When a Seller Wants Too Much (Live Scenario) – Part 1

In this video, we’re going to talk about a situation in which 99% of real estate investors and wholesalers find themselves. Talking to a seller who wants way too much money. You get on the phone with them, and they immediately ask for your best offer. It’s really hard to connect with them and find out their motivation. So that’s what happened with this deal we have right here. Check out this video to learn more.

So this is a situation that 99% of real estate investors wholesalers find themselves in. They’re talking to a seller that wants way too much money, you get on the phone with them. And then immediately they’re like, just give me your offer. Give me your best offer. So it’s really hard to connect with them find out the motivation.

So that’s what happened. This is deal that we have right here. Yeah, I’m busy. So let’s just get right under business. What’s your cash offer for it? Then he just wanted to get me off the phone. So we started talking about the condition of the property, you know, what I can pay depends on the condition of the house. He started telling me about what the house is worth, what work he thought it needed. And it was just like, kind of generic stuff like carpet paint, he actually doesn’t live there.

There’s a tenant that lives there. I said, Do you have any pictures or I don’t have pictures. So I just thought it would be easy to just go see the house. This is an interesting situation very hard to develop rapport with the seller over the phone wants way too much. And I thought this would be a good opportunity to show him hey, I’m willing to go to the house show him that. I’m a real investor. I think I can set myself apart from the other investors that way after seeing the house, then I can make him multiple offers.

You know, if I can buy it for cash, if I can buy it on terms, if we can do an ovation we partner on the property together and do a flip together. Lots of different options, but you’re going to see a house you need to determine Okay, is it worth my time? Is the seller really going to sell their motivation but someone that’s just like yeah, I’m gonna list it if I don’t get what I want.

Or there’s like I’m just going to keep it if I don’t get what I want. That’s another reason not to go see the house because you can just give them a low range and see what they say to that but anyway, that’s kind of a in a nutshell what we’re going to do today by seeing this house there’s the house party Jeff, Nathan, Nathan Yeah, this Michael Michael I am not Oh, you’re not watching I think it’s a double showing at the same time.

Okay, so what’s what’s kind of a situation like are you moving out of here he’s decided to sell it or yeah, he’s had an amazing work right?

Does the house need like a ton of work? Maybe probably got worse. Never buy like one way or you I’m hoping like so like I was just talking to Jack Reynolds already 30 times and I even had a dumpster drive to my driveway and

would it be helpful if we were to help you stuff out like Iron Brew or you know you wanting to go through all that yourself and get through right. Sounds like there was a bite you might need like a month or two to get out you know

I would be your landlord or you know, whoever until you move out. Yeah. And I would be willing to work with whoever however to make it work. While we going to go in or Yeah. Yeah. You guys can go first.


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