Winning Motivated Sellers: Essential Communication Guide!

Struggling to find the right words when dealing with motivated sellers? Look no further! In this comprehensive video, we present an essential communication guide that will equip you with the skills and confidence needed to connect effectively with motivated sellers. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, this video is a game-changer for your real estate success.

What is up everybody? It is Nathan Payne and everybody today is the weekly batch call.

All right, look, there’s a huge problem I’m keep saying over and over and over again as I talk to people they’re trying to get into wholesaling. The problem is they don’t know what to say to sellers. They don’t know how to take action. They don’t know what to do to get a deal. All right, let me tell you one thing really quick, it doesn’t matter. If you’re new, it doesn’t matter what action you take. It just matters that you take action.

Obviously, the action you take in the beginning is going to be wrong 99% of time you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s okay. But you need to take action. And that is what I’m going to show you today. So if you are interested in learning how to take action, what’s going to help you get there? Well, thanks to batch leads, giving me this opportunity to come to you weekly, I’m going to show you exactly how to take action, how to make offers. Let’s go right into

We’re gonna start with our batch leads account, okay, there’s a couple things you can do a batch like you can go and if you have dough, you can pull a list and you can skip trace the list, right? And if you don’t have dough, you’d be able to just go search, and it shows you properties that are listed on the MLS. All right, so I am looking for properties in DeKalb Henry County and Clayton County area that meet a certain criteria. So let me go here, I’m going to filter I want anything that specifically buys in this area. They don’t want anything older than 1965. So that’s the minimum they want three beds, two baths, they want single family, they want over 1000 square feet, and they want it to rent for a certain percentage.

Okay, now, I don’t know if there’s a filter on here that tells you the percentage. I don’t care if it’s occupied either. I just want to talk to somebody right now. Let’s freakin get someone on the phone. Let’s see what we got. I don’t look at all this time to get up. Step up. Make some offers. All right, I got buyers. Let’s get it. Let’s call that agent. Right. See, Gabriel Whitfield? What do you got for me? We’re gonna make this man an offer. I have not researched the property. I could care less about the property. I’m gonna call and I’m just gonna say, hey, let’s make a deal happen. All right. Let’s give her a call.

Hello. Hey, Nathan. Discovery, I would feel it.

I’m so glad to hear from you. How are you doing? Good. Good. You have a couple minutes to chat. I wanted to ask you about your listing.

Yeah, always start and talk a lot. It is under contract. Oh, I did I get there too late. Yes, sir. We had offers and showings like crazy.

I bet you did.

It seemed like a good property. How long ago? Did it go under contract yesterday?

Okay, so it was recently you know, most fixer uppers are?

I don’t know, I don’t get a lot. I can keep you put it under my contacts. If you’re looking for fixer uppers. Yeah, it’s a short to diligence period on this contract. So it’s five days. Are you an agent?

I’m an investor,

I can let you know if it follows through after five days. You know,

I would really love that because I would love to come in as a backup because I know that sometimes these fall through specially sometimes investors, they just go in there, they lock it up, and then they try to back out. If they can’t renegotiate.

This is not an investor. So they came in pretty high with the contract with the offer price. So that’s good. If it falls through, I think I got one more person to call. But yeah, definitely give me a call.

I appreciate it. Okay, well, you have a great day and we’ll be in touch. Thank you so much

Sure. You today, did ya?

What a sweetheart, huh? I knew she was so I’m going to text her my contact info, put her in my CRM. We’re going to follow up because I’d love to work with her. Right. What are we doing? We’re looking for deals. That’s it. We’re looking for deals, whether it’s MLS, whether it’s on market, off market, blah, blah. That’s what we do. Alright, so let’s make some more calls. We ain’t done. That was good, though. I’m starting to get more tax. Oh, we got another one. Let’s see. Hello. All right. Yeah, I was calling about the property that you have listed. So I’m an investor. I’m out of Salt Lake City, Utah, but I’m looking to invest in this area. This one looks like it needs some work. And it looks like it can rent for around 1800 a month. So tell me about this one. I’m curious. It does look like a property that wholesaled and if you listed it did they not want to go through quick cash offer on all that, do you feel like this one is going to be like because of that issue is just going to be harder to move.

I got somebody right now that’s looking into it.

If we were able to work something out, you could represent me and get both sides of commission wanted.

Absolutely. Yeah. Shoot me your information. Okay. Yeah, sounds good.

I look forward to working with emails deals together. Alright, so what I’m going to do is actually I need to put all these people’s contact info, I have it on my phone, but I gotta put it on my CRM because I want to keep track of all these dope agents who are easy to work with. I look I haven’t made an offer. I’d like to have made an offer but that one that I just talked about the guy’s like it’s in the flood zone and I know that the hedge fund that I work that deals with they don’t buy flood zones. Let’s see. Oh, there’s another call. Let’s see. I’ll take calls all day.

Hello. Hey, this is here with Keller Williams calling you back about 4019 renter route? Yeah,

Jared, how are you? How are you? Good, good. Yeah, so my name is Nathan. Just let us know. I’m an investor. I live in Salt Lake City, but I’m investing in Atlanta right now, it’s really hard to find cash flowing in Utah. This one seems like a good option of like buying it and then fixing it up and then renting it. Yeah. But I wanted to kind of chat with you about it. Do you work with investors like me actually do this to let you know what I know. That’s why I started in DeKalb. And Clayton and Henry County in these areas, because they’re a little lower on the price range, and you can still rent them out for a decent amount. So you’re getting kind of close to the 1% rule, if you can buy it at the right price. So that’s why I’m calling trying to work deals in this area.

That particular house is under contract.

Is it just a contract?

I think we finally ended up. I don’t think I’m following up over the weekend. We ended up with several offers. And I guess it went binding either Tuesday or Wednesday?

A bit early Wednesday might have been but do they have a short due diligence period? Or do you think there’s any chance that they’re my back out? Or probably not?

I don’t know. It’s a four day due diligence period. They had their home inspection this morning. So I don’t know what will happen of it. You know, she is moving pretty fast.

Yeah, it sounds like it four days is pretty short time, especially if it’s not like an investor.

Yeah, that’s one reason why we went with this offer. It actually wasn’t the highest numbers wise. Yeah, but it had the best terms. And they were able to give my folks a couple of days kind of hold over and the person has a good steady job. Also, their government employees are not going anywhere, for sure.

I’m just curious as I make investments, like in this area and make offers like what is usually like appealing because I want to win more. You said that it wasn’t the highest offer, but it had good terms.

Yeah, it was I don’t mind sharing it all. I mean, it’s an all in all in education, like I invest in help quite a bit of investors. And I’m happy to share what I see. But in this instance, and this was fully like my sellers decision, I actually tried to get a deal with one of the higher course yeah, this one is actually an FHA buyer, which, again, I’m shocked about but they were willing to take on it. FHA buyer is ticker lady, she has a lot of closing cost. But she also has a lot of cash reserves. So we were okay, kind of taking that she was very flexible on timeframe. So she basically gave the closing date that we wanted, which is the same day as their purchase, got it. She was also willing to use the same attorney that we were using for that, that’s helpful. But then she also gave them like a three day temporary occupancy. So they had the weekend to pack things up and to get out for clothes. So that was very helpful, I think, made a difference, too, is that she was the first offer in and I think that that gave some weight to that. Yeah, just with the speed. She was quick and easy. That’s awesome. Yeah. And her agent was very responsive. When I would call and ask questions. She was very responsive, and gave honest answers. And that was big. Anytime I get an offer, I always call and talk to the lenders. They don’t answer the phone. It’s an immediate turn off.

Yeah, no, that’s true, you know, especially hit on answers like, hey, this might be a little bit more difficult to process if they’re hard to cut talk to.

Yeah, like, what are the higher offers that we had, I ended up playing phone tag for the better part of a day just trying to get them.

Yeah, that’s frustrating to do you think sometimes they make those higher offers to just, you know, maybe tied up and do a little bit more research on it. I always wonder about that. Like, if they’re just trying to like bide their time.

I think everybody that we had here was an owner on that’s good. Yeah, I was kind of surprised about that. And I figured at this price point that we would have been inundated with investors.

That’s a great price point for the area needs a little bit of work. I would think just looking at the pictures. That’s why I called

Yeah, it probably doesn’t need to have he’s done a fair amount to it.

Well, if you can keep me in mind and maybe say my contact info I’m aggressively looking for like rentals in this area. I know you said you work more in Athens. But if you find anything and find a seller doesn’t necessarily want to take it to market and just wants a quick offer. I can be really responsive and just shoot you over some that work for me. Yeah, for sure. You know, if you find me anything that can be a good return on my investment, whether I flip it or rent it. Like I’m open to look outside of this area. I just primarily looking here because I thought that this would be a good investment area, right? If you’re finding stuff in Athens around that area, I’ll definitely look at it and shoot you an offer if it works for me.

Okay. Yeah, for sure. If you don’t mind if you can send me your information just texted all over. Yeah, of course. Yeah, I come across anything that you know.

Well, Jared, I appreciate your time. Let me send you that info. And let’s keep in touch. Yeah, sure. Well, I appreciate it. Okay. Have a good one. Man. I like Jared. He’s a great guy. All right, everybody. So hey, that’s networking. Right? That’s column people making offers. That’s it. That was good. I had a good time. I enjoy that. The more you do that, the more you put yourself out to the more deals you’re going to do. We’re looking for deals in Atlanta. Let’s get it done later.


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