back if you don’t wanna be called back. Like don’t do any harassing stuff. That’s one thing. Another thing is if somebody truly is busy, etc, don’t keep trying to pitch just back it’s not a problem. I’ll try another time someone who picks up tends to pick up again and so you’re building your buckets. So first is can I reach you a second is is there a level of interest do you care? Third is like are you qualified, etc. So to your point, you start to build those buckets but it has to start unfortunately, if you’re new to any new go to market thing in this case, you’re you’re new to wholesaling maybe I am you just have to can and follow your stuff through it right, you’re gonna have to, but eventually, if you commit to the process, you’re cold calling is no longer cold calling. It’s a warmer calling. These are people you’ve spoken to in the past, like you’d be calling back like, Hey, I got somebody now your deal making and it’s not so so hard. And if you blend those two throughout your day, within a couple of weeks, your whole day isn’t just getting kicked in the teeth. Your day is doing deals and getting kicking your teeth and it’s not so bad,

Ryan, I appreciate your time, man. Let’s let’s continue to get this thing going. We’re gonna continue to get deals, people people, there’s motivation out there. And we just got to make the calls.

It’s all ike let’s call this follow up.

Batch leads. Right? That’s how we got him.


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