What would you do if your property offer was accepted but the solar lease was still due?

What would you do if your property offer was accepted but the solar lease was still due?

In this video, we’re going to answer a students question:

Got a property offer accepted but the property has a solar lease still due. In this situation, what will you do? Check this video to know more!

So Luis filled out this form and he said, got a property offer accepted but the property has a sore lien still do in this situation, what would you do? I actually made this video because I know batch had liens that could show you and this was a question. So this is why we’re doing is cool. Like if you ever have a question, I might be able to feature it, you know, and talk about it and help you out. So Luis, if you’re ever watching this brother and I think you are you have a property accepted offer accepted on a property as a sore lien, that’s fine. That property, you can still wholesale a house that has a lien on it as long as there it gets paid off at closing. Right. So let’s let’s do this, for example, you have a house that’s worth 400,000. Right? That’s the ARV you wholesale it to someone at 300,000. Right. And the seller owes 250. Right. So as long as the solar lien isn’t 50,000, that seller buys sorry, the buyer buys it from that person at 300. And they owe 250 to us 50k of equity, as long as the there’s not more than that, then you can wholesale it and sell it and there’s no problem. But let’s say that you get the house, you wholesale it to someone and they buy it for 260. And their mortgage is like 250. But there’s a solar lien for 18k. So now, the house is 268. That’s what is owed to get it sold. But your buyers only buying 260 You can’t buy the house, you know you’re not paying enough. So the only reason a solar lien is a problem is if it’s not getting paid off, or it’s not getting assumed, right. It’s pretty, it’s pretty standard. It’s like you just have to pay more than what the lien is. And the seller has got to be cool with it. Right? They gotta be like, Okay, well I get I’m not getting all this equity, because some of that equity is going to go to pay off this lien that I owe, right, Dylan, any questions on how to explain that? Or do you feel like it was not so solid? And the cool thing about this deal on to any questions you have or anyone has that’s in the program or just outside because I’m just trying to help anybody if you haven’t seen this guy’s This is the painless wholesaling. mindmap.

So literally any question that’s asked that, I think is a good question goes into this mind map. And it’s like deep in here. So as you go through it, it’s got contracts got everything, and I give it out for absolutely free. So about this solar lien problem, that that would probably go under making offers to sellers to get contract signed. So that’s that’s kind of where we’re at. We’re making offers, we’re trying to get them signed, and there would be a portion of it right here under making offers. Well, yeah, it would probably be under how to deal with liens. Maybe you know, I’d probably make, like, let’s see how to deal with liens. What I’m going to do is I’m just going to put this video that we have in here in here, right? So anytime that someone’s watching this, they can just be like, Dude, you know if they found it, right, but I would point you to it. So don’t if you came into the program later and you’re like, dude, how do I deal with liens? I’d be like, dude, go to number eight. It’s under making offers and explains everything. Right? So because the thing is, I can answer questions all day. But if it just goes out into the abyss or into a YouTube video that no ever fine. So everything I tried to do is is located in a sweet mind map. So you might have gotten a little confused and we’re gonna go over this but the first thing you do is you pick a market, pick Utah, easy, find cash buyers. The next thing you’re going to do is it’s time to find some buyers, right you gotta find who’s buying right now, if you guys are new to wholesaling, start finding buyers first because if you’ve tried to find a deal first you don’t know if anyone will buy it right now in the market this this way, you got to go the reverse way the painless wholesaling way. So let’s go back to the form. I don’t even think I was sharing my screen on that dang presentation of the Mind Map. Okay, yeah. Yeah. So embarrassing, bro. Okay, so this is the mind map, it breaks down all the steps, you need to get your first deal. And it’s a 10 step process. But within each step, it drops down and like, you know, what’s the sales process to getting a deal on market or off market? Okay, how do you do it? It shows you exactly how to do it making offers like, Okay, what happens if you run into a solar? Like a lien? I’m going to put it in here, right? Is this on your website? Yeah, no. So as you joined, you should have gotten an email to you for login to Kajabi. And that has everything this is this has everything in it for you. So check your emails. Yeah. And by the way, if you guys love this mind map is free. Go get it. I put all this information out there for you guys. And I know that information is great, but information doesn’t make you money. Like I could tell you guys right now, if I was a brain surgeon how to perform a surgery, none of you guys would be able to do it. None of you. Right.

So I feel like if I give you guys information, it’s good. You get as much as you can, but you’re still implementing it. You’re gonna need someone to kind of you still need a little bit in the structure, right? Like unless you’re genius, and you can just read this and you’re like, oh, The greatest right? So that’s that’s kind of why I give you everything for free just because you need the info but you need implementation to write me know how to use it. But come get the mind map. It’s free, okay? And it’s got some sweet discounts. Shout out to batch. It’s got some sweet discounts to bash like free trials. But other than that, guys, let’s let me go back and let’s answer. Let’s answer this next question. So Michael had the question. I’m looking for cash buyers and I have been using prop stream to pull list and I haven’t gotten any bites. But where else are what can what I can do to get some buyers on my list? All right, don’t so from what I just told you. Where do you think we should tell Michael Gonzalez to go get cash buyers from what I just showed you should should he go to the mind map that’s free? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So he just said, How do I find cash buyers? Well, Michael Gonzalez, I would ask you, but you know, I would say Hey, pay attention right here. Number three, go find cash buyers. There’s five different cash buyer types. There are flippers landlords realtor’s, you could call wholesalers cash buyers, because they can help you find them and hedge funds. And that’s, that’s the five types right? So I recommend getting flippers, that’s who you probably should be getting that will pay cash the most here is every single way that you can find a cash buyer, you can ask a private money lender for a buyer, okay, because they fund buyers so they know who’s buying. And here’s a list right here for free of all the cash buyers, all private money lenders that I know of, there’s about 4000 of them across the United States. So even if you’re somewhere else that I don’t invest in, if you click on the sheet so if you go here, you goes to the spreadsheet that I made for everyone you go private money lenders, here’s a bunch of resources for private money lenders, here’s 3000 of them and all you have to do is reach out to them or search search their company up but these are private money lenders that you know that lend right and it’s all private money. lenders.com Super simple, right? That’s but that is one of the best ways to find because they’re lending to people now that are active, right. So another strategy would be use batch leads. Bachelors is like prop stream, but better. And here’s some videos on how to find cash buyers. You’re probably struggling brother, Michael, because you’re checking probably like over the last year who’s buying and the way the market is shifted. I bet about 70% of buyers aren’t buying anymore. I bet there’s 30 Good ones that are 30% that are still left. Okay, so that’s why if you pull a giant list and you try to find everybody, most of those people probably done right there waiting. No, I’m not saying that real estate is done and this is a great opportunity and then listen to the call I just had like there’s opportunities


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