How to find cash buyers for wholesale deals

In this video, we’re going to show you how to find cash buyers for wholesale deals. What method should be used? Is wholesaling dead, and what is the best strategy to use? Check this video to know more.

Welcome, welcome everybody what is going on? It is Nathan Payne here on the weekly batch call and what do we do on the batch call? Well, we get deals, we look at deals, we figured out how to do the thing. All right, that’s what we’re doing today. So guys, I have a deal right now in Tucson, Arizona, I need to find a buyer for and that’s what we’re going to show you how to find buyers using batch I’m telling you right now, you’re gonna want to stay and watch this video to the very end because you’re gonna learn exactly how to find buyers what process to use, is wholesaling dead? Can you still do deals, you’re also going to learn the best strategy that I use for negotiating with buyers all right

I got to deal in Tucson. I called it got it under contract, no problem we send the agreement was done. All right. So now we gotta find a buyer. All right, so let’s see near the property that I have. I’m gonna call this guy. Well, let’s see if this is mobile. Is this mobile? No, but I’m gonna call him let’s see. So this is currently listed. So I’m just gonna say hey, I have a property in the area see that you represent flippers you want to work with me? If I can bring you a good deal. Let’s call this guy. We’re calling out boys and girls. Jose, let’s go

Works with investors. That’s great.

Mr. Jose, answer the phone for my brother. My little brother. I’m gonna text me straight up with them. Jose, how are you doing? This is Nathan Payne. I’m calling you because I found that you represent cash buyers in the area. I have a mobile home. I’m trying to sell ASAP and I heard you’re the go to guy give me a call back. I have a deal. I’d be willing to pay you a commission. If you can connect me to your cash buyers. Let me know. Thanks. Bye. Hey, I have a house to sell. Do you work with wholesalers? Bam. If he’s like, No, I don’t then forget. So the reason why I’m calling people that are out on these outskirts because that’s where the property is. Like, I’m assuming these people in this agents that represent cash buyers in this area have buyers. But like I told you, I have a buyer’s list. I have a giant buyer’s list as the dopest buyer’s list that has been built via batch leads, thank you batch leads. So we’re going to teeter in between both of these. And by the way, we’ve got over one point, like 5 million buyers and growing. So a lot of these numbers and like information because I’ve gotten aggregated from so many people there. It’s got bad data and that’s okay. That’s why we’re cleaning it up. So let’s see who else is in the Tucson area. Okay, it looks like we got Jalisa Oh, the one that was customer you are calling is not available. And maybe they changed their numbers because they’re getting lit up with deals and they couldn’t handle it anymore. But I’m going to call my my cousin. We’ll see caller she’s in Tucson. So by networking she might not answer you there. We’ll see.


Ashley, how you doing? It’s Nathan, what’s up your cousin? Hey, do you have a couple minutes? I was gonna ask you about a property in Tucson. Yeah,

I’m sitting out in front of school. I have to run in there at about seven minutes. What do you got?

Oh, well, no, I was just calling to see if you still are buying out there right now.

Oh, um, you know, I close on one in a week from today. But not very much. No, it’s time to be buying selling properties here.

Yeah. And it’s basically until you find like a super sweet deal. Right. Like, then that’s when you would move and I totally get that.

Yeah, I would have to be like 2019 pricing and I probably want to rent it for a while. I have a couple of rentals. Yeah, they’re they’re fine for now. But yeah, buyers are just nobody wants to buy right now.

Yeah, no, I hear you. I know. That’s what Yeah, I was reaching out. I got this deal in Tucson. It’s a mobile home. I don’t know if you deal with those but a mobile home about an acre of land. And I was like, Well, I was calling through my buyers list trying to reach out to some agents. And I was figured I’d give you a call. See if you even dabble in that or if you know anybody that does.

Yeah, I mean, I guess the acre it depends on where it is. If it could be how old the mobile home is. Typically just because they’re, you know, hard to get loans on and it really it would be a lot about the land. Where is it?

It’s 6231 South speaks trail in Tucson, Arizona. I mean, I can send you the address so you could look it up if that’s not familiar, but it’s not like unpaved does not paved roads. It’s not like anything like super luxurious. If I’m looking at a map in Tucson, it’s like on the west side where there’s like all those mobile home like sunset acres and it looks like this one is called Valencia Rancho cuz if that sounds familiar, that sounds like that’s a neighborhood.

Yeah, so that’s over on the I try. I mean, I hate to be picky, but I can be because I like to flip and invest, of course, areas that are better neighborhoods hold better value easier to work with buyers or not a great part of town. All that being said, it all comes down to numbers and what are they looking to get for it?

Yeah, so right now he’s wanting 65,000 That’s the price that we have it under contract for we’ve already kind of sent it out to some people, we’re gonna have to go and renegotiate, obviously, but yeah, 65 for mobile home. That’s not that it’s not nice, you know, so it’s really the land.

I think it’s gonna be a hard area to rent and probably renters that I wouldn’t be interested in dealing with.

I don’t blame me. Yeah, this is it doesn’t look very nice in this area.

I don’t blame me. Yeah, this is it doesn’t look very nice in this area.

I totally get it. Well, hey, I appreciate your time. And if I come across anything else, you’re my go to in Tucson. Hi, guys. Well, you heard it here. First, I might have locked that deal up way too high. And it’s not mine of I did. So it’s okay. But that’s just what happened. So look, this is what I told the seller, I’m gonna be completely transparent with you guys. This is what I did. I’m always transparent. He said that someone else wanted to like blow down the mobile home and buy the land. So that’s what I said. I said, Hey, look, I don’t live in Tucson, I would have to bring in some cash partners or some some people. So we can put this house under contract and be five days of due diligence. And I’m going to see what we can do. If everything is like what you said, I think we should be able to get good, be good to go. We sent someone by it’s way worse than what he said. So you do spend some time doing it like that. But for me, like I don’t want to like go back and forth and negotiate when I want to just be quick about it. Like hey, let’s be quick. Let’s get some agents in there. Let’s find out what the agents think they can sell this thing for and let’s throw our fee and we have an agent at 70 that he says he can take it or around that price and we’re at 65. So there’s still a wholesale fee we made but I think we can renegotiate with the guy again using batch leads you basically just do a boundary of the area and you find agents that represent cash buyers in the area. That’s the name of the game right now with the way I teach you and teach everybody to do is I reverse wholesale Okay, I have buyers already in Salt Lake City, but sometimes I get leads all over the country Tucson, Colombia. And what I have to do because I don’t have my buyers established is I have to go through this batch leads route I have to call my buyers list and find buyers or call someone I’ve networked with my cousin and that’s how you do it. So no crazy secret sauce to it. It takes work you got to find people you got to call your buyers list. Like I said the buyers list has been built primarily through batch leads and pulling lists like this and skip tracing them so that’s how it gets done. If you guys have a deal all sell it, I’ll get it done right because I’ll have calls like that and I’ll find out where you need to be so everybody have a great day. I’m about to bounce out of the bonfire if you want deals make calls so I gotta say you got to make calls. You got to talk to people. That’s what I gotta say he’s out Nathan Payne out