Wholesale Real Estate: My First Deal & Door-Knocking Success!

Welcome to my channel! In this exciting video, I take you on a journey through my very first wholesale real estate deal, where I achieved remarkable success through the power of door-knocking.

Hey what’s going on investors drive Nation. I’m about to knock doors and I’m going to show you guys the first houses i wholesaled from knocking doors. Five years later, we’re in front of this house. The lady’s name was Barbara. It was a crazy story. The house was stacked up. It was it was a hoarders house. And we had to clean that thing out. I offered to move her took way too long. I had a 226 foot trucks that we packed up and I drove them myself and I don’t really do that anymore. But I did just to get one of my first deals. Let’s go knock on the door to see if they’re selling again, so I won’t walk on their lawn that looks like a nice lawn. Doesn’t look like they’d be selling looks like they take really good care of the house. Unlike the previous owner that we got it from but hey, great memories of me having to take this move this person. Were on camera while you’re on camera, too.

Hey, how you doing today, sir? Hey, I was just gonna record me. Yeah, we’re done. No worries. We don’t have to record you. Not interested in anything you’re trying to sell? Oh, no, I’m not selling anything. I just have a question. Are you guys by chance? Do you know anyone that’s selling in the neighborhood? Are you by chance selling we’re just trying to find if you know people are selling. Okay, how do you like the home by the way?

Love it. Yeah, yeah, we flipped it. By the way. I’m the guy that flipped this house. Awesome. Is it going pretty good for you? Yeah, there’s some stuff that was definitely wrong that we’ve had to fix.

But yeah, oh, well,

I did my best. didn’t follow code. See? That’s what we get. That’s that’s what we’re gonna get today. And guarantee it. Actually, I wasn’t the guy who flipped it. I was the one that wholesaled it. But I don’t think he would have understood that. But when you knock doors, you kind of want to look for ones that look like they need a little bit of work. Because if you go knock like a brand new house, then that might not be worth your time. Hey, how you doing today, sir? Hey, I got a quick question. We’re just in the neighborhood where investors were looking to see if anyone in the neighborhood is selling their homes. We’re looking to make offers cash offers for people for their houses. No. Are you are you guys by chance selling? Okay, and you’re not sure if anybody else that is? You guys have a great day. Okay. Hey, this what you’re gonna get with the bump? What do you want? And the thing is, it’s just a simple question. You know, you’re just like, hey, you selling we’re real estate investors looking for properties to buy an area would you by chance have any properties that you’d be? You know, anyone that’s selling? Are you by chance selling? That’s it? Because really, there’s nothing you can say that will make anyone want to sell their house. You just got to find the opportunity. You can’t convince someone to sell their home. How Hi, how you doing? Hey, sorry to bother you. I’m just going around the neighborhood asking people we’re real estate investors we’re looking for properties have I would you by chance know anyone in the neighborhood that’s selling?

I rent this property.

Okay. Of course. Yeah. Have a great day. Yeah, see ya. renters. All right. Tough crowd today. Hmm. But what you’re gonna do, you just got to keep pushing through. You never know what you’re gonna get. That one probably could use some work. Let’s go knock it. What I’m usually looking for is outdated homes, maybe taller grass lawns that are taken care of so well. I also ask them if they know anyone so it’s not so direct. If you just straight up ask them or like hey, are you selling your house? Might be a little weird, right? So I would say hey, you know by chance know anyone. Hey, how you doing today? Sir? I’m just going around the neighborhood seeing if you know anyone that by chance to selling I’m a real estate investor looking for properties to flip. Or are you by chance selling? Have a great day? See if this does look official though, right? Yes. Hello? Hey, um, um, my name is Nathan. And we’re just going through the neighborhood. I’m a real estate investor. We’re asking of you, by chance know anyone that’s selling. We’re looking for properties to buy? No. Are you by chance selling the house? This house or? No? Okay. I gotta take your shot. Right. That’s what we’re going for. Okay, well, have a good one. See, if you wanted to do be super efficient at this, you could have like a card or like something you can give people. I think that would be more helpful. And then like, Hey, let me real quick. Let me give you my phone number and they’re like, Nah, get the bump out of here. You think it needs a new roof? Ooh, you’re right. You are right. Let’s freakin knock it. Well. Looks like dirt or something on their nose.

That’s a big dog. I wouldn’t mess around with that. That’s a big old dog there. We’re not trying to mess around here.

Dear goodness, I’m not messing with you, buddy. That fence needs to be hired. You think oh, my gosh, that was kind of, that’s a freaking big downer I loved on the mission catching people, right as they pull in. They can’t hide. How are you? Are you having a good day? Oh, you know, I’m not selling anything. I’m actually going around asking if I can buy something from a real estate investor going through the neighborhood asking if you by chance No. Have any of your neighbors if they’re selling or not, no deal.

We bought this house just four years ago. Yeah, we’re not. And we really don’t know our neighbors. Really?

Well. You know, it’s interesting, actually, four years ago actually looked at this house because I was going to potentially buy it. So you bought it. You’re the one that bought a good congratulations.

We love this house. The land the heart is awful hard to make. Correct to land.

Yeah. Love the house. Well, you know, you’re doing a great job with that garden looks beautiful. Why is nice meeting you. My name is Nathan. What’s your name? Ainlay. Nice to meet you. Have a great day. Okay. I wish you a model. Oh, Elaine, you’re the first person that wish me luck today. Thank you so much. Everyone else has said Hey, get out of here. But not you. Thank you, Elaine. You have a good one. Lanes the best. Lane wish just luck. Let’s freakin go. See knocking doors is fun. Sometimes you meet great people. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you get attacked by a German Shepherd, or one that like could attack you. You never know. This, this doorbell is like painted on my gosh. Hello. Hey, how you doing today? Sir? I’m a real estate investor. I’m looking for properties to buy and flip. We’re just renting here. We bought the move out. Oh, you’re about to move out. Do you know if the landlord is looking to sell the house? To renters? Oh, it’s a realtor. Okay. I’ll give him a call. Thanks for your time. Man. You have a great day. All right. So we have a house right here. It’s a rental. Looks like it needs some work. And there the renters are moving out tomorrow. Probably a great opportunity to make a call to the age the agent or whoever owns skip trace them and see if they’d want to sell. Let’s go to this one.

Yeah, we really don’t know where to go in here. Hello. Let me let me just knock on this door here.

Hello. You when we come around to the window? I’ll come around. I see the lady here. Hi. Hey, how are you? Well, you’re watching Dish Network. I used to work for Dish Network. I didn’t want to make you get up. My name is Nathan. I’m a real estate investor. Have you lived here for a long time? You’re sick? You’re sick? You serious? Wow. That’s how long have you lived here? 1955. Wow, congrats. Well, I love your hair, by the way. Beautiful. Okay, well, you enjoy that ice cream. Okay. Have a great day, ma’am.

Wow, that’s awesome. 95 years old been here since 1955. That’s amazing. Now she’s obviously not going to sell, right. She’s gonna stay here forever, as long as she can. But that would be a great one to fix and flip, you know, eventually, right? So hey, today hasn’t been read, we’ve had a couple of opportunities, one wrench or zooming out and the neighbor next door has been there since 1955. You know, not to be heartless. But she’s not going to be, you know, around in neighbor forever. So that could be a property you could mark and, you know, keep an eye out on because we were kind of pressed for time. I didn’t knock on every door, I would recommend getting notes and writing your name your website and your contact info and saying, Hey, I’m looking for houses via an area, give me a call. And I would have people reach out to you.

That’s a good way to get leads is knock doors and leave flyers. Be nice to everyone. If someone is being mean or upsetting you don’t take it personal. I never take anything personal. Even if someone attacks me. I’m just like, whatever. I was knocking doors for DISH Network in Oklahoma. And I knocked on his door and a guy just opens the door and he has a gun pointed at me. He’s like, and I’m like brah trying to sell some Dish Network. Would you like some dish? He’s like, already got it. I was like, all right. I wasn’t worried I’m ready to die. If you wanna shoot me, I’m ready to go. I don’t want to die. But if I have to die, I’m ready.

That only happened in like a random town Oklahoma. Don’t let that scare you. So if you’re thinking about knocking doors after watching this, and you’re like, I need to know when I should do it. Or where I should go again. I would start with a buyer I’d find a buyer that through the payments wholesaling method, and you’d you’d ask them their buying criteria and ask them what areas they buy in. And then you would go to that specific neighborhood and you look for those opportunities and then timewise it’s just like cold calling. Everyone’s like when’s the best time to cold call and my advice is cold call when you when you are willing to pick up the phone and call knock when you cannot write pick a good area knock you know when you can but if you want to be specific knock when people are home and that’s like from four to eight if it gets starts getting dark people start getting a little sketched out as long as you have a smile on your face and you’re happy no big deal just be happy be nice you know you never know what people are going to try to leave them better off than where you when you found them.

So you know they come to the door all grumpy just smile, you compliment them say hey, you got a nice garden because what it’s all about is just making people feel better about themselves. So if that guy who’s upset you know he’s probably just having a bad day. Let’s be real right? He’s tired. It’s all good. That’s that’s all I gotta say. Peace out Payneless real estate. Real estate Night Out


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