When a Seller Wants Too Much (Live Scenario) – Part 2

In this video, we’re going to talk about a situation in which 99% of real estate investors and wholesalers find themselves. Talking to a seller who wants way too much money. You get on the phone with them, and they immediately ask for your best offer. It’s really hard to connect with them and find out their motivation. So that’s what happened with this deal we have right here. Check out this video to learn more.

So multiple investors involved and it’s just how it is in just from looking on the outside looks okay if you’re going to sell this thing for top dollar you’re gonna have to you know fix the siding maybe the paint it you got the screens the windows are okay you’re gonna need the landscaper to like if you want to sell this thing for top dollar you’re gonna have to fix the yard so this might not be the best option for fixing flip at the price that the seller wants you’re probably going to have to this will be a rental you’re more than welcome to take us through a little tour you can and I’ll see kind of what work needs to be done so that is a fraction what was in here Yeah, you said you 30 Tons of stuff 60 times 60 times can see this probably need to redo this display for Mike Yeah, it’s just the cabinets are bad but floors these original original wood their original maple backyard decent size Yeah, it’s a reasonable size I think

so I decided to do this one

all right.

There’s your next Fed laundry is even deeper down there. But assuming down there despite more of the same just two bedroom NPN storage on the right. This probably gonna take more than a month or two to get this stuff out for you if you guys just did it alone, you know? Okay, so this is your furnace, critical. Cooler, water coolers. Now, we get kind of an idea of this thing. We just have to like get a component like clean out completely and just redo it all. Well, I’m gonna talk to Michael about what I can offer. I gotta run my numbers, but is one and a lot more than he was asking for more. Unfortunately. Reach out. It’s nice to meet you, brother. Best of luck.

All right, everyday. Yes, yeah. That is a perfect example of why you would want to go see a house in person. The seller told me that the house just needed carpet paint. We go inside the house absolutely trashed. It needs a complete remodel mold waterfall and doubt leaking. You got the swamp cooler that’s destroying the house. You know flooring. It’s just completely destroyed. So you can definitely take a seller’s word for what the condition of the house unless you can get pictures or go see the house yourself. Now when I go talk to the seller I have I don’t want to say ammo to like kind of attack them. But it’s more of like I have more information to say hey, look, have you seen this house? I can show you the pictures. I can send you the video that I did to this house needs a complete rehab. These are the options that I see available to us right now.


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