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In this video, we’re going to have a special guest, Mark Jackson. He will share tips and strategies in real estate investing and business to help investors like you profit and thrive. That will save you time and money! Check this video to know more!

What is going on everyone? This is the Payneless Wholesaling podcast and I have here my good friend MJ. And today we’re going to be talking about investing from literally anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world you can invest in MJ, he’s the authority on on that matter. And you know, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him, he gave me an awesome book I read, he came to one of my meetups, I helped him on one of his videos, so we got to know each other pretty well. And I’m excited to have you on here. What’s up MJ, how you doing?

I am doing absolutely, positively wonderful. And first and foremost, thank you so much for the opportunity to come and just kind of pour into your people, man, this is a joy.

Yeah, always. I love I love meeting you. And it’s honestly kind of crazy. We just met a couple weeks ago. And I feel like we’re really good friends. And we have a lot in common already. And how our desires to help people grow in our communities like think there’s alignment there. So that’s really cool.

It is on top of that, that we both have 404 area code numbers for Salt Lake.

That is That is interesting. So MJ, I want to start off, this might not this might be different for the people on the podcast, but you gave me a book, you gave me a book and I read the book, I listened to an audible and while I was reading it amazing book, my question for you is what made you interested in giving me a book?

Yeah, it’s the kind of thing where you just get a sense of someone that is intentional, that wants to grow that is functioning in a business model that has a greater capacity. And when you come across a different tool or resource, whether it’s you know, software, in this case, that would be a book and this one by Dr. Ben Hardy, that spoke to 10x is easier than 2x. It just felt like it was something that would really meet you at where you are right now. Yeah, that idea that, again, we can give all kinds of gifts. I mean, I could have brought you something from the Masters tournament, because I love golf. But that would have been for me it was you know, when we identify with the people that we’re having the opportunity to engage with, and then can pour into them. And it was my hope that that particular book which strike you and you know, praise God to do it.

Dad, man, that’s beautiful. So let me ask you, is that something that you, someone taught you to do? Is that something just in your heart, you would just like to give or I’m curious, because I networked with a lot of people. And you know, you don’t really see too much of the, you know, giving Yeah, it doesn’t, I’m not Pooh poohing on anybody. I’m just saying it’s, I’m curious about how you how that comes about, you know,

those are life lessons. And anytime that I can give kudos to my dad for the different things that that he shared, I can remember that when I was a kid, and I was thinking I was going to the firt my first prom, and I was I started school early. So I was like 14 years old, going to the junior prom or something like that, wow. And he, he, he was very intentional about telling me when you, when you pick out a greeting card, make sure you read several of them. So that has the desired impact for the person that you’re giving the car to. And so the act of giving a car to the mother of the young lady I was taking to the prom, I think was a different dynamic. So that kind of got into the give of yourself giving to others. And then the intentionality that it wasn’t just any car to say, you know, thank you, it was something that reflected the actual activity and, um, you know that that concept has been nurtured. I think it’s been re taught and other examples of people that walk through through my life, but I can go back to those early teenage years and kind of point the finger at my dad,

That’s amazing. And it almost goes in line with what the book teaches about quality, you know, instead of just the quantity and just throwing it out there and just being like, Hey, I use for everyone sounds like you’re really intentional about the quality of the gifts that you give as well.

True, true, true, true. And it shows up in in different ways in different engagements based on who you’re who you’re you’re talking to and getting to know, I remember reading a book, I want to say was the one thing and I could be wrong. But I refer back to The One Thing by Gary Keller, and it’s this being intentional about listening, and so on, so forth. And so in the book, he talks about an associate that went to visit a friend and he couldn’t meet with him right away. But it was a person that was a headmaster of a boarding school. And just by listening and asking questions, he was able to engage very intentionally with the gentleman that was the head of the boarding school, so much so that when his friend that couldn’t be with them came back and said, Listen, one of the student had a boy school was really impressed by how much you knew about boarding schools and says, I know nothing about boarding. I was just engaged in conversation with him and listening with intent. So those are one of those little gifts that we can be engaged in that process that produces real fruit, even when someone gives you a referral. I mean, if you’re especially if you’re asking for one, make sure that you follow up but didn’t but you’re also letting the person that gave you the route For all that you’re following up being intentional about those things, because one, it basically shows your gratitude for the connection that was made. And it demonstrates your capacity to that other individual, that that you’re accountable, that you’re going to live into the gift that was bestowed upon you, especially in terms of networking connecting. So those are some things that I’ve learned, in some cases, the hard way, in some cases, the right way. But now I try to continually pay it forward, wherever possible with intention.

Yeah, that’s amazing thing to learn. And I think it’s, it’s getting more tough to be intentional with all the distractions that are out there, you know, you want to do so much you’re getting distracted from all your phone, you know, social media, all this stuff. So it is a gift. I think it’s given a skill set to really focus and be locked in when, you know, when you’re having conversations with people.

Yeah, well, you know, it’s that thing, Nathan, the phrasing says, you’ll get to the things you do the things that are important to you. And when we’re as we’re engaged in business, I mean, wonderful things that you teach the follow up to be able to engage in, do wholesaling. And do it from a variety of different markets and having the specific way to engage and talk, even run the numbers. So it’s steps that you want to put in place and do them consistently. And therefore, not only can you make your business move forward, but you get a real strong sense of your own accountability to self, the more that you believe in yourself, rather than making excuses for why you didn’t do something or an opportunity pass you by. You eliminate all that with being it was my phrases, do your actions match your desired results? Do your actions mad, you could say a whole bunch of stuff. But do your actions match your desired results? That’s what’s really going to get people moving forward and being able to discover that 10x is easier than to

Yeah, yeah. Do you think a lot of people’s actions don’t match their desired results? Because they don’t know what actions to take? Or do you think they’re just lazy? What do you think? The main the main thing?

Well, I mean, I don’t want to say you answered it for me, but I think it’s some of both. I think there’s any number of circumstances where individuals, they those bright, bright, shiny objects, they’ll distract, you’re able to go do this, I’m going to do this deal, I’m gonna do that deal. And they’re not really weeding out to say, Okay, this is my set of goals, this gets me moving that direction. And if it doesn’t get me to that goal that I’ve established, then I don’t need to commit to it, I don’t need to say I want to do it. Or if it’s something else, I’m gonna do express it in that fashion. That’s something that I may want to give time and attention to. But not right now. I’ll write that down, put in a journal. And maybe I’ll come back to that. When the timing is right. It’s no different than deals. I mean, we know that the ideal scenario is the right time and the right deal, the wrong time. And the right deal. Doesn’t work. Right. The what is the right deal was a wrong time, right? Deal? Doesn’t work. Wrong deal, right? Time doesn’t work. Never get emotionally attached. Just always be in a position where you can do the right deal the right time. What’s the other thing? You and I teach this both it’s like, Look, if it’s your first deal, or your next deal, and it makes it just say there’s a gap between the two, we can never get a position where we’re emotionally attached to it. Yeah, I got to do a deal. But if they could do a deal, that that is, that is a formula for disaster. Of course, when it comes to why or how people get engaged in things that don’t do things, or if they miss the follow through, I think it’s just a combination of the two. Don’t over commit, and just definitely be intentional about the things you know, we’re gonna get you to your end goal. It may look I’m trying to get in five deals this month. Well, that means you’re gonna have to look at 100 to get to 50. To analyze to get to 20 that you actually make offers on right to get the five deals you’re going to do. But we have to be intentional about the hundreds before we can even get to the five successful.

Yeah, I think a lot of people they focus on just getting like the 100 just done just so they can say they got it done. But you’re you’re saying it has to be especially when you’re investing nationwide, like or not even a nationwide anywhere? Yeah, you can, yeah, you can invest anywhere. But that doesn’t mean you should invest literally just anywhere in the world. You gotta be focused on where you’re going. Right? Exactly. I spent a lot of time when I first started wholesaling, just thinking I needed to find a good deal, just like and when I say good deal, I just mean, anywhere. You find out quickly that just because a deal looks good. In North Dakota, that doesn’t mean that that’s a good deal. Because that might not be a good area that a lot of investors are investing in or there’s good rental. So you really have to be locked in and that’s something I want to ask you about. When you’re talking to people about investing anywhere. How do you kind of help them understand I’m like, Okay, this is a good market, this isn’t a good place for your time to help get locked in.

Yeah, it’s really unique because having my background as a former real estate appraiser, and having built out investor comps, we’re able to help people look at data in all the major marketers across the country, including the US territories as well. And so we start with is your own backyard, a place where you’re going to do investing? Okay. And if if it’s not there, maybe it’s just within the county. Maybe it’s just within the state but a different city. If that’s not the case, then we talk about where to places that you have an affinity for when I first started doing this virtual investing. I lived in the Atlanta market. But I was familiar with Woodbury, Virginia, just outside DC, right around Manassas and Dumfries and the Woodbury Woodbridge, excuse me, and what I knew about that market area was from driving back and forth to visit family in New Jersey and stopping to visit my uncle. So that same scenario could be where grandma lived, it could be where you went to college, trade school, or had some other engagement, maybe it’s where your best friend and you were to go visit them during your formative years during your college years, identify the area that you have an affinity for that, that we can look into maybe I’ve resources or whatever the case may be, that will let you dive deeply into that market, and do well there. Or we’ll look at a market that literally just has better demographics, workforce, mixed use community, so forth, that is more ideal for investment than where you live. That’s how we get to the point where determined where you’re going to invest, because you can do it literally investing anywhere from anywhere.

Yeah, for sure. Like I do know a lot of people that invest in smaller towns like 50,000, population 60,000. And I would normally look at that. And I’d say, Man, that doesn’t seem like something I would want invest my time in. But they are like the the go to guys in the town. They’re the big dogs like everyone thinks to them. So have you kind of noticed that like, yes, you can invest anywhere, even in markets that don’t look good. If you are the main player, and people can bring you all the good deals.

Yeah, it’s just making those connections. And again, those connections do require follow up and follow up because that’s where the money is the money is always in the follow up. I mean, who would think that Evansville Indiana a little small town probably 30,000 folks would be a really good market to do wholesaling in. Now the margins in terms of dollar amount isn’t that big, but the percentages are stellar. So it makes for a good market area to engage. And there’s other pockets like that around the country. I like they’ve been housed in County in Georgia, right around the Warner Robins Air Force Base, you know, we’ve built a portfolio as well as wholesaling there. And we offer turnkey properties there who would think that that would be a market area where you know, homes you’re talking about? Yeah, again, you can’t touch a house for $75,000. You can’t take the land for $75,000, a Provo? Are you, Utah, Salt Lake County, and yet you can buy homes that are some cases already turnkey ready or with a resin in it does paying 1% 1.25% of the acquisition value each and every day in those market areas. So yeah, I mean, you get to you we can discover any number of marketers that garden variety, some wouldn’t think that was the place to invest with actual intentional individuals, like you say the players there that can help you grow and expand your business.

Very interesting because I actually know Evansville, Indiana, I was selling DISH Network in Terre Haute, Indiana for a summer and we would go to Evansville, we would sell some Dish Network accounts there when I was in college. And yeah, so those there are those little pockets that you could clean up if you’re the if you know that area, you know that market if you buy there definitely a lot in the Midwest that are very affordable because like you said, Utah, you can’t find anything under 200 $300,000. Sometimes in specific counties, counties. Exactly. Very, very interesting. So So tell them for the listeners that are new, because most of the I would say majority of people listening this are getting into real estate, what would be some advice that you could give someone that let’s say potentially they live in a market and they’re like, this is not a good backyard. My backyard is not good for investing what what would be the next step that they would take with your with your guidance?

Well, it’s it’s two things. One, let’s actually look and see if in fact, your backyard is better than you think. Because there’s no need to go branch out. You know, one of the one of the best things we teach right out the bags is that you don’t put the key in the ignition until you smell money. And then when you do you want to keep that to about a 35 minute drive. So let’s actually look and see if in fact your market area is more dynamic and has opportunity that you otherwise would not have been able to seen without having the right day. EDA tools to do a good analysis, then if we do verify that, okay, yes, we do need to branch out, we need to go another county over and you go state over or one of those areas that you might have an affinity for, then we can get into first, what is the housing stock. I mean, there are a number of properties in the manatee Bradenton Hillsborough counties that are right there between Tampa and Sarasota, that you can do a wealth of deals on a to one or two, two, and do very, very well, where the standard read now as we engage, look, I want it to make a bed and one bath, preferably a three bedroom two bath before I even even start running some numbers on it. So understanding the dynamics of the different market areas and what is moving. And what you can be successful with is one thing, a lot of times like in the Upper East Coast, quarter from quarter from basically Northern Virginia, Arlington, all the way up into Connecticut, even to Massachusetts, there are because of the density, a lot of brownstones and or townhomes that are fee simple and not part of a HOA that’s like the garden variety, stock of property you could do rather than a Southeastern or Midwest where you’re expecting have land around you and a single family dwelling with no detached walls. So be able to roll and analyze the demographics of the marketer and stock that’s their age, you want to really get into curb appeal, design appeal, those things that we utilize from a valuation first approach that give us a real good glean into what deals we can be successful with. So understanding the market, what’s going to be the deal that actually is going to churn most in that area. And then you start transitioning into lead sources, valuation, and then who the buyers and sellers are. So you know, you can turn those deals to me, you got me sitting on the edge of my seat.

I’m getting excited getting excited. No, I think I think that’s very important, because I would just, I just got off a sales call. Actually, I was listening to one of my my sales guys on a call with a potential student. And he was telling me that he just started and he was all over the United States. He was in you know, Oregon, Washington, Dallas, Texas, Utah, he’s all over. And the guy’s like, I haven’t gotten a deal I’ve been in this for like, I’ve been learning about for three years by seven done a deal. And the thing is, he’s just spraying and praying, he’s locking up deals doesn’t know what what is the deal. And what you just said, is so important of knowing, you know, what, what is the deal, knowing your area, knowing your market? And I think what’s happens to a lot of people is they they jump into this and they think they just need to lock something up and they’ll get lucky can be a complete waste of time.

Yeah, definitely, definitely. Let’s say you want to do it just be spinning your wheels, you want to be able to get tangible results, because that builds confidence for the next deal and then building out what will be eventually real good passive income business.

I love it. So Mark, can you tell us a little bit more about how the listeners here can reach out to you if they want to kind of learn more about your model than investing anywhere from anywhere?

Yeah, without doubt. So the core businesses investor comm we have a wonderful community called VIP Plus, you can find that at VIP dot investor, Lots of information there. And if folks want to catch up with me, just go to the mark Be Mark It has been my joy to take everything I’ve learned as a real estate appraiser, and convert that into first becoming an investor within teaching and training and working with clients that was originally domestically and has grown to international we have folks that are as far away as Europe and Italy and Germany and Scotland all the way to Australia, that utilize and are part of the VIP plus community. So there’s lots of synergy conversation of people looking at different deals around the country. But then what really is special is those individuals are coming to be VIPs from the very first time, whether they’re active investors actually looking to wholesale and do deals or to deploy capital as a practice professional, that maybe has a self directed IRA. It’s amazing how many deals happen between the members, the active investors and passive investors, we all get to speak the same language and communicate together. It makes for a really good, secure, safe environment with a lot of good successes.

Yeah, and I think we can just end with the importance of having a great network and a community to doing deals. It’s not like you have to just feel like you’re doing this on your own whether you know if you’re brand new you need to connect with a great community whether you go to like meetups you know that are free. Whether you join a community like that you can learn a lot from others instead of trying to figure out yourself.

So true America, so verbraucher

Well, Mark, I really appreciate having you on here everybody. You heard it here if you want to learn more about investor comps and how you can learn more about investing anywhere from anywhere and truly anywhere because you said you have people in Australia where did you say you got Israel to get all over?

Australia, Israel, Italy’s brand Scotland, Canada, Asia, it’s, of course mainland us as well.

Of course. All right. Well, you heard it here. If you’re outside the United States and you want to be in a community that’s not whether you’re in the United States or not, that’s sounds like that’s the place to be VIP. Wasn’t VIP.

Was not

Love it. All right, everybody have a good one. Hey, MJ, thank you.

Absolutely. A pleasure, man. I look forward to catch up real soon. Is there