A member of my program does his biggest wholesale deal yet- 19k fee with Nobel Bark!

In this video, we’re going to have a special guest, Nobel Bark. He is a member of my program does his biggest wholesale deal yet- 19k fee.

Welcome everyone to the Payneless wholesaling podcast where our number one goal is to make being in real estate and doing real estate less painful because we all know that if you don’t know what you’re doing in real estate, it can be you can experience some pain. So welcome. I have no bark who is one of the members of my mastermind program. And he is here to tell us about a deal that we did together, where it was his biggest deal he’s done yet, and I’m stoked to have no one here. What’s up noble How you doing, brother? All right, great. Yeah, doing good. Yeah. Good. Good. Is this the first

time you’ve been on a podcast before?

Yeah, this first time. Awesome, man. Well, I’m glad to have you on here. So first of all, I kind of want to find out a little bit more about you, man, before we kind of get into this deal that we did. I’m excited about the deal, though. I mean, I know you’re excited. It was a good deal. One.

Yes, sir. It will show us the miracle. That’s a miracle deal. And all the great things that happened with it. Well, no. Well, let me ask you, where are you originally from?

I’m from I’m in Columbia, South Carolina. Okay, cool. Yeah. Were you born and raised there? No, I was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

Okay. Yeah. Well, that’s awesome, man. And I’m curious. I know mean, you haven’t really gotten too deep on like, talking about where you’re from and all that stuff. But you’re currently currently you have a job right? You have a job working and you do this real estate on the side. Is that right? Yeah. Currently, yeah. Cool. Cool. How do you like your job right now?

Oh, yeah, it’s, it’s okay. You know, busy, you know, just be busy. You know?

It’s all right.

What do you do? By the way? You don’t mind ask him. He asked me do you?

Work at Kroger’s? It’s a grocery store chain.

Man. I love Kroger, bro. Kroger, favorite places. Yeah, just got one over there in Utah.

Yeah, no, we don’t have Kroger’s here in Utah. But I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. So we had Kroger and we had Publix that was like, grocery stores, you know?

Yeah, definitely. Yep. Publix over there. Yeah, probably CES. Yes. In the southeast region. Yeah. Publix, Publix.

But you ride it you ride and die with Kroger though, right? Yeah, yeah, yes. Yes. For now.

I love it. I love it. Well, listen, man. I’m curious what got you started in real estate? And eventually what got you into wholesaling? Like, tell me about your journey?

Oh, yeah. So I got into real estate because I went to one of the Fortune Builders seminar. Then now fortune builder and the guy was given a, you know, presentation, you know about different ways to make money in real estate and things like that. So he was talking about wholesale and I was like, Whoa, the first time I heard about wholesale and then the guy was talking about, you know, you can actually sell a piece of paper, you know, you can take a contract, you can sell it. He knows what he’s talking about. You know, I was like, I was interested. I was like, how you do that? You know? That seems kind of easy. You know, you know to make money you know, selling paper, you know, piece of paper. That’s right. Yeah.

So you first originally heard from Fortune Builders. Did you join Fortune Builders? Did you just did you just go to the seminar?

No, ot Yeah, no. Today three day event? Not no join a postback program but I wanted a three day event in the Columbia South Carolina. Yeah, that that’s what yeah, that’s talking about flippin and no wholesaling and all the other still renting, you know, stuff like that, you know, property. Yeah.

How long ago? Was that? Cute. I’m just curious.

Oh, that was that was like 2018

Okay, so since then you’ve been kind of thinking and getting into wholesaling. Have you been going at it like hard this whole time since you went there? Or is it just been up and down?

It’s been up and down.

Okay. All right.
Let’s talk about your experience and get into wholesaling. It has it? Has it been difficult for you? Has it been easy to tell me a little bit about your experience so far?

There was kind of difficult, you know, at first, I was like, I don’t know what to do, you know, they’re trying to join the mentorship program. They are by Sean Terry. And then he’s like, strictly that’s what he does wholesale. So he was talking about that, you know, I was selling you know, getting properties on the contract, different marketing and stuff. That’s why I heard about the different marketing techniques and stuff, you know, and cold calling, came about pulling lists and calling people I mean, it was really hard, you know, just just calling people you know, pulling lists calling people was getting shut down left and right. Tell me about in there. Yeah. Yeah. Then I mess around. I lost my job. You know, my job site closed now back in 2020. In March. Oh, wow. So I think you know, because of the COVID-19 You know, just like closed down, I was like, oh man this time right now, man, I might as well go full time wholesaler. You know, that’s when I ended up doing my first deal that March. I mean, that April sometime in April, a cold call somebody found out a house, you know, distressed house

and was that a good deal? Was it a good deal that you got like what how much did you make on it?

Oh, the first deal like 3000 5000 is a JV Did you know Grand Canyon Beer. Nice, nice. So yeah, two or three.

Yeah, no, I get it, man. So he did JV deal. And then let’s talk about this current deal that we got. This one was a doozy bro, wasn’t it?

Yes, sir. It was showing us it was a doozy.

This deal is is one of your biggest that you’ve done yet. Is that right?

Yeah, definitely. Yeah, yeah, surprise. Yeah, this biggest one ever. Yeah, this Amen

That is exciting. So let’s talk about this deal. Let’s talk about how you started going to get it right. Because you came to me when you were they weren’t. They were under contract already. Right? You had already got them under contract, right? Yeah, I did. Yeah. So let’s talk about it. So how did you get this? How do you find the deal? How do you get it under contract? How do we make 19k on it?

You know, I
started cold calling around. I mean, 2020s I told you that but around 2021. I think that’s when I when I got the lead I call I call one day I talked to the Father. And you know, um, he was kind of interested in selling but he wasn’t, you know, he wasn’t he wasn’t budging on the price. You know, you know, he was telling me, you know, um, you know, he wanted like a like full retail value a little bit more over a retail value or say I was like, okay, you know, he was talking about commercial buildings and stuff like that, you know, he got he was he was working on and stuff. He was telling me how much he called, you know, the rehab. How much would it cost you to reach out to and stuff like that? And also, okay, all right. Well, I saved a number I call you back down. Mr. Ron did not actually call him back around this year. Early this year, but like three months ago, then then I heard he passed away. His son answered the phone. He’s like, Oh, my my father passed away. So um, yeah, we read yourself now. Let’s go. Wow. We follow? Followed up? Yeah.

Following up is the key to this deal is you follow it up with them. And then the son answered the phone. Yeah. So yeah, that was really so. So good job.

So you originally they had it listed for sale by owner. I thought you had called them because it was listed for 700. But you called because you followed up with them? Is that right? Yeah.

Yeah. Follow up with them. Yeah, they had a sponsor for South wire on app today. And then they found a dot. Yeah. Then I followed up with them.

Yeah. Wow. So you call them you followed up with them? He answered the phone. You said oh, you know, I’m interested in buying they said I’m interested in selling and then what went what happened from there?

So what happened there? Well, we we go straight on a price. And we I think we negotiated a price for 275. You know, I thought it was a deal because on Zillow it says 233 25 Just to say okay, i Let’s go and get it all contract boom on then got a long contract. And I told you about it. I was like, Man, you somebody moved us so I needed Jimmy Woodall Nathan, I showed it to you. And you looked at the deal. He was like, Okay, we guys did, like, estimate on it. It was it was like too high, you know, saying the number was too high. Yeah. To Saudi farmers to

Yeah, cuz the thing is, the deal was around, I think it was the ARB for like, 333 40 that’s what originally they were asking for. They were asking for full retail. Like, yeah, is that was a bigger house in Columbia, South Carolina. And those bigger houses require more work, right? They more work? Yeah. So 275 Wasn’t it was it was too high. So I reached out to my buyers, I reached out to a couple buyers. Okay, immediately I hit some up because I have done deals in Colombia. And one guy offered me like 180 He was like, Nah, man, this. I know, this area. For this amount this big of a house for this much work. I’m gonna need to be a 180. And I was like, dang it. I told you that I was like, oh, man, that it’s pretty low. But then I reached out to Andrew Lucas. You know, Andrew, is my buddy. So I reached out to him. I said, What would you be able to do? So he was like, I’m not going to be at one. 181 90 That’s what he told me. 181 90. So then I told you and I said, Hey, man, you’re gonna have to go back and renegotiate this thing.

Yeah I did. Yeah. This week, he told me so. So, Saturday, I called his brother back. I was like, Oh, that is too high, you know, saying, so I was like, Can Can you do like, oh, it was like 185 I was like, oh, as like, Okay. Nathan. He says what he finds, I know, try to get him down about 180 or 150 it was like, what 50 There is I know, blows it blows and goes 180 And he was like 180 You know, you know, say says family would cry. You know if he went any further.

Why do you think they went all the way from 275 to 180? Why do you think they accepted that offer?

They accepted the offer? I think I didn’t do you know you know probably wasn’t a mess you know you needed work you know things like that. So I think they listed it way too high and they weren’t any action so I think when we gave him them the right offer where it needed to be they were like okay, they’re probably just understood that they were too hopeful on the price, right?

Yeah, they did. Because they had listed in the cellphone themselves for full retail when it needed a ton of work. So that’s why it wasn’t going anywhere. So why would you to start at like, 160 So you started or I think 150 And then you finally negotiated 181 Is that right?

Yeah, 181. Yeah.

Now you are in negotiator, noble and me you were able to get that on 100k less than what you had originally made the offer for congratulations. That’s amazing, right? Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah, that was glad they did. So when I talked to Andrews team, they said I can do 190. That’s what they told me. So we were looking at making 9000, right, because you hadn’t weighed in, I want an ID is what they offer. And this is what I said to her. I said, Look, I think I know I can get more than 190 I’m gonna go and you know, search around, talk to some other buyers. And if I can’t get better than that, I’ll call you. And she was like, no, no, no, no, hold on, what would you take right now? Where you would be, you know, good to go. And I said, Well, you know, we’re, we’re looking to make as much as possible. I was, I was wanting like to 220 I went high, right. And she was like, the best we can do is 199. And I said, if you can give me 200,000 I won’t test this out. I won’t try with anyone else. I’ll just give it to you right now, if you can do 200,000. So she said, Okay, done deal. And the reason I went with 200,000 is because my other buyer who’s bought bought from me before he was at 180. So I was like, okay, 200,000 good. Because the other guy that is good buyer, he was at 180 Did you know I’m saying? So yeah, she was low on where we were at. And I got her up to come up in additional 10,000 You were $100,000 too high you got and then to come down, like, like $195,000. So me and you together, I raise the purchase price, and you were able to lower the purchase price from the seller. So we work together to get a bigger spread, right?

Yeah, yeah, definitely.

So we wish that deal was done right there at the negotiation. Right. So I sent work over ICCD and on the email, you signed a JV agreement to work together for a 6040 split because you’re in my mastermind program. So instead of doing a 5050 We do 6040 I give you 60% And I take 40 So you get more money because I want you to make as much as possible so we did that we sent that documents over and what happened Do you remember what happened next stop the deal that

documents over there was like Whoa, it’s so soon it’s going Yeah, yeah, it’s about Christmas time. The office is gonna be closed. You know, Lauren’s gonna be out of town you know so so it’s gonna be a delay on the process. Anyway, the title came back until like a following week after so he took like almost like two weeks to pull the title to come back when the title come back that said they had a judgment against the property owner where he has a $3 million dollar lawsuit some kind of stopping from you know, Gavin to go through it was like a bankruptcy bro or so bankruptcy bankruptcy. Yeah,

owner that had owned the property that had passed away. He had a $3 million judgment or like a bankruptcy against him. So when we were ready to close the buyers like, Ah, sorry, we can’t close on this. There’s a $3 million on the property and we can’t go forward and I’m like, Man, this deals dead bro. And also I was kind of fired pissed, you knows that. But what I did is I said hey, have the attorney talk to the attorney of the sellers and I’m sure the sellers knew that this judgment existed I know they did, they wouldn’t be trying. So I put it in contact our attorney from the people that we had through on his team and the sellers attorney and I said hey, you talk together and then they were able to find out and you found out that the the seller told you that the judge the bankruptcy was actually released and it was over Yeah,

yeah, yeah. Yeah, he actually texted me texted me back I asked him but he was like he’s like everything is clear. You know that was settled. Yes. I was like

yeah, so we thought at that point we were good to go right we’re like Oh, all right. Cool. Yeah. Judgment so guess what happens after that happens when they go to close everybody signs the buyer signs the seller signs what happens next that they tell us what this is the next roadblock Yeah, um, so buyer sign seller signs and the next roadblock was they sent the wrong the money in the wrong

Yeah, definitely. Yeah, the wire Yeah, the money wire went to the wrong person. I was like, Wow, that’s crazy. I was I was like, I was like devastated for them. Me to me. I was like, that’s a lot of money they could potentially lose. You know, things like this happened before you know what I latest from Shark Tank calm happened before. Somebody sent the wrong wire snow got her money, but

I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve never had this happen on my buyers but when somebody hacked into the email of whoever was they’re supposed to wire the money to and they wired $200,000 to the wrong person. And he told me Andrew told me that and I was like, Dude, are you serious? Like, I’m so sorry, that sounds horrible. That is horrible. That’s a lot of money. Then he’s like, Yeah, we’re gonna try and get our money back. And I said to him, I said, Hey, look, I can I understand if you don’t want to go through this deal. You just, you know, basically lost 200,000 hours or you’ll get it back. But right now you’ll have it. He said, Don’t worry. We still want the deal.

Okay, yeah, that’s great. Yeah,

I was like, Are you serious? He’s still No, leave it.

So it was over. You know, I thought we had to go to another bar, you know, yeah.

And then what happened was, he was ready. He said, I just need another week. This is Christmas. So they had to get their funds ready, he was ready to go. And then what did the seller was like, and you guys are playing around? I wouldn’t want to wait around. We’re gonna maybe test the market. And we were I was like, No, bro. No. As of the attorney that Andrew and because of the attorney they had, they had been talking and they had they figured it out. And I was like, yeah, and and we just had to wait patiently, man, because I met really? Yeah. Andrew didn’t want to do it our buyer because of what happened and it was like, we can’t make him he just lost 200,000 Right. Like, ya know, what, we waited patiently. And I got a text saying, Hey, we closed and funded everything’s good. And I just got my wire for 7600 and you just picked up your check yesterday. How much was it?


And that’s a good feeling right?

Yeah, it was wonderful feeling I was I was jumping around I was like, Wow, I can’t believe it. You know, I can’t believe it. Yeah, it is like no, just came in right time.

Exactly, man and I want to congratulate you on all your hard work and the thing is, man, like a lot of deals they have up and downs like this, but there’s a lot that don’t so it is good to go through these situations. So you know how to handle this stuff. Like yeah, happens you know that you gotta get the attorneys to talk to each other. You know that when they wire the money, they gotta make sure they wire to the right person. We have to make sure that you know, when you sign the contract, you give yourself enough time to close there’s a lot of good lessons that we learned on this deal together.

Yes, sure. Good. Well,

noble I want to thank you for coming on here. I really appreciate your hard work man. I know a lot of people that get into this they don’t they don’t stick out stick it out they give up but you’ve been consistent you’ve been doing it and really what this what it takes to succeed in this business is consistency and not giving up because that you know that’s that’s that’s what gets the deals done. And so you can see this deal.

Yes, sir. That’s right. Never give up.

Don’t give up well, do you have anything you want to tell anybody watching the payneless wholesaling podcast will have any advice you want to give before we wrap up?

I’ll tell everybody No, never give up, man. Keep on going. You know, keep on going. You know, it’s gonna be it’s gonna be hard. It’s gonna be some bumpy roads ahead, you know, but you’re gonna find that diamond in the rough. You know, dig into those dirt. You’re gonna find a diamond.

You got the diamond. They’re gonna find it. Yeah, all right, man. Well, you have a good time at Kroger’s, keep working hard and eventually, man, you can do anything you want, man. I’m telling you right now, I know I talked to a lot of people and you got you got a great attitude. You’re positive. You can do whatever you want in this life. Just keep going. Right. All right. Thank you for having me on here. Have a great day. Thanks for coming on the payneless wholesaling podcast PEACE OUT brother.