What is a JV DEAL real estate and how to find them?

In this video, we’re going to show you what is a JV DEAL real estate and how to find them. Check this video to know more!

Nathan: Let’s call her now. So she is the dispositions manager for another wholesaler. I’m gonna ask her if she’s had any luck finding anybody? Because nobody called

Claudia: Hello this is Claudia

Nathan: Claudia what’s going on? It’s Nathan, how are you?

Claudia: Doing good yourself.

Nathan: Good. Do you have some time to chat?

Claudia: Oh, yeah, sure.

Nathan: So any luck finding any cash buyers? Anyone interested in that property?

Claudia: No, I have not. The people that I told me that were still interested if it fell through, I contacted them. And they said they wanted to do for a higher value, like they wanted to offer a little bit higher. But do all of it. Finance? So no cash upfront? no downpayment?

Nathan: Oh, 0 down

Claudia: 0 down.

Nathan: What were they willing to pay for that?

Claudia: They said 240 with no down payment. But then that will cover nothing whatsoever. What needs to be paid

Nathan: Yeah, that wouldn’t cover nothing for they all in there. So

Claudia: So nothing for the owner.

Nathan: And also, we wouldn’t be able to get her out of pre foreclosure. Did they say they would get it out of pre foreclosure now? Probably Probably not.

Claudia: No, no, no, because they don’t have any money to do that.

Nathan: They wouldn’t, sounds like some noobs. Yeah

Claudia: Yeah.

Nathan: Did Anybody else come in at like even a lower cash offer? Or not even?

Claudia: No, not really.

Nathan: Okay. Well, I appreciate I appreciate, you know, give it a shot this deal. I think it’s just really it’s just a crappy house.

Claudia: Yeah,yeah. Unfortunately, I feel bad for her. But ]there’s nothing we can do. I’ve been thinking what what else can we do? What else can we do? I mean, at least if she if she needs cash at closing, then we can’t do much. Well,

Nathan: Imean, you got 12k has to go and catch up the property. You know,

Claudia: so that’s exactly right. So, I mean, yeah, even that much if we were to find someone to do that, and a little bit for us, but she needs some more money. So

Nathan: do you just curious, do you guys have any deals right now that you’re not selling that you might need help with because I have really good relationships with specific buyers that I can call on? And maybe we can like JV or or anything but is there anything you you’re not able to move at the moment that you might I can call on?

Claudia: Let me look at the pipeline. No, we have a home No, I have a couple that I just put under contract. I have a mobile home in Tula

Nathan: mobile home in Tula.

Claudia: I just posted it last Friday, but I haven’t received any interest whatsoever.

Nathan: Okay.

Claudia: It’s, I believe we’re asking 6060 65 for it. Missing I gotta go check it out.

Nathan: Because I talked to Brian and basically what we talked about is like, hey, if I can bring a buyer obviously, you know, I can throw my fee on top or we can we can throw in you know, obviously pay me. Whatever makes sense. Yeah, so can you forward me that one so I can look at it and maybe call I have a guy that loves mobile home. They will be interested in that. We’ll see.

Claudia: Okay. Yeah, sure. Yeah. Okay. I will send you the link to the listing.

Nathan: Okay. Any, any other ones? Or is that is that pretty much it?

Claudia: That’s it. I mean, that’s all that hasn’t moved.

Nathan: Cool. So you guys are still having a lot of good success and traction. You’re selling your deals. That’s awesome.

Claudia: Yeah, so far. It’s been it’s been fine. I mean, I’ve only been here this is my second week, but it’s still it shows like everything that I’ve seen feels like it’s going great. With those few exceptions, obviously.

Nathan: Yeah, it’s with the exception of the deal. I have this just a piece of trash. Okay. Yeah. All right. We’ll send that to me and then you know, I think we’ll be working more together because what I do I don’t know if I told you this but I basically I it’s called reverse wholesaling where I have like 10 to 15 like solid buyers that I know that they’ll tell me what they’ll pay like within like 24 hours. And if you guys are struggling to move something or you want something done quick I can just call my guys and you know they they can commit you know, pretty much same day

Claudia:Wow. Okay, cool. Cool. Yeah. So that one coming up in Washington. Okay House in Washington so cool that we haven’t posted it yet. So as soon as we posted it but if we don’t get anything, any interest and I’ll let you know as well

Nathan: let me know and even the ones that you do have interest on if you if you want to give me a shot. You know I can always also just If you can just tell me hey, this is the best offer we have, you can beat it great. And then I can just go to my people and be like, Hey, this is, you know, can you pay more? You know, depends if you want. Cool. All right.

Claudia: Okay, I’m gonna talk to you later. Bye. Bye bye.

Nathan: All right, cool. So Chris for that was an example of talking to dispositions manager for another company, and basically just saying, hey, what do you got? I can find buyers for it, you know, strategically right? Alright, so, yeah, so I do that a lot too. So I don’t have to go look for my own deals. I just you know, this company is willing to go grind and get all these deals and sometimes they can’t find buyers and I can find some, you know, that’s actually really
good. Do you have a list of partnership other like wholesalers that you kind of hit up every month or you have a VA do that?
This this one I’m just cool with and then I have a couple others but you know, I’m pretty busy, which is them in my own deals, and you know, working with what I get, so I don’t really venture out and talk to a ton of different wholesalers. But that’s, that’s what you would do you just say, hey, look like I got great relationships. You can do something.


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