How to find seller finance real estate

What’s up? Everybody? Welcome, and if this is your first time, thanks for tuning in. Today, we’re going to be talking about how to find seller finance real estate. Now, what the heck is seller finance real estate? Well, if you clicked on the video, I’m sure you know. But if you don’t know, it’s by finding deals that the seller can finance you, or you take over their existing financing, instead of getting a bank loan yourself, instead of getting traditional financing. So creative financing, seller financing, again, that’s working with the seller and buying the house with their help, with their their lending, with their financing. Okay, so we’re going to talk about today, and actually going to show you a real life scenario of how to make offers on the MLS, to find those deals, or to make those deals happen. Because you’re wondering how you can find those deals. They’re all over the place. You just have to make those offers. You need to approach those sellers and just say, Hey, are you open to selling on terms? And I’m going to show you exactly how I do it off the MLS. So let’s reel back in. If you’re looking for seller finance deals, you can find them on market, on the MLS. They’re everywhere. You just need to pitch and not what to say. So I’m going to show you live how I do it in this example, let’s dive right in.

Before we dive right in, I want to invite you to my All you got to do is register. It’s absolutely free, and we show you exactly how to get started, and we show you how to get deals with little to no marketing spend. Let’s dive right into this video of how to get deals through seller financing, where to find them. If I’m in privy now, one like I said, I already have buyers before I start calling and making offers. So if I’m looking at a deal, this is an active listing, if this is a property I’m interested in, or if I’m making an offer, or if it’s a property I have under contract and I’m looking for a buyer specifically for this property. For me, the way I use privy is I click on comp, come down to here I go to settings. I want to see all activity. And then what I what I’m going to do is I’m going to look for comparable properties in this neighborhood, right? So I’m just going to click one nearby. Now let’s click on this. This looks like my guess is it was a flip, but let’s see. So this is a similar property. Looks nice. It’s empty.

And then I’m going to go down to public records, and then if I go to property history. Now, if I look at this, I can see this is who bought the property back in 2021 right back in 2021 this person, or I could just look at the top here at the most recent sold right? So I’m looking at sold comps. Who is the seller, Empire, J properties, LLC. Now there’s websites, this is in Florida. There’s websites to where you can look up the LLC, and then it shows you the name or names of the people that are owners of that LLC. I would then copy their first and last name, and I would paste it into true people search. If you go to true I’ve copy and paste it in there, and then click search, and then a lot of times, they’ll have wireless phone numbers right there, you know, attach their names, and it’s totally, totally free. And it’s actually pretty good. I’ve had really good results with it. That’s all I did for my 30 day challenge, and it worked out great for me. The other option, if you’re like, Oh, I can’t find the phone number, or whatever the case may be, option number one, I like to always reach out to the buyer directly, but if, if I can, well, in privy, this is the name of the real estate agent, and this is the name of their brokerage. So I would copy this and I’d paste it into Google, and let’s go to or whichever. No link pops up. You know, click on one or two of them. There you go. And as it’s loading, but mobile phone number right here. And what I would do is I would call this agent and I would say, Hey, I saw this property. Um, hey, I was calling about a property that you sold. I think it was like back in December, right? I’d say it like that out of property on North 36th street. It was a two bedroom, one bath. And be like, Oh, yeah. What about it? Yeah, I was actually calling because I got a property nearby that I think would be a really good fit for that investor. Is he still looking to buy? And that’s basically what I would say.

Simple as that. I’m gonna call this person. This was Zeeshan gave me. He found this lead from doing hit the strategy that we implement, where we basically tone in on a market, we have buyers, and then he found this opportunity online. This is a seller who has a property listed, and it just happens to be for sale by owner. They do work sometimes. Let’s give this guy, a guy a call. Let me just be open and honest with them and just say, bro, your property’s listed way too high, dude, what are you thinking? Dude, think you’re gonna sell this thing, bro. All right, let’s, let’s give him a call. Let’s see if, let’s see. Let’s see if I even know what I’m talking about, or if I can’t even talk to someone on the phone. See, tell them. Hey, John, how are you? I’m sorry. Well, I hope you’re feeling I hope you feel better soon, so I know you’ve been talking to one of my employees named Zeeshan. Does that ring a bell about your property? That the Utah number? That is correct? Yeah, and I work with him. I I live in Utah as well, but I grew up in Atlanta, so I got the Atlanta number. So first of all, John, how much time do you have? Because I don’t want to waste your time. I know you’re probably getting 100 calls a day about this property.
Be Yeah, we’ve got ties between calls and grilling first come around when elected. We just wanted to just me and moss can get divorced, and we just wanted to get done, just teleprompter and be done. Okay? And he started entertaining, because I’m gonna leave it to you for in a couple months. Yeah, but the more money to get out of it, the way we’re working things as it anything over X amount of dollars she’s going to get part of that right house, and that’s helped her pay off some credit card debt. So we’ll start talking to a couple entertain the NGOs realtors or whatever.

But right what’s holding you back from going the realtor route? Because that usually is, like the the first, the first route, but most people go, what’s that? What’s holding you back from just listing it with a realtor? Because that’s what most people do. Sometimes we’re
getting divorced and I just went to house gone and I’m going to the Philippines. Okay, so you just want, you want it done ASAP, so you’re not looking willing to list it and then just have it sit on the market for 6090, days, like some of these other properties are sitting Okay. Since you’ve been getting lots of calls, I know because I actually got your information from someone else that’s an investor as well. They just had for me to give you a call because it didn’t work for them. What’s what’s held you back from pulling the trigger on one of the offers that you’ve received so far? Is it not not the price you want?

Well, I’ll talk with the guy. It’s not a signed contract, but now they’re supposed to have me the money already, and they didn’t. And then they’re saying as well to back up at the title company. And I talked to him, and he says, Well, you know, closing costs was supposed to be all, well, they found out the closing costs are a little bit higher than what they thought. So now I guess they want me to, you know, come down on the price. And then, so I’m talking to another guy right now.
Sounds like they’re, sounds like they’re trying to play games with you. Well,
that’s that guy. And then so I had two or three backups. I believe you’re like, you’re like, 20th and ninth.
Hey, hey, I appreciate you being honest right now.
It’s not as much as I want, a little less than I wanted, but by the time I spend another $5,000 or so, you know, getting the place cleaned up, I want to sell as is, you know, right? We’re even leaving some things. We’re whatever we’re taking, whatever we want, we use, we’re giving stuff away, selling some stuff, and whatever’s left is left in the stand. So I’m not making any more repairs to the place. I don’t want to put my money into it.

Yeah, well, John, we’re, you’re obviously you took my call. I appreciate you taking my call, but there’s got to be a reason you said I’m 20th in line. Or are you hoping maybe someone might come up?
We’re literally getting, you know, 20 calls a day. Okay, well, buy it,
whatever. What do you what do you what do you owe? What do you owe on the property? 225, so you need, in order to even make anything on this property, you got to get more than 225. Right? Yes,
yeah, cool. I won’t take less than 275. If I listed, then I won’t take less than 325. My brother had 350 the neighborhood’s a nice place, but if it sits on the market and it doesn’t sell, then the price gonna have to come down. We need the money now. You know, we don’t have time to sit around for three months to wait for the house, which typically the houses in that neighborhood, yeah, 30 to 45 days.
When you say, Now, what does that mean? Is that like today, if you could get it done next week, like, what? What does that mean for you
as soon as possible, ASAP, okay?

And I did, I did remember you saying that like someone was had taken the paperwork to the title company, and they said, Hey, we need to renegotiate, and they’re doing all that. So did you event? Did you sign a contract already with someone? No, oh, I wonder how, why were they messing around the title? It’s
not a contract. It’s, I come back out of it anytime. It’s
a promissory, but it was an option agreement.
Doesn’t matter what they signed. They’ve already went back on
their work. Okay? So they’re already from their own one to change. Yes,
Agreed. Agreed. If someone agrees to buy your house for 300,000 they try to get you at 295, then the contracts null and void, because they they’re not buying it. Now. They’re trying to say, well, they want me to, you know, basically, lower the price, back down. Okay, to get the price point. Because what they offered me, I told them no, and then they said, Well, if I said I got somebody offered me more than that, and I liked the guy, so I said, If you give me be in the middle. And so he come back, he said, Okay, we got you another $15,000 and then I think what they’re doing now is going, Oh, well, you know, closing costs are high, yeah, get back to what they initially offered me. And that’s, that’s not going to happen.

No, I that’s exactly what they’re doing. Well, it sounds like there’s still an opportunity for me to purchase this home, if we can agree to a price and I can close quicker or faster than those other buyers. Does that sound right? Or am I wrong? Yeah, so what are we looking at? I’m just like these other guys, other than I can probably close a lot quicker, but I do need to have the same about the same margin of these guys. I’m in a. I don’t really know what they’ve been offering you, but what is, realistically, what you’re asking for, knowing that I’d buy it and I’d fix it up and resell it. 275 Okay, so 2000

I would like to have. 280 what I’d like to have the extra 5000 would go to my wife. Okay, gotcha, I can’t walk away with less than 50,000 in my pocket. Yeah, and I’m not fixing anything. Closing costs. Is all covered. I get anybody’s gonna make money on this house if they’re just gonna put a little bit into it and hang on to it for, you know, 90 days within the market, they’re gonna, they’re gonna walk. They’re gonna, you’re 5050, grand, you know, or whatever.

Yeah, I get where you’re coming from. So I would feel exactly the same way as you if I were your situation. You want to make as much as you can, because can, because you got to pay off the debt. You got to, you got to walk away with some you got to give your, you know, you got to give your wife, your ex wife, that I get it. You’re asking for 275, 280 best case scenario. I’m assuming no one has offered you that at this point, just because you probably would have signed already, right?

No, for 275 I’m talking to that’s why I just told you the guys, he wants us in time right now, and I can’t keep getting phone calls. Okay? So I was, I was talking to the guy when you called, and probably before I get off the phone with you, somebody else is going to
call. I’m going to get England. That’s exactly right.
My day yesterday, four Realtors come to the house, and probably eight different phone calls. Yeah, I
would. I would be BSC,
the best offer, trying to get the best that we can get. But some people are full of shit.
Let me ask you this. You’ve been getting tons of calls. You probably get a bunch of people reading scripts that off of online. They don’t know what they’re talking about. What’s going to help you decide who you go with? Like, what’s going to be the determining factor, obviously, price you these guys. You give me what up. You give me what I want. And as fast as you can do is that if you try to tell me you’re not going to give me 275 then we might go cut the conversation. Now, okay, if you say you can do 275 and you can have it push through in 30 days, then let’s do it. Okay, I just wanted to make sure, because it sounds like the other people that you worked with offered you over 275 for that, and they’ve just they’re messing around. So I wanted to make sure there’s nothing else that I can show you that you’re going to say,

Okay, I actually believe this guy. He’s legit. Because anyone can say they can do 275 and send you a contract. I want to know if there’s anything else that would make you feel confident if we work together. But one guy told me to save money in a week, and, you know, here it is three or four weeks later. But they’re, you know, they’re blaming on, like I said, the title company, and then they’re trying to get back to 15,000 I told them I wanted Interesting. Okay, so what, what we’ll do is, I’ll send you, you’re going to get an email invite to this, this Google. It’s going to be a Google meet link. I’ll just it’ll hit your email, and then we’ll immediately go into, you know, I’ll just present you the options that you have. You decide what’s best for you. If we can’t work together, no problem. But if we do, I can promise you, I can get you the most money out of everyone that you’re talking to, because I’m seasoned and I’m not going to just make you a lowball cash offer. Okay, all right. All right, sounds good. What’s your Hey, I’m going to text you. Just text me back your email. Okay, okay, well, actually, I think I got it right here. It’s a YA, it’s a Yahoo email, right?

Yeah, yeah. John was my name, John McCurdy. I All right, John,
do you have any other questions for me? I look forward to talking to you, because I know at least I’m going to get you I’m going to get you more information that’s going to help you know
what to do. Okay, all right, I appreciate it. Later. John
got a bit what’d you guys think? What did I do on that call? Bro, it’s always be leaving. I was always leaving the conversation. Bro, is this worth my time to call you? Do you even want to do this? Do you even want a cash offer this thing? Cash sucks. You’re going to want to go the other way. What was I doing the whole time Nate, I was pushing him away from at like he needed to go with me. You guys
want to be the reluctant buyer. Nobody likes a needy buyer, right?

Two options, either we do innovation and list it for them, or we do a creative deal. That’s it. The cash out the out the door. I already ran the numbers with Zeeshan the other day. For this property to make sense for a cash buyer. It needs to be like 222, 10 to 220 because the ARV is 350, it needs carpet, paint, needs probably all that. Yeah, you’re just too low, and you’re going to kill your deal by just making one cash offer and just not exploring other options. You guys, if you’re not learning how to do other options, you need to learn that’s the key to monetizing every lead. If you found that information helpful, please subscribe the channel and support us. And support us as we’re trying to grow and get this in front of more people so they can see exactly how to get their next deal with little to no spin. You.