How to call a title company and get buyers? [STEP BY STEP]

How to call a title company and get buyers? [STEP BY STEP]

In this video, we’re going to show you how to call a title company and get buyers, step by step. Check this video to know more!

Nathan: You could call a title company, let’s call a title company. Let’s call random title company. And let me let me see if what I’m telling you works. Who wants to wants to put my money where my mouth is? All right. Let’s go on. Because you’re like, hey, you ain’t got the sauce, bro. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Okay, so let’s let’s do it right now. Because I see all the people there like he’s Bs, and he has an okay, so let’s find a title company right now. Okay, so we’re gonna type in investor friendly title companies near me. Okay, we got Merrill Edge, strong, self directed investor title, company, SFR. Title and closing. These are ads. So ads are usually going to pop up. That might not be location specific, but we want to try. So we got title one. I don’t think I’ve ever used title one. But I know a lot of people do. Should we give them a call? Everybody? Do? Let’s see if they give me a buyer. You’re gonna say Dude, I don’t know who you are. I haven’t given you my top buyer. Let’s say Come on, man. Don’t Don’t hold back on me now. I’m live. They’re gonna think. Alright, so 06. Okay, let’s call them. Usually you get when you call these outcomes you get like the secretary like so you got to bypass. The witnesses. Chris. Chris, how are you? My name is Nathan. And I’m just kidding. Oh, yeah. Awesome. Well, hey, do you have a couple minutes to chat? I just have a couple questions for you. Okay, sure. Good. So I am you know, I’ve heard about a lot of my business I guess people in my industry that work with you. But I’ve never worked with the I usually work with GT title, but it over here name. Well, hey, you know what, you know, there’s enough deals to go around and might have to go over there. But one of my questions was, I have a lot of product. So I buy wholesale I fix and flip but right now I’m looking to wholesale a little bit more because you know, the way the market is, but I was wondering if you have any like top buyers that you know, that are currently still doing deals because it’s kind of hard for me right now to like, know, okay, who’s really still buying and you know, but I have deals. So I was wondering if you know, any buyers that maybe you could connect me with that I could chat with.

Let me connect you with Scott Stevenson. He’s in our marketing the head of our marketing department, okay, and see if he can help you out.

Okay, can I chat with him now? Is that okay? Let’s do it. Yeah. Let’s go. Why are they excited to talk to me? It’s because I’m bringing sorry, this is why would they be excited to talk to me Dylan? bringing in money, man. I’m bringing their business. Yeah, business. Okay. So like I told you guys on the Mind Map, call investor friendly title companies and ask them who’s still buying and I’m gonna say I’m gonna bring them deals so they can close your title company. You make money. I make money. You make money. Let’s do it. And they’re like, let’s freakin go. She’s She put me right in touch with the main man, Scott. Hey, Nathan. That’s right. Is this Scott? Oh, yeah. How are you? I’m doing really good. Scott. I don’t know if she filled you in on, you know, the reason I’m calling did she kind of let you know? Well,

she didn’t really know. Okay. Talking about

okay, well, no problem. Well, so this is the situation so I am I buy I fix and flip buy wholesale. And I’ve heard a lot of things about your guys’s title company, from other people that I work with in industry, and what’s going on as I’m kind of sitting on the sidelines right now, with buying, unless I get a really good deal. But I have a bunch of deals that I think would be good. But I’m struggling to find who’s consistently are currently buying right now in the market. And I was wondering, I mean, you guys are closing with investors. I was wondering if you could put me in touch with maybe any that are looking for deals that you know, maybe close with you guys and it benefits everybody?

Well, I’ll tell you what I do. I’ll put you in touch with a guy who runs a group of investors that runs a group of investors. I’ve been to their meetings before. Great guy. Cool. I think really do some good. Let me look up his number. His name is Todd Porter.

I’ve never I’ve never heard of Todd Porter. Is he a wholesaler as well as an investor is what does he specifically do?

I think he specifically does a lot of investing. But he I mean, he he knows a lot of wholesalers. I went up to their one of their meetings. They had a meeting that was held up north salt lake that I was at last week and it was about I don’t know gotta be in 75 different people. They’re like real estate agents, different investors. Amazing. And you can talk to him about that meeting, where you can probably hook up with a lot of different people. Yeah, so let me see. Let me get you his number. Tell him I sent you over tell him the silver dollar man sent you over everybody knows

me that’s over. That’s how how’d you how’d you get that nickname Silver Dollar,

Silver Dollar Man. Well, you know, I give out silver dollars everybody I do business with and that goes back a long ways where, wow, I actually served an LDS message, we went way back. And I took a silver dollar with me in my pocket. And I kind of had that as my, I don’t know what you want to call it my calling card.

Yeah, you’re the you’re the silver dollar guy like that. And that’s the word

all man. I mean, everybody. The bottom line is, is that it just stands for everybody’s treated equally. And it doesn’t matter who they are and how many deals they do, or whatever the case may be. I love it, buddy was equal value. So because it’s a coin, it’s, you know, whether it was a little kid down in Argentina that said, you know, living in a shack for the United States, everybody should

be treated. That is awesome. I love that. You know what, that’s awesome. I’m gonna take that down. And remember that and you know, I write in my journal every day. So I’m gonna say I’m at the Silver Dollar Man today. And you know, he told me, everybody’s treated equal. I like that.

Yeah, exactly. So here, let me give you the number. It’s Todd Porter. R T. R is number are you based on where you at?

So I live in. I live in Sandy. I live in Sandy right now.

Oh, you’re in Sandy. Yeah. Okay. Well, terrific. He’s, he’s, he’s a terrific guy. And he can hook you up with whoever you need to hook up with perfect. His number is 8017 551-882-1882. And, in fact, I was just, I met with him just yesterday, we do a lot of podcasting here as part of our our marketing arm here at title one. So he’s going to be co hosting one of our podcasts that we do here, so

I might have to get on your Yeah, he’ll help. Yeah, that sounds like a great connection.

Hey, you need to stop in you live in Sandy. We’re right here. We’re close by and Sandy, you stop in one day, or come by and tell me when you’re gonna come by. And I’ll show you around. And we are way out in front of everything else with with all the things that we’re doing to help people market so.

So it sounds like second director of marketing. Yeah, sounds like I need to get over there, get a deal done with you and get a silver dollar. That sounds like what I need to do. There you go.

And you will definitely get one. And so we’re your clients. Whenever I have a closing, I just walk in there and thank them for coming here to Title One given silver dollar. And

I appreciate that. And look, if you can do this for me, too. You gave me Todd and I appreciate that. But if there’s anyone else that’s like talks to you and says, Look, I you know, I’m tired of looking for deals or I don’t want to do that. But you know, do you know anyone? That’s kind of what I do, I do what’s called reverse wholesaling mainly right now because I’m sitting on the sidelines waiting for the market to see what it does. So I basically look for deals for people all over you know, MLS, other wholesalers, I specifically target stuff with marketing. So if there’s anything that anyone you know, that wants on, like a glorified bird dog, right, if you know anybody, I’ll find them a deal.

I’ll tell you, Todd is the man to talk to if we were talking about this, just yesterday, we were talking about all the different aspects of wholesaling. Some people can do this, some do that some do this, some do that and everybody hooks up. And that’s the reason why they have that meeting together. Well, they meet on Thursdays you ask them, and I guarantee you getting hooked up with him will hook you right into the mainstream.

It sounds like you’re the go to guy and so is he appreciate it, Scott, appreciate your help. And Nathan, What’s your last name? Is Payne KY any? Yeah, in saved my number, please. Yes,

I will. Um, well, you know, she sent me back your what is your number? So it’s 404-304-4202.