How to find buyers and sellers in real estate

In this video, we’re going to show you how to find buyers and sellers in real estate. By the end of this video, you will know exactly how to find buyers to sell your deals to and sellers so you can do deals with them. You need to find both, and we’ll show you in this breakdown how to find them. Check out this video to learn more.

What’s up everyone? Today we’re gonna be going over how to find buyers and sellers in real estate. If you need to find these people to make money, which you absolutely do. Stay tuned, I’m gonna break this all down for you right now by the end of this video, you’re gonna know exactly how to find buyers to sell your deals to and find sellers. So you can do deals with them, you need to have both, but primarily, we’re going to go over how to find buyers because that is really the most important thing when getting started.

Not only am I going to explain to you how to find buyers and where to find sellers, but I’m gonna do an in depth breakdown exactly how to go find buyers using one of my favorite services bash leads that I use every day in my business. I’m going to break it down so you guys can see exactly how you can get on a phone with a cash buyer today. So let’s dive right into it. How do you find cash buyers? How do you find buyers for a property? How do you find sellers for a property? So what I’m going to be talking about mainly is How To Find Buyers cash buyers when you’re wholesaling a deal. Obviously if you’re looking for buyers that are more traditional like a family, you’re going to have to use the MLS but when you’re looking for cash buyers that you can wholesale a property to you’re going to need to find them using these avenues. I love going to RIAs I love going to real estate meetups, I just look online and like search, where’s my load my nearest real estate meetup and I go directly to those and I talked to people in the network. Another way that I like to do is I like to call title companies title companies are great for finding buyers you call the title company say hey, I’m looking for cash buyers. I’d love to do business with you and them and bring you more business and title companies like great now they’re not always gonna give you their top cash buyers because they got to feel like they can trust you.

They don’t want to just give that relationship up to someone. So you’re gonna have to get good at having that conversation with title companies. Now look, I’ve given you a couple ways to find cash buyers. I have something that a break down that’s actually going to show you the step by step strategy of how to find cash buyers so you can get on the phone with him today. Check it out. But before I give you that information, I want to invite you to my Payneless Wholesaling masterclass, it’s absolutely free. All you have to do is go to Payneless register and I’m going to teach you exactly how to get deals for free. Alright, so here’s the breakdown. But I did tell you I was going to tell you how to find sellers. Now once you find your buyers which we’re going to show you on this recap and this breakdown once you find the buyers you go search for those sellers that your buyers want the buyers that you’ve connected with you say Hey Where do you want to buy your properties, they say I want to buy it on the east side of Salt Lake City for example. I want to buy it in this neighborhood then you go and target those you can knock doors you can do for sale by owner you can look on the MLS, you can mail you can cold call that neighborhood three twos or whatever your buyers want. finding sellers is not that difficult once you know what you’re looking for. But let’s first let’s dive right in. Let’s go back to diving in to finding cash buyers.

And this breakdown I promise will help you so if you haven’t seen my outline that I made on the step by step process to do the whole Payneless Wholesaling strategy, I want you I want to explain it a little bit and I want to give it to you guys, this is absolutely free. If you want this, you can just DM me and I’ll send it to you. It’s also my Facebook group. But the reason why I’m here guys is batch leads is a huge part of how I get deals. It’s the payments wholesaling strategy way, it’s basically it’s reverse wholesaling. That’s all it is, but I call it Payneless Wholesaling, because usually doing the traditional way of wholesaling is very painful. Just spending money not knowing if you have a buyer and not knowing if you have a deal, you lock it up, you can’t sell it, it’s a waste of time, waste your money. I don’t advocate for that I tell you to do the better way. And I show you in a simple 10 step process, how to do it, and it’s got contracts, it’s got ways how to do deals and how to find them how to find buyers, and today we’re gonna dive into how to find cash buyers.

But you know, other than that, I will explain one more time the Payneless Wholesaling method instead of just marketing and randomly trying to find a deal and then find a buyer. The first thing you do is you find buyers and you find specifically what they want you you go target and you’re like a sniper, you’re literally going to find out exactly what they want. And instead of just randomly going for it. So step two, after step one is mindset, and I just go over some specific things on how to improve your mindset. Step two is picking your market. Most of you should work your backyards if you work in and you live in an area that has meets this specific criteria, population is greater than 10k. Or if you’re close to meet within 90 miles of major metro the next step after picking your market which is essentially like the really the first step you have to find a cash buyer that’s the most important thing you need to do in order to do this strategy effectively because guys what’s going on right now with the most you know, buyers are being hesitant right now the interest rates are up, buyers are being a little hesitant on what they buy. So what people have been doing for last two years is they just been blasting their deals out and they can sell it so what I’m teaching you guys to do is to be way more precise and build relationships with buyers that are really buying because what you want to do is you want to find out who’s buying talk to them and then go find them what they find that exactly what they want. Bring it to us.

So how do you do that? Well in this outline I’ll show you five different buyers that you can talk to and how to get them right so the first thing you do is you type in the area that you want to go then you go to I think there’s a under quick filters you go down here you click on cash buyers and it brings you to all the cash purchases that have happened then you have to go to filter so first thing you have to do is you got to go to cash purchase so you go to yes you want to know who has bought a property on the MLS or bought one and then sold it within the last year and then all you got to do is go to exclude properties where the mailing address and property address are the same the reason why you don’t want that is because a cash buyer is usually going to buy appropriate property for cash where their personal residence is not located now that we’ve done that you want to go to MLS status as well go to on market yes you want to go to listing date you want also the listing date to have been within the last 12 months Alright, so let’s apply this and see what happens. Oh wow.

Okay, what this is doing is it’s saying in Salt Lake City there’s 485 cash buyers have been found all you have to do is take select all and then you skip trace the lesson you can call them all individually or if you want to dive a little bit deeper you can go and click on one look at the details you can go to sale and loan check out the information of when it was purchased and then when it was sold so you can skip trace them but something I like to do is I like to call the agent that represented this buyer and talk to them so that’s what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to call this agent so let’s give her a call and say hey you know I have a property that I might need some help on it looks like you represent some cash buyers do you have any that you can connect me with all right all right all right. Okay, we got the agent phone number anyway the reason I’m calling her and again you can skip trace this person just call him directly which you know I recommend you doing but right now I’m just going to call the agent and talk to her because apparently she represents his buyer that purchase this home within the last year cash for cash and owns multiple other properties.

But before I call I kind of wanted to see if there’s any questions that come in in so far. Let’s see. Luciana you say mine is Galveston, Texas it says no sold listings and pastoral months only active and pending. I guess I’d have to look for solds on MLS due to non disclosure in Texas limit what I have what I see I’m bad. Let me look at Galveston. Maybe Maybe I can point you in the right direction on how to do it. Okay, so we’re going to Galveston Texas today but I think I’ve actually been there anyway. So you’re gonna go here you’re gonna go to boundary and you’re gonna get some of the people that buy properties close to Galveston because you know if they buy here they most likely by there alright so now that you’ve did the boundary and where you want to go you go to the quick filters at the bottom you go to cash buyers you go to Filter and you go to cash buyers you want Yes cash buyers owner type any because it doesn’t matter if they have an LLC you can find out who owns it, you want to know that they bought it within the last 12 months and you only want people exclude properties where the mailing address and the property address are the same because you don’t want the grant you don’t wanna hit up the grantee that bought some because she’s sitting on tons of cash you want the person that bought it, they don’t live there.

Now once you do the cash buyers you’re gonna go to MLS status you want any supply that you have 1000 at one cash buyers so if this is the specific area you want and you want to do this multiple times you can name this filter cash buyer filter so that’s how you find your cash buyers in this area and then all you have to do is to skip trace it is go to Select All and then you take it over and you skip trace it and then you can call it through batch dialer you can just text it through you know SMS campaign or you can just call them directly so instead of skip tracing this guy’s I’m actually just going to call show you how I’m gonna call one of the agents so this is the house that was bought and so I want to go with this one Alright, so we’re gonna go to MLS owner profile okay so he owns two properties who bought this so this might be a good option to skip trace and talk to and then I want to call the agent it’s not giving the information on the brokers but let’s let me let me see if I can do a little Google little magic there it is no problem. Bam REMAX All right Maggie, you’re up let’s call you see if Maggie answers have a smile on your face right? I don’t physically smile but in my heart in my mind, I’m smiling all the time.

Hey, hi. Carolyn. Please leave me a message I’ll get back

I just got I just got a text from Maggie saying I’m out of the office. She ain’t trying to work today Maggie How you doing? My name is Nathan I’m calling you because I recently saw that you listed a property in an area where I have a property that I’m looking to flip and I was wondering if we could chat I mean I’m not I’m kind of newer to doing deals in that area and I wanted to kind of talk to a market expert looks like you represent some some flippers in the area and I like to flip so I’d love to chat with you. I come across a lot of deals that I like to flip but sometimes if I don’t flip them I like to you know wholesale them out or you know given to another buyer and I figured you might be a good connection you know it sounds like you have some people you work with in the area so please give me a call back thanks but don’t be afraid to just say how it is hey I wholesale I fix and flip I do it all because if you’re actually if you’re real good real estate investor you do both. Alright, so let’s call someone alright, this house must have been flipped because it looks like a tree is going through it so someone must have flipped this bad boy Hey, there we go. sand and sea real estate Stacey Webb Okay, let’s call my girl again what we’re doing guys is we’re calling them to see if they can they represent flippers and if they can represent us if we do a flip or if we can bring them a deal and they this is JC Hi Stacey, how you doing? My name is Nathan I was just calling you because I saw that you’re a real estate agent and I think Galveston can help you. Yeah, do you have a couple minutes to chat? Or did I catch it about time I’m always working and how can I help the reason why I’m calling you is I’m looking to flip some properties in the Galveston Island area and Galveston area in general and I think you represent flippers right like you you list properties for people that flip a home scenario I represent all types of clients what are you interested in? Well I’m in I’m always looking for properties to buy and fix and flip if you have any, I’d love to see but mainly I was just trying to connect since I’m actually from Utah but I am looking to invest in the Texas area I’m just looking for opportunities and I was wondering also if you ever you know if you have any buyers that you represent that I can bring deals to if it doesn’t work for me and I could just you know you could bring a buyer and I could pay your commission.

No I actually don’t work on those bases but if there is something you’re interested in I’m more than happy to email you properties that come up into the MLS system.

Oh okay. Yeah no I definitely in when you say by that basis what are you referring to like you don’t you don’t like connect people

sorry what

Yeah, I was just curious when you said you don’t work on that basis. Maybe I didn’t explain it the right way. Okay, what do you mean by that? I was just curious so

I’m not interested in that as an opportunity. You are interested in purchasing a property that’s listed in the MLS? I’m more than happy to email you information about it for sure.

Let me ask you this do do a lot of properties in the Galveston area there like a lot of good opportunities for fix and flips that hit the MLS

Yeah, okay there are

Have you searched in an MLS before? Are you a licensed Realtor?

I’m not I’m just a real estate investor that specifically markets to people directly like I try to find more off market properties to like go to sellers directly but I’m trying to network with people in the area. Okay, well, yeah, I appreciate and I understand that you know, every agent I talked to and like they’re not always interested in me know if I have a deal and I can’t buy the wholesaling until one of their buyers. Sounds like you don’t really do that. Okay. All right. Sounds like we can work together I’d love to send you my email address and if you can send me MLS listings. I’d love to look at them and you can represent me as you know, the buyer agent.

Okay. No worries. Thank you so much.

Thank you Stacey. You’re welcome. Now if you liked this information, please do me a favor like subscribe hit the bell icon so we can get more and more people seeing this content so we can help them make money. absolutely for free. Since it’s content what I’m making, not charging you for it. Like Subscribe, hit the bell icon. Thank you


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